Act now for Emergency Response
Act now for Emergency Response

Emergency Water Damage / Fire Damage / Mold Remediation Experts

Are you currently experiencing water damage or flooding? If so, you’ll want to give us a call immediately. Waiting to start the cleanup process can cause mold and other problems to arise that can lead to serious health issues.


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Mold in your home or place of business can lead to serious health problems including bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. If you see mold in your home you need to schedule a mold inspection by one of our certified technicians today.


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We can help with emergency fire & smoke damage restoration, ensuring you recover as many possessions as possible. We are an experienced fire & smoke restoration company & will ensure your property is restored properly.


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Water Damage Restoration

If your property has been affected by water damage, we guarantee to have a professional San Diego water damage technician at your home or business within 40 minutes or less of your initial call to Orange Restoration. Our technician will walk you through the restoration process, assess your individual situation and start restoring your property to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Our San Diego water damage specialists use state of the art technology and equipment. We pride ourselves in serving the San Diego community and being able to respond swiftly and efficiently in order to prevent further damage to your home or place of business. If help is needed quick we advise you to give us a call ASAP.

Mold Removal

mold-damage-main-pictureWe get calls every day from people asking, “How much does mold removal cost?” Cost can depend on many things such as the amount of mold spores, number of rooms effected as well as the location of that needs to be removed. Orange Restoration does not recommend trying to remove the mold yourself. Our certified mold removal specialists have the tools and expertise to detect where the mold is present. Mold needs moisture to grow and finding the source of the water is an important step in making sure the mold does not return. Orange Restoration follows all IICRC S520 Guidelines, which holds the highest industry standards for mold removal as well as hygienists standards across the the U.S and Canada.

Fire Damage

Wynant_House_Post-Fire-smallExperiencing a fire in your home or business can be one of the most traumatic events you can go through. Even a minor fire can cause serious damage and put your family or employees sense of security at risk. An emergency response by our skilled and caring San Diego fire damage restoration technicians is the first step to getting your home or business back to normal. After the fire is extinguished, timing is extremely important. All repairs must begin at once to maximize effectiveness. We will answer your call 24/7 and respond in under an hour. Our San Diego fire damage specialists use scientific techniques and cleaning processes that will help prevent major demolition, reducing total costs. Fire damage repair requires skills and knowledge that our Orange Restoration technicians have acquired over hundreds of successful fire and smoke restoration projects.

Flood Cleanup

800px-House_flood-smallAfter a flood, there are several important steps to take before you even begin flood cleanup. First, you need to immediately turn of all electrical power using the main circuit breaker. Next, you will want to call your insurance provider and see what kind of flood coverage you have in your policy. After talking with your insurance you will want to call a San Diego flood cleanup company. Flood damage is much more complicated than water damage so we do not recommend handling the repairs yourself. We start flood repairs as quickly as possible in order to minimize damage, using a process of water extraction, cleaning, deodorizing, dehumidification and mold removal for complete flood cleanup. Our San Diego flood cleanup experts have the expertise and equipment necessary to properly remove water and sewage, and get your property back to its pre-loss state.

Mold Inspection

Finding mold in your home is one of the worst thing property owners can discover. Once the mold begins to grow, it can spread to your furniture, walls, carpets, and other interior surfaces. Mold in your property can ruin paint, cause stains on your walls, and can completely damage the structural integrity of your home or business if not taken care of immediately.Excess moisture, caused by a variety of different factors, can lead to mold growth. If it is not checked out by an experienced San Diego mold inspector it can cause serious health problems.If your property is not properly protected from the elements, heavy rains and other weather related elements can cause moisture to invade your home and cause mold to grow. Plumbing leaks under sinks, behind refrigerators, and around water heaters are common problems and can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Infection Control

infection controlWorking with healthcare facility administrators, we put engineering controls and physical barriers in place to stop construction-related odors and debris from reaching areas not under construction, reducing the possibility of unintentional contamination of patient areas and ensuring workplace safety. We work with you to do a risk assessment and then create a plan for your unique situation and environment. Depend on our San Diego infection control team to get necessary permits, create the containment environment, monitor it for effectiveness, conduct cleaning and more. Our uncompromising approach allows us to help you meet your objectives and protect the health and welfare of your patients while necessary work is being conducted. Government regulations and safety standards are constantly evolving, and we stay on top of the issues that matter so we can always do the best job of infection control.

Verified Customer Reviews

Fire + Water Damage in San Diego, CA
Date Published: 12/03/2016
In one of the worst few days of our lives, we had a fire that caused structural damage and covered everything inside with soot and smoke. The fire also caused a secondary flood, and what wasn't damaged by fire, was damaged by water. Orange restoration came to our rescue the same day we called, and took a lot of stress out of the situation by dealing with the insurance, and restoring most of our possesions as well as the damage to the house. We will be forever grateful, our heartfelt thanks to Orange Restoration!
5 / 5 stars


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