Flood Cleanup

When your home or property suffers a flooding, whether it’s caused by a violent storm or compromised plumbing, Orange Restoration is available 24/7 to handle the cleanup, no matter how extensive. We understand that this is a stressful situation and we’re here to help alleviate your anxiety.

We accomplish the restoration process by utilizing various methods and equipment to remove water and dry materials, particularly walls and flooring. We have sump pumps, industrial-strength fans, dehumidifiers and more; plus, we are constantly keeping up with the latest technologies for handling any type of water damage.

We do all of this quickly and efficiently. It’s important to eliminate as much moisture as possible to prevent further water damage and the encroachment of mold.

Water Damage Repair

Just as when we’re dealing with damage from extensive flooding, we use the same equipment and techniques for all water damage, great and small. Even if the water invasion is caused by a single leaking pipe, it can still cause a lot of damage if left undetected for a long period of time.

Time is indeed of the essence when dealing with water invading your home or property. We will respond immediately no matter the extent of the damage. We can even restore items like paper documents and even photographs. Excess water and moisture must be dealt with quickly to minimize further damage to structures and to keep mold growth at bay.

Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

A fire can happen at any time: sometimes it’s due to a blown circuit that ignites furniture or curtains, and other times it might be due to Mother Nature in the form of a lightening strike. No matter the cause or the extent of the damage itself, Orange Restoration is here to restore your property to pristine condition.

We are experts in fire remediation, providing all of the necessary expertise and equipment to quickly facilitate restoration of your home or property. We use the best and safest methods for removing smoke residue and smoke saturated materials. This is the first step in restoring your home or property.

Mold Remediation Services

So it’s been determined and verified that you have mold forming in various areas of your home or building. The next task is to contact Orange Restoration to tackle your detected mold problem. This must be dealt with immediately since the mold will not disappear on its own—in fact, waiting will make the situation worse. It’s not merely an issue of the unsightly appearance of mold on a wall or ceiling, or the accompanying unpleasant odor. Mold growth left unchecked can cause ongoing health issues, particularly if someone in your household suffers from a respiratory disorder like asthma.

After determining where all instances of mold growth exists in your home or building, we can begin the process to remove mold from all affected surfaces. Once the remediation process is finished, we will thoroughly test your home or building to ensure that mold spores won’t reappear.

Reconstruction & Remodeling

Once cleanup has been performed on your home or property, it’s now time to restore the structure to its original condition. When you initially see the damage done to your home it’s difficult to imagine it fully restored—as if no damage had ever occurred in the first place. Orange Restoration will make every effort to ensure that your home or property will not bear any lasting scars.

Home Deodorization

When your home or property has sustained any type of damage, whether it’s from fire, water or a sewage spill, lingering odor is an unpleasant after-effect. Just as physical damage must be dealt with, so must odor removal. Sometimes merely removing and replacing drywall or flooring isn’t enough to completely get rid of odor.

We are experts in fire remediation and that includes odor removal. At Orange Restoration we have all of the necessary expertise and equipment to quickly facilitate damage due to fire, sewage spills and mold growth. In addition to that, we have a complete array of deodorizing methods for every type of odor. We’ll make your living spaces smell normal again.

Mold Testing Services

If you’ve experienced even minor water invasion of your home or property, even if caused by constant excess moisture, you may have mold forming in areas that are not visible to the naked eye. By the time you actually smell mold and mildew, mold spores have migrated throughout your ventilation system and are already growing and wreaking havoc on various building materials.

There are many methods and equipment to track the growth of mold and to detect where it’s forming. As mentioned before, mold spores can quickly travel and spread throughout your home or building, often via the ventilation system. It’s very important to locate each instance of mold, allowing the remediation process to begin quickly.

Sewage Cleanup

A flooding via sewage can happen in many different ways: your toilet backs up due to a broken pipe in your plumbing or the main sewage line is impacted by a violent storm or other disaster. The end result, either way, is nasty effluvia invading your home.

Sewage cleanup is never a task you should attempt yourself. After all, you’re dealing with all manner of biohazard materials that can cause infection if you don’t take all of the necessary precautions. Most homeowners don’t have hazmat suits in their closets, for one thing. Sewage contamination must be handled with all of the correct equipment, procedures and safety standards available. Not doing so can adversely affect the health of you and your family. Leave this important task to the professionals at Orange Restoration.

Drywall Removal

Often with severely damaged drywall, whether from mold growth or water damage, the best course is to completely replace the drywall itself. Simply repairing the damage is often a “Band-Aid” solution since, in the long run, the material has been weakened and may even cause further structural damage over time.

At Orange Restoration, we will efficiently remove old or damaged drywall and replace it with new material, making sure that everything fits and is properly insulated. We will ensure that all new drywall will be properly installed.

Whether you are experiencing a flood, black mold, or a house fire, the Orange Restoration team is here to help 24/7! We will respond immediately and mitigate the damage and get your property back to its original state in no time!