Your attic is the first barrier between your house and the elements. It’s there to keep you safe and comfortable by reducing your energy consumption when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Attic cleaning in San Diego is extremely important. A poorly maintained attic can also be used as a nesting area by pests such as rodents and birds, that can be a health hazard by bringing illnesses into your home and are also capable of damaging essentials such as electrical wiring and structural components etc. and even cause fire.

Our team has been cleaning attics for decades, so we decided to devote a team to the service. Our team is available for attic cleaning, insulation removal & installation, attic sanitization, radiant barrier installations and all crawl space needs as well. To begin, our team often starts each project with a site visit to your home or business to conduct an Attic Inspection. The attic inspection is intended to give you insights to your needs for a healthy attic. This means making recommendations and also understanding your goals for your attic and home. Over the course of doing this service for decades, we developed an Attic Inspection Check List, seen below.

"The Medically Sound Remediators"

We are CIRSx Certified for Medically Sound Remediation


  • Examine the interior of your attic for pest damage and structural damage.
  • Assess any home owners main concerns with thorough inspection of problems.
  • Assess the insulation. Check the exterior of your home or roof.
  • Inspect the attic vents for blockages and damage.
  • Inspect HVAC electrical wiring, electrical wiring in attic, and other electrical wires that could be impacted by attic or crawl space.
  • Attic inspection for animals, looking for droppings, gnawed or scratched material, nests, and foul smells.
  • Inspect the roof for leaks and signs of water damage.
  • Check rafters and trusses for structural damage.
  • Pay attention to odors, which could indicate pest or mold presence.
  • Ensure proper attic ventilation to prevent moisture problems. Review findings with homeowner, showing photos, examples of inefficiency, and make suggestions for further actions.

An outdated attic can also hold hazardous materials like asbestos or other chemicals that can cause severe illnesses if exposed to over a long period of time. With proper care, by removing health hazards and preventing them, and with updating essential materials like insulation and air systems, your attic can be the proper barrier it’s designed to be, keep you safe and healthy, and even help you save money on energy.

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