Comprehensive Guide to Water Damage and Flooding


Comprehensive Guide to Water Damage

Many homeowners have asked us for information we put out there in our blogs and on resources page of our website. Please review this comprehensive guide to water damage and flood knowledge. If you have any questions not seen in this blog, please let us know in an email what your specific question might be related to water damage or flooding.

If you are seeking water damage services, we are available 24/7! One tip we can provide is to put our number in your phone (619-376-6838) for “Fire, Mold, and Flood Emergency” as we are here in San Diego to help for commercial or residential services. We cover all of San Diego County and have a portfolio of work from local San Diego suburbs such as La Jolla area, Rancho Bernardo, North Park, Poway, Oceanside and Carlsbad.

Section 1: Understanding Water Damage

Introduction to Water Damage

Water damage may not be the most wonderful topic, but we cover this because of the heavy costs and loss associated with in-home flooding and water damage. When most Americans consider their largest investment their homes, protecting them is of the utmost importance.

Water damage could easily lead to eroding away of the value of your home and transform a comfortable home into an unlivable health hazard. Take a look at previous coverage of “Water Damage Costs Restoration” as we discuss the cost of neglecting water damages and what water damage restoration looks like financially after insurance policies are reviewed.

wood floor water damage san diego. Read the comprehensive guide on water damage for more details.

Early Signs and Prevention

Our team has been working 20 plus years to help homeowners to recover from flooding and water damage scenarios. We have seen so much damage and destruction of property, we know how problems can be prevented. The responsibility is on the homeowner to work to detect and when possible, prevent flooding or water damage.

The knowledge on prevention can be found in our many blogs on prevention techniques and leak detection content. Be sure to read the “Early Signs of Water Damage” for knowing what to look for in general, but also consider exploring “Water Damage Prevention Tips” and “11 Water Damage Prevention Techniques” for proactive maintenance tips.

Insurance and Water Damage

Homeowners insurance is priceless when it works for you, but often additional coverage may be needed. For more information on water damage and insurance, be sure to read our recent blog on “Water Damage Insurance Policy” blog. You may also want to consider reading about “Water Damage Homeowners Insurance” where we discuss tips for filing a claim.

Pipe burst Flooding in office. Read the comprehensive guide to water damage to get tips on repairs.

Section 2: Dealing with Water Damage

Residential Water Damage Tips

If you live in San Diego, water damage may be foreign to you because of the SoCal weather and lack of rain. We suggest reading “4 Most Useful Residential Water Damage Restoration Tips” to cover the basics. Also, we wrote a general blog on “Cleaning Water Damage Tips” with a focus on San Diego County home’s common water damage issues.

Specific Damage Areas

With water damage, it is important to move fast to avoid mold growth, wood rot, and other problems. If water damage is coming from above, taking action fast is essential! Flooding from the ceiling can destroy everything under the weight of water and shrapnel from the burst point when the ceiling gives out. It is important to read the “Ceiling Water Damage” blog. Also, dry wall, stucco and other areas can rapidly act as a conduit for spreading the damage to other adjacent home components susceptible to water damage. Wood flooring can also be a costly damage to ignore as the wood swells and buckles up creating a new hazard as your flooring is slowly destroyed by water damages.

Section 3: Floods and Cleanup

Flood Cleanup Procedures

Handling flood events is not a common skill for those living in San Diego County unless in the Mission Valley or a coastal region of San Diego. When you have a plumbing emergency or flooding, be sure to take action and call professionals in to help!

Some of the basic procedures for flood recovery have been covered in these “5 Post Flood Cleanup Procedures” blog. While we have many tips for “Preparing for First Rain for the Season in San Diego”, and prevention like “Weather Proofing to Prevent Water Damage” to help prevent weather-related flooding.

Specific Causes of Flooding

Here are some tips for in-home causes for flooding. One of the most common flood types caused by home appliances is the toilet! Read more about flood causes in our blogs “Toilet Caused Flooding” and “Broken Pipe Water Damage” for in-depth information on these flood types. You may want to review the section on water types on our blog “4 Most Useful Residential Water Damage Tips”, as in the home, you can have waste water flooding that requires professional attention.

mold removal cost San Diego

Section 4: Mold and Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation and Mold

The most common question we get is “Can Water Damage Cause Mold?” which is asked as if the homeowner is already in denial they know this fact. The simple answer is “Yes!” but further explained, water damage, moisture, and humidity are associated with mold growth development. Therefore, if you can prevent flooding, water damage, humidity and moisture, you are preventing the chances of mold. Also, for specific water mitigation tactics, read our services page on “Water Damages San Diego” discussing water damage restoration in the SoCal region.

Section 5: Additional Resources

External Equipment and Costs

Water damage restoration can be a hefty undertaking financially and physically. We have provided some resources for you to review that may impact the way you get the work done. Here are some details on “Water Damage Restoration Equipment” and “Water Damage Costs Restoration.

Learn About Water Damage Restoration Equipment in our comprehensive guide to water damage or water damage equipment blog.

Beyond the Comprehensive Guide to Water Damage

Various Water and Mold Damage Blog Resources

Here are some blogs that did not fit into the above sections of the comprehensive guide on water damage, but they are great resources for knowledge on the topics they cover. We added two articles on mold and microbial growths, these are also very complete guides on the unique topics.

North Park’s Water Damage, Flood, and Fire Damage Restoration

The North Park area got the name due to the location being just North of the famous Balboa Park. This area covers a lot of San Diego micro communities such as University Heights and Adams Avenue business district; Morley Field area just north of Balboa park; and the residential areas off the 15 near Boundary St. These areas all surround the North and East sides of Balboa Park.

San Diego’s North Park Area Includes a Few Communities!

Also, we serve the areas that are often incorrectly referred to as “North Park” along the West and North-West sides of the Balboa Park such as Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, and areas extending from Marston Hills to El Cajon Blvd. or the University Heights area. The North Park area is diverse, but tied together well even with the large Balboa Park separating the East and West portions of this community.

Fire hydrant in north park gushes in front of museum at Balboa park.

Fire hydrant gushes at the North Park gem of Balboa Park’s Air and Space Museum “The crew placed them in front of the loading dock, creating a roughly 4-inch high barrier which helped divert water away from the basement and out back into other parts of the parking lot. Thirdly, the City of San Diego instantly hired a local renovation remediation company, which deployed professional level flood recovery equipment, including wet vacuums, powerful fans, drying compounds and more.” -San Diego Air and Space Museum

North Park’s Museum Decontamination Projects

Locally, we have undertaken numerous projects, for example, the Natural History Museum has called on us previously to do 2 projects where care and attention to detail were essential.

“Major remediation efforts were called for due to a condenser failure in order to decontaminate

thousands of specimen containers within an Ark-Gard/Explosion proof bunker in the basement of the Balboa Park Natural History Museum. Orange Restoration was the primary contractor, we brought on board multiple advisors, such as engineers, fabricators, and others, which coordinated this decontamination project for 8 months.” -Natural History Museum

On another project with the Natural History Museum we were tasked with hydraulic decontamination.

“The project incorporated major hydraulic decontamination efforts, involving hygienists, engineers and other consultants, as in this project the police and park authorities were involved.” -Natural History Museum

North Park Residential Projects with 5 Star Reviews

We completed these projects with the highest quality care, and these projects will remain in our professional portfolio for reference. If you believe you have a problem in your home, you can trust our team will be as professional as we were in the case of the Natural History Museum.

Read 5 star reviews of our work on Yelp or Google from local residential past clients. On this page, we have put together only reviews from your neighbors of North park area.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dean and the Orange Restoration crew (John and Hector), and the work they did to rebuild my kitchen after some water damage caused by my upstairs neighbor at my condo. From the warm introduction, patience throughout the frustrating insurance process, design and fabrication of the materials, timely delivery, and execution of the quality (with care) work, my place looks better than ever. Dean and his team provided professionalism, transparency, care, and quality throughout the entire process. These are the people you want to come in and save the day when it comes to home repairs and remodeling” –5 Star Google Review

Remodel project from local North Park area homeowner.

If You Need Remediation, Chances Are You Will Also Need Restoration

Often we get calls from customers who hired a remediation company that does not do full restoration. These customers often tell horror stories of all the problems they have had with other operators who do part of the scope of work, but not the rebuilding or reconstruction. We can come in and take over to complete the work. If you like something done custom, we can work with you and your insurance company to try to fit it into the rebuild.

What is Water Damage Remediation?

Water damage can rapidly turn into mold, wood rot, and eat away at the value of your home. This is the reason so many remediation companies exist. Remediation is stopping more damage from occurring from the flood water or the developed mold spores. While the front portions of the water damage remediation process require some skills, the rebuilding requires permits, licenses, experience, creativity, and unique skill sets not easily understood by most outside of the trade.

Why Work With A Complete Restoration Company?

Our team is not only doing the remediation, but we are rebuilding your home back to normal. When you call remediation companies, they are quick to jump on your flood or water damage, but they often will not mention that they do not rebuild. This is short-sighted, most homeowners are surprised that the remediation company they hired cannot rebuild. A restoration company is different. We are problem resolvers from the flood to the restoring to normal. Restoration companies tend to offer many trade services, many experienced workers, and more administrative resources.

Benefits of working with Water Damage Professionals

One example of our tradesmen’s skills is our ability to work with all insurance adjusters to close claims fast. We don’t just perform the restoration work, we also understand how to do the paperwork! Our various teams are all trained to take the photos needed by insurance companies.

You can read about an example of services we did for a homeowner in Carlsbad where the previous seller of the home was hiding a lot of poor work and the inspectors did not report the issues before the sale. We do not neglect our responsibilities to you as the homeowner. Our administrative team makes it so we are available 24/7, working on scheduling, insurance adjusting, logistics of materials, and training our team.

Another benefit of working with Orange Restoration is our team’s extensive experience, which makes our team more predictable for project completion. Our team is not going to risk our 20 years of service to do something unprofessional. Other operators who have not gotten full credentials have more room for new employees who do not have experience in the field or with the company’s scope of work.

Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad

Photo of the Coastal Restoration project of Carlsbad. Orange does commercial and residential water damage restoration Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside and San Diego county.

When you own a home by the coast, you can expect water damage on occasion. For water damage restoration Carlsbad, we are often considered the “go to” service providers. We can help with coastal flooding remediation, prevention, and also if you have already had water damages, we can do complete water damage restoration. Carlsbad, Vista and even Oceanside are not far from our main headquarters in Miramar, so we often get calls for flooding emergencies.

Our team of experts is known for our rapid response during a flood for water damage remediation and full water damage restoration Carlsbad residents and small businesses have already reviewed our services providing 5 Stars!

Please see our Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista Google, Facebook, BBB, and yelp reviews!

If you own a home or business in the area and need water damage restoration Carlsbad is a pleasure to serve! Call us at 619-376-6838!

Google Review average of 4.8 stars with 135 reviews after 20 years in business. We have had many reviews come from Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista.

Google Review average of 4.8 stars with 135 reviews after 20 years in business. We have had many reviews come from Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista.

Carlsbad Homeowners Trust Orange Restoration for Remodeling

See our recent reviews from your local Carlsbad, Vista, and Oceanside neighbors. When you call us, we are here to help! Sometimes, this may mean explaining how to shut off water over the phone, referring a local Carlsbad emergency plumber, aiding in flood remediation and water damage restoration work, or assisting in plans for a kitchen remodel. 

Will is very professional and prompt. His communication and organizational skills are fantastic. Everything we had to order arrived exactly when he said it would.  It was a pleasure working with him and the rest of the Orange Restoration team.” –5 Star Google Reviewer, Carlsbad

For residents in this region of San Diego County we are often called for remodeling work, here is an example of a Del Mar area reviewer who had their bathroom remodeled.

Yelp reviews status shows 4.7 star avg of reviews with 139 reviewers and over 20 years serving Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista we seem only to have 5 star reviews from locals.

Yelp reviews status shows 4.7 star average score of reviews with 139 reviewers and over 20 years serving Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista we seem only to have 5 star reviews from locals.

Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad

We have done many projects in the North County San Diego area, some due to natural flooding and some from small leaks that create big problems slowly, or big leaks that instantly become a big flood disaster. The point is, we have seen many local Carlsbad projects, and some of these projects could have been reviewed by your neighbors. We have nearly 5 star reviews on every platform and it just so happens that all Carlsbad homeowners have all given us 5 Stars! 

Your Carlsbad Neighbors Trust Orange Restoration

We even have our first Better Business Bureau review from a local Carlsbad native who stands by our work. While the services we were called for were initially for mold, mold stems from water damage, which also can be a red flag for poor works done previously. In this case, work was done pretty poorly. This new homeowner in Carlsbad was given a sour lemon of a deal. The previous tradesmen had gone into the space and done cover up work instead of properly inspecting it.    

“We had recently bought a home that had some quirks to it, so we called Orange Restoration to come out and inspect it for mold. The team uncovered more than what we had thought would be wrong, we found evidence of asbestos, including mold damage, improper wiring in the attic, HVAC issues and major plumbing issues!” 

“We had uncovered so many issues in our home, we decided to further escalate the issue to retain legal services to go after the previous seller. The Orange Restoration team handles many trades. So, they were able to provide all the documentation of our concerns in the same quality format for images, documentation, and technician notes were detailed and consistent from the plumbing, electrical and construction teams.” 

“After the legal process, our legal team said there is no easier professional company locally to deal with, thanks to Orange Restoration! Our litigation process was smooth and helped us to resolve this real estate dispute. Thank you for doing quality professional work and helping us uncover all hidden responsibilities from the past owner’s poor cover up.” –BBB 5 Star Reviewer, Carlsbad, CA.

Homeowners can Count on Orange Restoration!

It is rare we find this much wrong with a home! Just like the homeowner had mentioned the Carlsbad property was a bit quirky, our job was to solve some puzzles. The individuals who previously handled the tasks were inadequately trained, and even a home inspector overlooked the substandard work and the presence of asbestos in the home. Our team successfully guided the new homeowner through necessary repairs and assisted them in navigating the legal proceedings against the previous owner.

Services we Provide Carlsbad Commercial and Residential 

We were able to help many Carlsbad homeowners with our trade services! Orange Restoration, a licensed and insured California General Contractor, boasts over two decades of expertise in assisting Carlsbad homeowners and business proprietors. 

Our commitment is found in delivering top-notch services for property restoration, repair, and remodeling or rebuild following water, flood, fire, or other catastrophic events. Specializing in a comprehensive range of damage restoration solutions, as well as reconstruction, renovations, and remodeling, Orange Restoration ensures the highest standards of workmanship. 

We take pride in our ability to execute projects promptly, adhering to the specifications outlined in your insurance policy or contract. We are here to navigate the insurance process for you also, we are experts in closing insurance claims!

Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad flood threat according to Risk

“There are 401 properties in Carlsbad that have greater than a 26% chance of being severely affected by flooding over the next 30 years. This represents 4% of all properties in Carlsbad.” -Risk Factor

Carlsbad Emergency Flooding Services

Our team is known for rapid response! We choose to serve the Carlsbad, Vista, and Oceanside area because we can arrive at a flood emergency rapidly. Our water damage professionals are standing by to serve. Our team is capable of arriving at the flood with a master plumber from Pro Plumber San Diego. So, let us know if you need water shut off services so we can make sure to dispatch our plumber! 

Upon arrival, we can stop the water and get to work on the water damage restoration process asap! The more quickly we begin drying will help preserve your home’s structure and reduce costs of the damages. 

Do Not Let Flood Water Sit! 

The flood may be done, but the water damage is still getting worse. The longer your water damage sits, the more the damage will seep into your home’s structure. Eventually you will need to take action and it will likely just be a longer process and significantly more costly. Call a water damage restoration company in Carlsbad area ASAP!

Photo of the Coastal Restoration project of Carlsbad. Orange does commercial and residential water damage restoration Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside and San Diego county.


Water Damage Restoration Carlsbad: Additional Services  

We are a full service restoration company, so for Carlsbad flooding or plumbing emergencies all you need to do is call us! As you can see in our reviews, we handle everything, even the insurance mitigation. We work with all major insurance companies to close your claim rapidly and close the repair work so that you can get back to your normal life.

Fire Damage Restoration Services: Our team handles international fire disaster cleanup projects! So when a local community member from Carlsbad, Vista or Oceanside needs fire damage restoration work, they are lucky because our company is right here local. While we service water damage restoration Carlsbad calls, we are fully equipped and staffed to handle the fire damage also!

Emergency Board-Up Services: If your home, business or community space have been compromised with broken windows, walls or otherwise and needing a patch up to keep burglars, pests, and unwanted guests out. We do emergency board up services 24/7 and can come our rapidly to assist you. 

Mold Damage Restoration Services: We handle every aspect of mold remediation, mold testing, and mold restoration services in full. If you have already spoken to a remediation company, ask them if they can do full reconstruction. Often this is common for a mold remediation company to come in and they will remove the mold, but leave homeowners with more work to do and usually the homeowner cannot do it themselves. 

Remodeling and General Construction: We are experts in rebuilding from disasters, fire or flooding can cause destruction needing our rebuilding services. The coolest part about hiring our team for remodeling is that we have extensive creativity from our more challenging work. We are more capable of designing and creating custom solutions because we have seen so many restoration projects from ashes to full rebuild. If you are seeking remodeling work, be sure to reach out and request a quote for our remodeling services. 

We serve all of San Diego county as a priority service area including Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside; areas south such as La Jolla, Point Loma, and Coronado; and areas near the interstate 15 such as Mira Mesa, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, San Marcos, and Escondido. If you are in the area and need water damage restoration Carlsbad is a pleasure to serve!   

La Jolla Flood, Fire, and Mold services

Before and after photo

La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Carmel Valley, and University Town Center (UTC) are San Diego County areas known for their beautiful landscape. Also recently these areas of San Diego saw an uptick in coastal flooding, increased rainfall, and commercial & residential isolated flooding problems due to the weather. In 2023 La Jolla was even hit by a hurricane, but Orange Restoration has been providing prevention tactics for the community in our blogs like How to Prepare for First Rain of the Season.

The increased moisture has created perfect conditions for mold to grow and spore. Mold prevention has been on our radar as in 2023 La Jolla had a significant increase in mold reports. We also created the Mold Remediation Guide to help La Jolla prevent mold outbreaks! Recently we were covered in a La Jolla article mentioned in this post discussing mold removal in a La Jolla project. Read more in our Flood Watch article when we discussed the La Jolla flood threats.

Some signs of water damage or mold damage are obvious. This La Jolla Property had serious moisture build up from the water damage and also some mold.

Before and after photo of a water damaged La Jolla property that left mold to grow.

La Jolla is definitely a gem to San Diego County, but also on the top list of coastal living for California. UTC, Torrey Pines, and even the Carmel Valley area has a mix of locals who pride themselves in homeownership, many locals paying the high San Diego rent. Also, more tourists are attracted to this area than most cities. Tourists in La Jolla are often not SoCal locals from San Diego county or from the nearby La Jolla area even. 

The La Jolla region serves SoCal as a vibrant hub for vacation rentals, towering hotels, among luxurious homes, and numerous other commercial hospitality establishments, drawing visitors from around the world. The La Jolla community has a great mix of people, but also faces a great deal of natural flood, mudslide, and natural water damage threats. 

On Vacation in La Jolla & have a Flood Emergency?

If you are on vacation in San Diego and have a flooding emergency, call us! Orange Restoration is one of the best for piecing together the property owner and the insurance company. We work really well with homeowners insurance, Travelers Insurance, and commercial insurance providers. We are experts in insurance claims and work hard to rapidly settle claims for homeowners and vacationers who experience flooding or water damages.  


We work with common insurance providers trusted by local La Jolla residents and local commercial businesses.

Do La Jolla Residents use Orange Restoration?

YES! We have done many projects in the La Jolla, UTC, and even the Torrey Pines areas. We know the city departments to contact when an old sewer line cracks and no one can locate the shutoff valve or gain access to the shutoff valve. We have worked on difficult flooding projects in La Jolla in partnership with the city of San Diego many times, so when there is a flood emergency, call us first! 

La Jolla Commercial Water Damage or Mold Services?  

We are highly trusted and received excellent reviews on most platforms. We nearly have 5 star reviews on every platform! Below we have organized some reviews from your La Jolla neighbors who are likely to have had similar problems. Ideally we plan to serve you with just as much attention to high quality customer services and trade services. You can take a look at our testimonials and reviews on Google or Yelp! 

Homeowners in La Jolla Trust Us!

“Working with Orange Restoration La Jolla on water damage restoration projects has been a pleasure. They are honest, punctual (which is a big deal in that industry), and efficient. La Jolla residents that need help cleaning up a flood, or repairing the water damage after shouldn’t hesitate to call them!” –5 Star Google Review

Orange Restoration gets a 5 Start Review from La Jolla business owner.

“Look, as a Californian I’m really happy that the drought is over. However, all of the torrential rains have wreaked havoc on my property.” A 5 Star Yelp Reviewer “The rains just turned our backyard to slush and some of the mud ended up in our dining room and kitchen. We tried to do what we could on our own, but we knew that we needed professional help. I called several water damage companies and they were either booked up…” 

Orange Restoration is 24/7 Available for Water Damage Emergencies

Often San Diego County flood remediation companies do not have the capacity to handle the influx of floods from natural rainfall, coastal flooding, mudslides, and natural waterways. 

Finally, they called Orange! “Orange Restoration was the last company I called and I was impressed that they picked up on like the second ring. Their team arrived on time and told me what needed to be done. I said YES PLEASE to everything! Needless to say, my property has been restored and the mold problem averted. In fact, they recommended that they return within six months to make sure the mold is gone for good. Nice attention to detail all around–and it gives me peace of mind, too.”


Estimated Time of Arrival for our team in La Jolla from Orange Restoration's main office

Rapid Flood Response for La Jolla

Our team is standing by 24/7! When you call us, people answer the phones locally. We are located right here in Mira Mar! We can see the ocean of La Jolla beaches from our offices, and it only takes our team about 22 minutes to get to the middle of La Jolla even in the middle of the day. Our company Vice President lives in the UTC area and our company founder lives in La Jolla Shores. Often our team can arrive at your La Jolla home or business very quickly.   

Did you Need Emergency Water Shut Off? 

We often work with local plumbing professionals such as Bill Howe or Pro Plumber San Diego. In the case of a broken pipe or cracked sewer line, we arrive on scene to these flood emergencies with a Pro Plumber who can help with water shut off. Also, we have experience working with the city of San Diego, SDG&E and CalTrans for emergency flooding and other emergency repair situations. 

Water Mitigation & La Jolla Mudslides

We can jump into action with water mitigation and remediation, and if needed full restoration. We work rapidly to remove water damaged materials, prevent additional water damages by removing water and remediation of the water sources, weather plumbing, external plumbing such as sewage, or external natural flooding from coastal waterways or rain. La Jolla also has mudslides, so we can help with flood prevention and abatement to keep the water from damaging your home during a natural flooding emergency. Call us! 619-376-6838

Disaster Repair Services

While our team works to fully restore from water damages that are common to coastal properties, we are also known for our Fire Restoration, our Commercial Board Up service, and full remodeling services. Our reconstruction team is capable of rebuilding from the ashes, restoration from mold contamination, and this makes our team quite good at high quality custom remodeling projects. 

We build and repair your damages to be better than they were before whenever possible. 

Also, when dealing with insurance on damages, we are very flexible and can work with your insurance adjuster to allow us to customize around what they are willing to cover to improve your home. We are the best local remediation team for handling the insurance back and forth and work hard to get claims paid rapidly. Ask a La Jolla local or a neighbor if they have used Orange Restoration for emergency remediation or restoration, and you can also trust our 5 star reviews


Rancho Bernardo Area Fire, Water, & Mold Remediation Services

Does Rancho Bernardo have Floods? 

Rancho Bernardo is a strong service area for our flood remediation and fire restoration services. Our team can rapidly deploy to the area as many members of our emergency response team live locally near the Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Penasquitos areas. 

Can Orange Restoration Serve Rancho Bernardo?

Yes! We are proud to serve the Rancho Bernardo area! You can even see a map below of our estimated time of arrival from our business to the farthest point in Rancho Bernardo during business hour traffic only takes about 29-35 minutes for arrival. We have done lots of work in the Rancho Bernardo community for both small business and residential clients. We have done work for the local Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, even getting a great 5 star review!

After this year’s heavy rain season we ended up with 5 areas with significant water damage. After searching for a trusted company to do the mitigation and reconstruction, Orange Restoration was the company with the best reviews. I called a few of the customers with similar reconstructed jobs and their feedback was optimistic. Pedro was the project manager for the mitigation. He offered a detailed spreadsheet of the scope of work. Orange Restoration employees were very polite to everyone at our church. They followed our policies.” –Google 5 Star Review

Professionally sealed areas contained to prevent any exposure or spreading of mold. Taken from a 5 star Google review

“They covered each worksite with a heavy screen to limit dust. They also placed plastic from each entrance door to the workstation to protect our flooring. Pedro and I had a daily review of the work. The task was completed one day short of the estimated completion date.” –Google 5 Star Review

Fully professional containment of affected water damaged areas at the church in Rancho Bernardo.

Containment is key for commercial or home water damage that has mold.

We are quality restoration services, but our team is capable of doing ultrafine particle remediation. In fact, we are a highly trusted medically sound mold remediation company in San Diego County. If your home in Rancho Bernardo has water damage or mold, call us immediately. We will work to provide neighborly care for your family. We are here to support and fully restore your home before the water damage or fire damage. 


We are talented remediation and restoration experts, but because we can build from the ashes or post flood, we also tend to be quite good for remodeling efforts. Recently Sandra had remodeling work needs, so she called us up again to serve the Rancho Bernardo community church.

“Due to such a pleasant experience with Orange Restoration we went back to Orange to do the reconstruction. Will was the project manager. This guy knows his business! He comes with years of experience. He presented a proposal that included installing insulation, drywall, texture, light fixtures, replacing a sink and painting each area to match existing colors. Will’s crew was professional in their work. They too cleaned up each area daily until the reconstruction was completed. They were focused and committed to excel in their job.” – Google 5 Star Review

Cleanup after a project in Rancho Bernardo at the church.

Cleanup after a project in Rancho Bernardo at the church.

We Cleanup After our Remodeling Work whether Mid Job or After Completion.

We are known for professionalism, cleaning up after our crew is just part of the job. If our crew doesn’t have time to clean up, we send in a professional cleaning crew to do it just a little better. Also, If you like communication of the progress on your project, we hired professionals who communicate! 


“Will followed up with me on a regular basis and we did a pre-construction meeting as well as a final walkthrough of each area to assure they had completed according to the contract. I highly recommend you trusting a reconstruction job to Orange Restoration.”

Eta for Orange to arrive to a Rancho Bernardo area home.

ETA for Orange Restoration EMS Response Time 29 in traffic hours to get to Rancho Bernardo.

Our local experts from the Rancho Bernardo community are standing by 24/7 to serve this area. If you live or own a business in Poway, Rancho Bernardo, or Rancho Penasquitos and need water damage restoration services, fire restoration services, or mold remediation services, Call us or keep our number on your fridge or in your smartphone for water damage emergencies or post fire cleanup and restoration.  


Rancho Bernardo Recent Fires & Flood Warnings

The Escala Fire recently burned many acres of wild brush. The Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Rancho Penasquitos area that is divided by the I-15 freeway and the Pomerado road all are very susceptible to wild brush fires. Fire services were able to prevent any structure fires! 


Winter of 2022-2023 and the extra rain of 2023 alone has caused extra flood warnings even to the Rancho Bernardo area that is not too at risk for flooding. Recently in March 2023 there were flood warnings for the San Diego County area. While no major 2023 floods were recorded in the area, our team was available 24/7 to service isolated floods in the Rancho Bernardo area. We maintained rapid response times and continued quality services consistent to the review above from one of Rancho Bernardo community churches.  

Orange Restoration Wrap-Up

The inland area of Rancho Bernardo is beautiful rolling canyons with the SoCal dessert lifestyle but also this area comes with the higher risks of wild fires. Homes that are among areas with hills and dried brush tend to be attractive to fires. If you live in an area with fire hazards, look at ways to prevent fire from getting to your property by properly mitigating the brush and dead leaves or other kindling like debris that will add fuel to the fire. If the fire is near your home, you will want anything flammable away from your home to prevent fire spreading to your property. 

Rancho Bernardo is low risk for flooding, but considering the amount of track homes and many real estate developments in the area that were done rapidly, this may cause for similar plumbing issues in the future. Also, the many valleys and rolling hills could work to create flash flooding risks for homes at the lower points within the areas of Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Rancho Penasquitos.

Rancho Penasquitos means “little cliffs” which has mudslides, flash flood potential and also rugged palisades that rim the long valley. The Rancho Penasquitos water shed collects water from Poway, Scripps Ranch, Mira mar, and the creeks move this past the 67 to the west. The Los Penasquitos watershed is also home to the Miramar Reservoir, a large staple for water resource for the city of San Diego.  



Early Signs of Water Damage

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Does your Wet Drywall look like this? Bubbling paint is an early sign of water damage within a wall or ceiling.

Water damage can wreak havoc on homes and businesses rapidly, often striking silently and leaving destructive consequences in its wake. In this guide, we’ll empower you with the knowledge to recognize early signs of water damage, identify its sources, and take decisive actions. The stakes are high – neglecting signs of water damage is like inviting a wrecking ball company to your property for practice swings. Let’s dive into the crucial signs and actions that can save your home from potential disaster or costly repairs.

An example of a home that had no signs of water damage having a massive flood from above.

This homeowner had no signs of water damage, they simply experienced a flood from above that we were able to fully remediate and complete restoration for their home. This before and after photo actually shows after our remediation on the left, and after our full restoration on the right side.

Why Taking Action on Water Damage is Important

First, note that signs of water damage should be addressed immediately. This content is to help those who may have only discovered the evidence of the damage. Often water damage accumulates silently, and will burst out of hiding without warning. Still after the flood, there may only be clues to the water source. For these water damages, we hope to help you to know the signs of the damage, discover the source, and know what actions are needed.

When you invest in your home, failure to act on early signs of water damage is like parking a demolition truck out front with the wrecking ball weight just waiting to fall upon your family. If you can take action to prevent water damage or remove it, do so immediately or call professionals.

Even if the water damage is minimal on the surface, the root of the problem can be costly water waste, wood rot formation, and also a cause for mold formations that will impact your health. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome-Water Damaged Building (CIRS-WDB) is a severe respiratory health concern that can develop from water damage in a home or building.

Some signs of water damage or mold damage are obvious.

Before and after photo of a water damaged property that was neglected to let mold to grow.

Water Damage Experts

If you need help with a large water damage problem in your home or business, reach out! Orange Restoration has over 20 years of experience with water damage restoration. We can help with flood mitigation, water damage remediation, and also the reconstruction and restoration of your home. Our team has experience from international projects, so we have seen it all! Here are some tips prepared by our expert mold and water damage technicians.


Visual Signs of Water Damage

Often when we have water damage there are warning signs. Even if the water damage source is from a small plumbing leak or natural rain leakage. Looking for water damage can seem redundant, but it is not really about seeking the water damage, but about knowing the signs of water damage. Knowing the signs of water damage means, you will probably notice the water damage without putting effort into searching for it.

  • Recurring Puddles or Moisture: Often near the kitchen sink, puddles will form due to use, but could it be you are excusing the puddle that has been coming from a deeper problem? Yes. Often a leak’s symptoms will be dismissed in areas where there is regular moisture due to normal usage. A recurring puddle in the bathroom or kitchen should be investigated to ensure it is not coming from plumbing. 

  • A Deeper Slow Leak: A slow leak can be overlooked and allow for deeper structural damage to occur. Be sure to check under the kitchen sink and around fixtures in the bathroom every time you find a puddle near by these plumbing fixtures. If you find moisture on the fixture above a puddle, better call a plumber! Or call us to resolve the whole problem, investigate any deeper issues, and restore the water damages. 

  • Bubbling Paint on Walls: The paint of your walls should never bubble! This is always a sign of some deeper problem. If you see the paint on your walls begin to bubble, this probably means you have water pressure impacting the walls of your home. You might see the walls bowing as there may also be water inside the wall! This will require a professional to detect the leak and may require going into the walls to check for mold growth. In addition to the visual inspection, you might also smell a musty odor if there is mold or mildew formations. 

  • Buckling Wooden Floors: Before buckling, wooden floors may exhibit signs like curling at the edges or cupping, where the center of the board is higher than the edges. These changes indicate water absorption. Also, because the floors are lower than all other visual surfaces, other areas may show signs of damage leading to the floors. For example, materials around the flooring like drywall, baseboards, or door frames may swell or warp when exposed to prolonged moisture. Check for irregularities in the shape and alignment of these wooden elements. 

  • Discoloration of Walls: Usually water will leave a color of light brown or yellow on white paint or drywalls. Signs of water damage can also be discoloring of painted walls or wallpaper and create natural water stains that last long after the water dries up. Often wall paper will flake and the texture will change due to the water damage. There may or may not be bubbling of paint, only some paint will bubble. 


What does Water Damage on a Ceiling Look Like?

Often with water coming from above the water comes fast and heavy, but occasionally, it is a slow leak. When you are dealing with a slow leak, you may have the water permeate the structural elements of your ceiling, causing light brown or yellow water rings. 

Painted Ceiling: On the other hand, you may have painted ceilings that may bubble, flake or allow the weight of the water to increase till the ceiling sags or bows down. Also, mold growth could be forming around the affected areas including drywall leading up to the ceiling.  

Mold growth and other signs of water damage

Here is an example of Mold growth, one of many signs of water damage. The after photo shows full mold remediation.

Causes of Water Damage in your Home 

Signs of water damage can have unpredictable sources for some water damage issues. Here are some insights into the hidden issues causing these problems.

  • Slow Leak Hidden in Walls: An in wall leak will usually be attributed to plumbing. In the case of an in wall plumbing leak, chances are some mold will develop and spread within the walls of your home. 

  • You might be able to notice the musty smell, or feel the wall is moist from outside. All leaks in the wall will need to be handled. If you need repiping, we have Pro Plumber San Diego available to help with all the plumbing needs.  

  • Leak in Neighbors Unit or Attic (Water from the Ceiling): As you read, about the visual signs of water damage, the ceiling will often appear the same with water damages. Still, often water from above crashes down on us. 

  • When you have a leak coming from above, call a professional immediately. The implications of water damage from above puts all your possessions and your family at risk! You may want to coordinate with your landlord or neighbors to get this solved promptly and provide access to the professionals.

  • Plumbing Fixtures: Maintaining and inspecting plumbing fixtures is a good practice, but often when plumbing fixtures go bad, they become a significant source of water. Plumbing fixture failures will rapidly lead to flooding.

  • Broken Seals, Aged Weather Stripping and Roof Leaks: Inspecting your appliances, plumbing and windows is important to do at least annually. Also should be considered checking weather stripping before the rainy season. 

  • HVAC, Appliances, and Sprinkler Systems: Water is used in the home, around the home and within systems like the HVAC. These resources work well to help provide automation, comfort and consistency to the home, but when they malfunction, they can produce moisture, small leaks, or even flooding. 

  • Having an HVAC professional inspect the system and having a landscaping professional address these issues or turn off the systems for temporary stop to the leak source. If there is damage, you may still need to call a professional to avoid mold or further damages from the water. 


How Likely is Mold After Water Damage?

If left moist for 24 hours, mold will begin forming. Even though the mold spores may not be visible to the eye, microbial growth will begin to form. At this time, you will need to fight 2 battles, one to remove the water damage and another to fight the mold. Mold formations on the surface are not as serious as the implication of the mold spores releasing into the air to spread and also, when airborne, this begins to impact your health for the negative. We can handle your flood or water damages, but also deal with full mold remediation and restoration.


Orange Restoration Wrap-up on Water Damage

Safeguarding your home from the silent threat of water damage requires vigilance, prompt action, and a keen understanding of the red flags. Whether it’s the subtle discoloration of walls, the ominous bubbling of paint, or the more overt signs like buckling wooden floors, each visual cue demands attention. 

Remember, signs of water damage are not just a cosmetic concerns; it’s a potential catalyst for wood rot, mold growth, and even severe health issues. By recognizing these signs of water damage and mold early on and addressing the root causes, you can protect your home’s structural integrity and the well-being of its occupants.

Don’t underestimate the power of prevention, and should the need arise, our team at Orange Restoration stands ready to bring over two decades of expertise to mitigate and restore your property. Stay proactive, stay informed, and let’s keep our homes resilient against the stealthy negative impact of water damage.



Air Quality Issues

Impacts to indoor air quality chart.

The Importance of Air Quality

Air quality science is becoming more important to health and even the real estate industry is being impacted by it. Your family spends a huge portion of their time indoors, likely in your home for most of their awake time, but also they sleep there. Assuming most spend about 30-50% of their time home, it is worth considering that air quality can impact your health quickly when there is contamination. 

Air Quality Issues

As a homeowner, the last concern about owning a home was about the air in the home. Easily it seems replaceable with the opening of a window, but no, that is not the case. Indoor air quality is a permanent setting of air quality that impacts us when the window is open or closed. The home is not only a shelter to us, it is a trap to all the components that put it together! 

Impacts to indoor air quality chart.

Most times, the chemicals used in paints, chemicals used in manufacturing appliances, lumbar moisture sealants, caulking, rubbers, dry wall, carpet glue, cabinet sealants, and other building materials ALL “off gas”, this means they release fumes as they age. Professionals agree that a newly built home takes about 2 years to fully off gas chemicals! The materials used in the creation of your home and the installed new appliances are harmful to your health!


“Are you suffering from chronic health issues and you don’t understand why? It might be time to consider your environmental factors, including your home, that could be contributing to your health. Discussing this with a doctor might be the first step, but do not get discouraged, your health is worth fighting for!”

Indoor Air Quality is Becoming a Real Estate Concern

Beyond the fact that indoor air quality is not the freshest air, the home can become a breeding ground for more toxic air contaminants! Each home is different, but the battles are often the same. Mold can grow in any home, pests will try to get into any home left accessible, most homes are flammable, and all homes cannot have excess moisture or water build up. For most homes, mold, moisture, and pests are more common and likely threats to indoor air quality. This must be why real estate professionals are looking at air quality testing prior to real estate sales. 

Suspect Mold in Your Home?

Mold can be very easy to detect by smell or visual inspection, but also a small amount of it can spread rapidly and become very evasive to pinpoint all growth sites. Mold is meant to spread, it spores into the air and spreads its microbial growth to multiple sites to spread even more spores. Mold can also spread by water or moisture, making a home the perfect environment for growth as mold thrives in moist spaces with organic materials. 

Consider Consulting a Mold Professional First!

If you believe you have microbial growth, you will want to consider hiring a professional for air quality testing. Do not ignore mold growth! Especially because of the spore’s ability to spread rapidly in your home. Choosing to act might require careful planning; however, it’s essential to prepare before you proceed, do not attempt without adequate time to execute the task thoroughly. We recommend getting professionals involved.

Mold is Not a DIY Project

Each mold has different protocols for cleaning and some molds can be more dangerous to your health. Also, mold cleanup may be more deep rooted than they appear, needing physical barriers removed to ensure full removal. This is a huge reason that a professional inspector is the best place to start for any mold growths in your home. 

Imagine doing all the cleaning just to find the mold was actually growing in the walls and the surface was only the tip of the iceberg. Now you have done work on an unknown mold, possibly spreading spores and exposing yourself to the mold as well, and impacting your air quality! Professionals will need to come in and remove drywall, replace it, and test to ensure it was done completely to eradicate the mold. 

Ultra Fine Particulate Matter and Microbial Growth size chart comparison to a human hair. As these particles are very small, they can quickly move around the home and impact indoor air quality.

Air Quality Testing

Professional air quality testing is an essential part of the mold and fire remediation process and should be emphasized by homeowners. Most remediation companies will not do their own testing, this should be done by a 3rd party to ensure integral work. Our advice is to find a great remediation team; and an even better testing company! Remediation will be required to continue to work until the testing company has approved the test results. 

Avoiding CIRS-WDB

Going back to air quality and suspicions of mold, if you have issues with your air quality at home or at work, you might want to do some air testing. Taking action may become time consuming and feel overwhelming as you fight an enigma of an enemy. If you get moisture testing done and know that your home has moisture problems, you’ll want to get professional air testing done for mold. Any suspicions or water damage should be addressed immediately to avoid any lung health problems, but also for the health of your home. 

This exposure makes it so that your home’s air can either be a comforting relief or a contributor to rapid degradation of health. If you discover you have CIRS, you will learn that air quality is very impactful to your own health. In fact, CIRS-WDB is a whole dedicated class of CIRS caused by Water Damaged Buildings. Air quality is of the most importance to those suffering from CIRS. 

Health Problems Might Require Medically Sound Remediation 

More and more evidence is growing that overall health is impacted by our environments. Air from our home may be deemed the cause of your health ailments. After consulting a doctor and getting professional air testing results showing mycotoxin or mold spores, you are going to have a plan to help guide you to clean air quality once again.

In this case, you will need to consider getting professional help from an Indoor Environmental Professional also known as an IEP. Often with illnesses developing regularly, it is possible to develop Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Special care is needed when dealing with a family member or your own CIRS. This will include specialized CIRS Protocol Inspection, Medically Sound Remediation, and strict testing protocol to ensure all areas are addressed in accordance with your IEP’s recommendations.    

Air Quality Issues After Fire Damage

Wildfires are known for having harmful effects when near your home, toxic chemicals can be burned, smoke and ash are not good to breathe. All smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter. Fire and smoke damage remnants can release a variety of chemicals from the previous burning, including acid gasses, aldehydes, benzene, dioxins, metals, nitrogen oxides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), styrene, sulfur dioxide, toluene. 

Comparison chart of the surface areas of ultrafine particulate matter, particulate matter and course particulate matter sizes. You can see the amount of surface area is greater with the ultrafine particulate matter, this might add to the dangerousness of these tiny particles. These UFP impact air quality and your health.


Ultrafine Particles in Indoor Air

These chemical compounds are known to cause numerous health problems when breathed in, but also Ultrafine Particulate matter (UFPs) can be found in the air after fire. These minuscule chemical compounds are so tiny that they can easily infiltrate our families respiratory system, potentially causing a range of health issues. 

When it comes to air quality, the adverse effects of UFPs cannot be overstated as they are permanent. Also, their nano size allows them to bypass our body’s natural defense mechanisms, and once inhaled, they can travel deep into our lungs and even enter our bloodstream. Again, remember, this damaging exposure can be permanent health issues for your lungs and overall health. 

How do UFPs Impact My Health? 

The concern with UFPs goes beyond their size; it extends to their composition and the toxic substances they can carry, especially after a structure fire. These UFPs are often laden with harmful compounds, including heavy metals, carcinogens, and other dangerous elements that can have severe health implications. As a result, exposure to UFPs from fire-related events may lead to various health problems, from respiratory issues to cardiovascular complications.

Efforts to remove these particles should be an integral part of fire damage remediation and indoor air quality management. Specialized techniques and equipment are often required to effectively eliminate UFPs and ensure that the indoor environment is safe and free from these harmful UFPs. Proper testing and analysis can help determine the extent of UFP contamination and guide the remediation process to ensure a healthier and safer home living environment for your family.

Post Remediation Health Implications

After fire damage, water damage, or mold remediation, your health may still be impacted by the microbial or mold growth. If you have had mold contamination of your health, it will take time to fully detox. 

We recommend going to your doctor to be fully assessed if you have ongoing symptoms after the mold has been remediated. Be clear with your doctor the remediation state, they may make recommendations not understanding the work has been completed and testing showed mold removal process completed. Understand, those who are more sensitive to mold, CIRS, or have allergies tend to need more support to fully detox. After consulting a healthcare professional if this does not reduce your anxiety, you can also consider re-testing the air quality.



Preparing for 1st Rain in San Diego

Mission Valley Flooding is a popular flood spot in San Diego County as it is near the San Diego River.

Preparing for Rainy Season

San Diego news is reporting rain this week, most likely starting tomorrow. The storm is expected to dump about an inch of rain across San Diego County. Which is not enough to really cause a Flood Watch, but this could dampen the fire risks associated with the Santa Ana winds we have been experiencing.



Flood Prevention and Mold Prevention Tips

Recently San Diego homeowners have been a little more prepared due to Hurricane Hilary hitting our shores. There can be many tips that might be applicable for the prevention during a hurricane watch that can also help you prevent flooding of your home or business. For example, if you know you will need barriers to keep water away from your home, we provided great examples for sandbag placement. In addition, after the rain has passed us, we also have tips for helping to prevent mold


Preparing for First Rain of the Season

Considering San Diego County weather has been mostly sunny, many homeowners may not be ready for this wet season to begin. Here are some tips on how to make sure your home is prepared for the incoming rains.


French Drain example from a La Jolla home's back yard pool area.

Clear French Drains

The areas around your home can be properly engineered for water and still fail. Often around homes with pools or lots of landscaping mixed with pavement areas French drains. These drains will be positioned to ensure water runoff leaves the proximity of the home as efficiently as possible. Still, these drains need to be free from blockages and may need to be unclogged with professional tools. 


Home Perimeter Check 

Clear clutter around the exterior of the home, anything too close to the home can hold water and cause issues. Storing exterior lawn furniture or equipment properly might be a good idea too. After the rainfall, you will need to monitor any areas that will allow for standing water. If you find any trapped water, remove it by dumping it or draining it. If you need, you can dig a trench to remove it or hose for siphoning, moving the water to a lower ground level away from your home.

Rian Gutters should be free flowing without clogging or water backed up due to blockages or barriers. make sure water flows to a new location away from the home.

Clean Rain Gutters 

As leaves and debris build up in rain gutters throughout the year, it is important to make sure they are ready for serving their purpose. Often gutters being clogged can cause water to run down the exterior walls of the home, rain gutter breakage, and can lead to mold development overtime. Rain gutters can also contribute to flooding, erosion of landscaping, and water getting into the home. 


Trees and Landscaping Maintenance 

Anything touching the home should be pruned to where it will not cause damage to the home but also, to prevent water accumulation or water to be aided in accessing the home. A tree branch could be resting on the roof of the home impacting the rain gutter to pour out along the exterior of the home and into a window frame. Making sure the exterior plants, trees and dirt around your home do not negatively impact the home is part of the best practices for home maintenance.  


Check for Leaks 

As the rain begins to fall, check all rooms to see if you detect any ceiling leaks. Ceiling leaks can look different depending on the paint, ceiling materials, and the proximity to wall conduits. Be sure to look for water rings, paint bubbling, rust stains, paint discoloration, or mold formations. If you have any serious paint bubbling or otherwise cracks in your ceiling, you will want to call a water damage professional to properly evaluate it and check for sources and extent of the damage. Often, if there has been a slow leak, there will also be some mold development too.


Weather Stripping

When water is leaking into the home, coming from around the window edges, you might want to consider getting weather stripping inspected closer. Testing all doors and windows for proper weather stripping can be easy, still, if you are not sure, contact a professional about getting them re-stripped for leak prevention.


Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

While most San Diego rains do not bring the most serious emergencies to the entire community, your home can still experience an isolated emergency. Preparing basics to help in the case of an emergency flood, fire or earthquake can be a good practice for your home. 

Often the suggestions for this include flashlight, first aid basics, bottled water and other essentials. The most important detail about this emergency pack is that your family knows its location. You may want to use this time to communicate a safe evacuation plan and the plan for what to do in household emergencies. Also, you can plan what emergency services you plan to use for any flood emergencies that require water mitigation or fire emergencies that require fire fighting professionals.


San Diego Flood Watch

Iconic Coronado Bridge is the face of San Diego as most may have seen it on a San Diego postcard or otherwise, San Diego culture.

Considering San Diego County is filled with beautiful landscapes, we also have the infrastructure for disaster! The San Diego community is covered with many mesas, valleys and natural waterways formed from abrupt desert rains. Recently, San Diego has been getting into the record books for rainfall, but also home water damage, leaks from ceiling cracks, and even home or commercial flooding. We have had calls of recent homeowners in Point Loma experiencing a sewage pipe break, flooding their basement! A recent Mission Valley house call from some natural flooding, which is quite common near San Diego River bed. Also, numerous mold and microbial growth service calls, all having some connection to the recent heavy rain San Diego has been experiencing.


San Diego Flood Hot Spots

SoCal is known for its sunny beaches, the San Diego Bay with beautiful blue Coronado Bridge, and of course, the perfect cove found in La Jolla. Still, San Diego has its more gloomy side, but not often. We mean of course, that in San Diego it also rains, and flooding can happen rapidly!


The more moist moldy side of the story comes from the neglect associated with beach front rental properties, infrequent but sporadic heavy rains, and uncleaned flood prevention reservoirs such as rain gutters or French drains. Yes, San Diego is a beautiful place to call home, but for many, this is the perfect vacation destination. If you live in San Diego, and your home has microbial growth, water damage, or even fire damage, Call us! Still so many vacationers and even locals who live a staycation lifestyle.  


This means lots of country club style management for locals who do not remember to maintain or prevent issues from occurring. If you have not been maintaining your home or rental property, it is ok! We are here to help in the case of an emergency or for repairs and larger maintenance issues. The best part is that, if you are reading this, you found one of the best remediation and restoration companies in San Diego County. We are highly reputable and have mostly 5 star reviews on most platforms, you can see our 130+ Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and even our BBB reviews.  

Mission Valley Flooding is a popular flood spot in San Diego County as it is near the San Diego River.

An abandoned car its trapped on the street in overflow water from the San Diego River in San Diego, Calif., on Jan. 16, 2023.
Mike Blake/Reuters

Frequent Flooding Areas in San Diego

San Diego locals know Mission Valley is the first place they will mention when they think of flooding, due to the proximity of San Diego River. So many homes along the water way have seen flooding after the rains. When you live in Mission Valley and know it is going to rain, you should consider taking some notes from the hurricane prevention tips we provided in previous blogs. 


San Diego River Floods Mission Valley Area

Mission Valley is surrounded by all the “mesa” of San Diego including La Mesa, Serra mesa, Kearny Mesa, and the suburbs south including Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights all on one large mesa. These large mesa neighborhoods create the perfect flood conditions for Mission Valley as their massive hills send water to the door steps of the valley homes. In the past, Mission Valley was grazing land for cattle, which later became a rock quarry, and most recently was redeveloped into Civita. Civita is a new mixed-use development with multi-family homes, commercial shopping, the new Nipaquay Elementary school, and Civita park. 


Hard Obstacles Create Integral Community Leaders

Civita development is part of the future solution, as their development has been focused on storm water control systems. One example is their adding in water exhibits like their creek that is made to re-use reclaimed water, but also buffer the influx of water impacting the Mission Valley area. Civita also plans to add a water treatment plant by 2025 to help with storm control irrigation systems. This is all to keep their properties free from flooding and excess water build up that might lead to property damage.


La Jolla Homes get Muddy Floods

La Jolla Shores and other beach areas often experience flooding due to coastal waters. Imperial Beach is known for constant flooding due to higher than normal tides. Often the coastline homes face unique problems, one of the many are mudslides. La Jolla being right on a fault line doesn’t help the city much to avoid disasters, back in 2007 there was a sinkhole, and mudslides due to rain in 2008, 2009 and 2010, plus more recent smaller cases. 

La Jolla Home hit by coastal waves causing flooding of the home.

“Currently, the biggest flood threat to La Jolla occurs during El Niño events like the one in 2015-16 that knocked out the top portion of the stairs leading down to Horseshoe Beach.” -La Jolla Light

Orange Restoration On Call 24/7 for La Jolla Emergencies 

We have helped in numerous La Jolla flood emergencies for water mitigation and other projects that waited to call resulting in mold formations. Currently, we are actually completing a mold project in La Jolla where the mold was left to grow for over 27 years! 


The La Jolla homeowner had some water damage and did not choose to manage the situation, abandoning the home. Then 27 years later we were called in to explore the very large colony of microbial growths throughout the property. We were able to contract to completely restore the home and the property from the mold outbreak. We discourage procrastination on any water damage or mold development in your home. Take action immediately and appropriately with each mold case. When you need help, call a professional mold expert. Read more on Mold Remediation tips for after the rainy season

For all San Diego Flood and water Damage emergencies, Call Orange Restoration.


Orange Restoration Wrap Up

With water damage, the first thing we want to encourage is to take action promptly. If you do not want to abandon your home, let’s work together to remove the burden. And before the mold growth begins! Do not let your problem get bigger, especially for years. 

For floods, your number one tool is prevention and proper maintenance. In most cases, floods begin from pipe bursts due to human error or component failures. These cannot be predicted, nor prevented in most cases. On the other side, most homes even in southern California are equipped to handle rain and shelter the home from flood risks. The maintenance you do to unclog French drains, clean rain gutters, and create barriers from natural watersheds to direct outside water towards drains or away from home.

Also, keep Orange Restoration’s phone number handy in your phone, on your fridge, or in your vacation property. You can call us for all water damages; flood emergencies including burst pipes or natural disasters; mold or fire damages needing remediation and restoration. Orange is a complete restoration service, as we do remediation and restoration of fire damage, mold damage and flood or water damage. Call us now! 1-619-376-6838

Fire Damage Remediation

, ,
smoke damage repair cleaning tips and fire damage remediation process.

Introduction to Fire Damage Remediation

The fire damage remediation process is about assessing the property, starting with removal of all debris including furniture, doors, un-repairables, and any damaged portions of the home that are complete losses. The next step is the cleaning of chemicals left from fire crews, cleaning of any hazards left from appliances that were destroyed in the fire, and possibly more in depth cleaning depending on who you contract to do the work. 

Picture of burning home prior to fire damage remediation.

What is the Meaning of Fire Remediation?

Fire Damage Remediation is often included in the definition of fire restoration process, but in fact,  some fire remediation companies do not do fire restoration work. The meaning of fire damage remediation is handling cleanup and debris removal, but not including anything from the fire restoration process.

Often, other problems will be created from the work done putting out the fire. For example, the water used causes damages, often flood remediation, and even mold remediation will be needed. This is partially why a remediation company can be vital to a project, and also why another restoration company may be called in for later work. Be sure to make sure what parts of the work will be covered in your contract for any part of the fire restoration project. Orange Restoration is a full service restoration company with remediation experts for fire, mold, and water damages.


Fire Damage Remediation Safety Considerations

Safety should always be a top priority in any fire damage situation. Emphasizing this is critical to prevent further harm or damages to your property. We do not recommend doing your own fire restoration, but we do have some resources for how to use cleaners and proper use of PPE on our various blogs. If you have a small project, please take a look at our DIY Soot Cleaning article, there are lots of pointers there that can help for smaller projects. Also, make sure before dealing with any fire damage that you understand the threats associated with Ultrafine Particulates (UFPs) that can come from fires, fire crews, or smoke damages.


Hiring Fire Damage Remediation Professionals 

It’s vital to stress the importance of hiring reputable professionals for fire damage remediation and restoration to ensure a successful outcome of returning your home to normal. While we constantly steer homeowners away from doing any of this without a professional, we understand you want your home back. Hiring our team will be the quickest way to get your project through all the insurance, the process of cleaning, and restoring your property to a new beginning. 


Fire Damage Assessment and Damage Extent

The fire damage assessment and the extent of the damage is very important for managing timelines, expectations, and costs. Each fire is sporadically created differently, and in how it causes damages, and the various conditions make each fire damage work site unique. Many times, fire damage work sites will have hidden surprises. Some surprises might be flooded compartments due to fire sprinkler malfunctions. There are also project examples where sprinklers worked well to preserve the interior of the home. In this case, all the exterior looks horrible, and water damage restoration needs to be done internally, while most of the fire restoration is external to the home.


Getting an assessment of the state of the property and the extent of the damage is important. In some cases, for the safety of the property, you may need to consider getting board up services. Board up services can protect your home from further damages, liabilities and from unwanted intruders. Part of the assessment should consider future risks of liabilities, more loss, more damage, and how to protect professionals or anyone else who may need to access the property. 


Hiring restoration professionals will really help to speed up all this process. Our team has completed many projects of all sizes, from small fire restoration jobs to responding to wildfires with extensive damage for multiple homes. We know how to assess, avoid surprises as we know the process, and the costs for managing the fire damage restoration from all aspects. Our team can look at a section of damage and make quick and accurate assessments for damage repairs.


Frequently, smoke damage has a way of exaggerating the appearance of things. Our professionals can assess the depth of the damage and make educated assessments on if the repair costs outweigh the costs of replacing. You can look at our extensive list of fire damage and smoke damage restoration services on our fire damage services page.


Documentation and Costs Associated with Fire Damage Remediation

Orange Restoration is known for the quality level of documentation and photography of the damages and work in progress. Also, we handle multiple trades, so when we need documentation from a plumber, electrician, or flood mitigation, we handle all these services! So our clients can expect all files, documents, notes, and photos to be in the right format, organized professionally, and expedited to the insurance company for their assessors. We want you to get paid by insurance ASAP! 


Over the 20+ years of service, we modified our business and created partnerships to make sure we act as a solid support for your life being rapidly restored to normal as soon as humanly possible. Along the way through the restoration process we will work to be transparent via clear documentation, photos, plans and financial needs for completion. Our team is known for this transparency with both insurance and local customer base. We are 5 stars rating on nearly every platform including Google, Yelp, BBB, and also Facebook.


Timelines and Expectations for Repairs

After professional assessment, our team will provide information on when it’s safe to return and the variability in restoration timeline. We understand, getting the information on the timeline is important for those dealing with fire damage. Your insurance company, our team, your family, your work and neighbors will probably all be asking far too many questions, and you may only have one. 

“When Will My Home Be Normal Again?”

We truly understand that waiting for answers, getting different answers, and unclear outlines for the process of restoring your home can be frustrating. The timeline on a project may be a little complex for other companies to assess, this is often because they need to count on multiple contractors to do various things, and they need to wait. While our team may not have perfect accuracy in our timelines, we will be able to more rapidly assess the timeline.


Our team does absolutely everything needed for the fire damage restoration process while having multiple vendors in-house which speeds up the process. We are prepared to get it done quicker than any other restoration company because of our partnerships and continued education in our trade services.

Complete Home Restoration

While the initial steps of fire damage remediation are crucial for cleaning up and securing your property, it’s essential to recognize that comprehensive home restoration goes beyond these initial measures. Fire damage remediation focuses on removing debris, cleaning chemicals, and addressing immediate hazards, but it often doesn’t cover the broader scope of restoring your home to its pre-fire condition. Additional challenges may arise from the aftermath, such as water damages and air quality issues such as the presence of ultrafine particles (UFPs), necessitating the specialized attention and expertise of a pro.


To ensure a successful and expedited recovery process, it’s vital to hire experienced professionals who can handle the entire spectrum of fire damage restoration work. This comprehensive approach considers assessment, mitigation of hidden surprises, board-up services, and expert documentation, all of which contribute to a more transparent and efficient process. 

Our team at Orange Restoration is well-equipped to provide you with a holistic solution, not just for fire damage remediation but for complete home restoration! Offering clarity on timelines and expectations while maintaining a focus on safety and quality work. Our commitment to transparency, extensive documentation, and partnerships ensures that your life can be restored to normal as quickly as possible, backed by our track record of 5-star ratings and customer satisfaction. 


Restoring your home after a fire is not just about addressing the visible damage but also about returning your life to a state of normalcy, and that’s precisely what our team is here to help you achieve.