Smart Tips For Smoke Damage Restoration

fire and smoke damage repair tips

Smoke Damage can really effect your quality of life and the condition of your home. Follow this helpful advice from Orange Restoration San Diego to help alleviate the awful smell of smoke from your home.

The Negative Effects of Smoke and Fire Damage

smoke and fire damage repair

Smoke damage and even a fairly small, non-devastating fire can have extensive consequences, some of which may not be immediately apparent to the average person. In order to identify and moderate the negative effects of fire damage and smoke damage, you need to call a professional ASAP.

Electrical Fire Damage & DIY Fire Restorations [VIDEO]

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electrical fire tips

An appliance in your home short circuited and had an electrical fire and caused damage in your home.

Identifying Mold Causes in Your Home

mold destroys home interior, some other mold may have issues in identifying mold sources.

Fire Damage Restoration Processes and Proceedure

fire damages home

Fire Damage can happen at any time. Each fire is different and every home requires its own specific approach, but the following is the general process we follow in a typical fire damage restoration situation

Mold In Your Home Or Office Imposes Serious Health Effects

mold growth remediation

If you have visible mold in your home or office, you have a serious problem. But you can call on professionals who can take action to solve the problem and improve your indoor air quality for months and even years to come.

Flood Risks: Understanding El Niño in 2017

El Nino Flood Risks 2017

El Nino tends to get the blame for many catastrophic hurricanes like Patricia, severe blizzards, and other major storms. But it also influences weather on a smaller, more day to day, scale as well.

Water Damage Costs and Restoration

water damage costs

So, you have got water damage in your home. A fact that surprises many people is that almost every single family and home will suffer water damage at some point – it is much more common than fire in the home and burglary of the home combined!

Broken Pipe Water Damage Repair [VIDEO]

broken water pipe

So, you had a pipe burst in your home, and it’s creating water damage. First thing that you want to do is get the water to your house shut down. Usually, there’s a main valve up by the street or in the front yard or even in the garage sometimes. It’s a valve, you just shut it off.

Fire Damage: Critical First Steps to Restore Your Property [VIDEO]

fireman controlling fire damage

Fire Damage can really set you back and is heartbreaking for most families. Orange Restoration San Diego gives you all the tips you need to assess and decide on how you deal with Fire Damage Repair.