Carpet cleaning may sound like a basic task, and it can be if done on a regular basis. But what happens when you have a carpet or rug that has stubborn and embedded stains and odor? You can rent equipment yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can make the damage worse. Our highly trained and experienced carpet cleaning team can tackle any cleaning situation in your San Diego home using our expertise and array of equipment. We can make your carpet and rugs look new again!

"The Medically Sound Remediators"

We are CIRSx Certified for Medically Sound Remediation
Your Local San Diego Carpet Cleaning Experts

We’ve saved many carpets and rugs from being tossed out. Whatever you’ve spilled on your carpeting or rugs, we can remove it safely. We are also mold remediation experts, so that expertise is included in our arsenal.

There are many DIY “remedies” recommended on the Internet, but what if you make a bad stain worse by trying to save money? That can happen. Don’t experiment with home remedies, especially when your carpet or rugs have experienced a very bad spill. Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service can mean the difference between keeping your expensive carpet or rug, or having to completely replace them because you wanted to do everything yourself.

We mentioned mold remediation. You may have hidden areas of your carpeting that experienced water damage. Mold can cause stains that are very difficult to remove yourself without further damaging the carpet fibers. Plus, if the mold is still active, it becomes a health hazard if you attempt to deal with it on your own. We are mold remediation experts, which is an asset that most carpet cleaning services don’t have.

Trust Orange Restoration’s carpet cleaning professionals to restore your carpet or rugs to their pristine condition—and save you the additional expense of replacing your expensive flooring.


Besides servicing commercial and residential customers, we perform a wide array of other related services. In addition to cleaning carpets and rugs (this includes oriental rugs), we also clean upholstery, furniture and air ducts. We even offer tile and grout cleaning, making your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with tile look fresh and new.

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