Have a Mold Problem? Know the Signs

Identifying a Mold Problem

mold problem

Whether your home is new or old, it’s still vulnerable to the growth of mold. All it takes is a small leak somewhere in your plumbing, or moisture building up within your walls. You may be living with mold and not even know it. Know the warning signs of mold proliferation, and perform your own inspection before it gets worse. If you need mold damage repair in San Diego, give us a call today! (619) 376-6838

Keep Reading to Know the Signs of Your Mold Problem

The most obvious sign is an unusual odor.

Mold has a pungent, stale smell – it’s unmistakable. It’s easiest to detect mold odor when it’s confined to one area of your home. This makes it easy to compare the smell to another unaffected room. Mold is most commonly found living within walls and beneath wallpaper – give those areas a good sniff. A pervasive, unpleasant odor is sure to be caused by mold.

The appearance of mold is usually pretty obvious

, particularly when inspecting a shower stall or bathtub. Mold has distinctive coloring, making it fairly easy to distinguish from normal soap scum. If you have a basement or cellar you’ll have to poke around a bit further to locate the mold. Mold, of course, is fond of damp areas. Look for areas where dampness collects – this is a perfect breeding ground for growing mold.

Your health while in your home can also be an indication of the presence of mold

– especially if you cannot immediately see it. The existence of mold will cause allergy-like symptoms: feeling listless and tired; congestion and respiratory problems; watering eyes – all while you are in your home. Should these various symptoms disappear whenever you’re at work or shopping, you definitely have a mold issue somewhere within your abode. The existence of mold in your home will make those symptoms reappear once you step across the threshold of your front door.

What to do next

If you do suspect that you have a mold problem, you’ll need to identify where it’s lurking. The best place to begin the search is any moist areas. To be absolutely sure to locate all sources of mold and then eliminate it, you should contact a professional. They will have all of the equipment necessary to find out where mold is growing, and they’ll know how to get rid of it.

Depending on the amount of mold present, it might be best to stay in a hotel (or other housing arrangement) while the mold infestation is being dealt with. If there is a lot of mold throughout your home, protecting your health, and the health of your family, is very important since prolonged exposure to mold can cause some serious health problems. If you have a respiratory condition, particularly asthma, you should temporarily relocate. However, for many people a small amount of mold will not cause serious health problems. Just know what you can tolerate.

It’s very important to locate any mold in the home and deal with it quickly. Not only can mold affect your health, but it can also damage the structure of your home, leading to costly reconstruction in some cases. Early detection and a plan for mold remediation will go a long way towards keeping your family safe and preserving the structural integrity of your home.