Medically Sound Remediation

Mold and water damage remediation are common services needed in every community. However, due to the broad spectrum of human variations, sensitivities to indoor air contaminants can sometimes be more severe. In the case of mold exposure, many people have sensitivities or even allergies to mold. Often, in water-damaged building incidents, mold exposure can slowly infiltrate the work or living environment, causing more severe health concerns for one or more occupants of the contaminated indoor environment.

"The Medically Sound Remediators"

We are CIRSx Certified for Medically Sound Remediation
IEPs of San Diego County Recommend Orange Restoration

Medical professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs) have come to an agreement that specific ailments exist for those exposed to water-damaged buildings, called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome due to Water-Damaged Buildings (CIRS-WDB). Due to the nature of mold, other contaminants in water-damaged building scenarios, and the human sensitivities confirmed by medical professionals and IEPs, new protocols for remediation were required.

With Medically Sound Remediation, all mold is completely removed, including mold fragments, dead mold spores, and any active mold spores. In traditional remediation, dead mold particles are considered acceptable. Similarly, while watermarks are acceptable in traditional remediation, with medically sound remediation, no watermarks or water damage are acceptable.

After the remediation is completed, post-remediation verification (PRV) testing is conducted to ensure that the remediation was effective and that the indoor environment is now safe and free from contaminants.


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