Treating Mold Takeover Requires More Than Paint

How to Treat Mold Takeover Damage

Leak detection can uncover mold in closets or walls.

Your home or business has experienced severe water damage, whether from burst plumbing or the aftermath of a destructive storm. The immediate concern goes beyond replacing damaged materials; it’s about preventing a mold takeover. Mold and mildew often go unseen, causing long-term health issues, structural damage, and unpleasant odors. Simply replacing wall panels and floors, along with a fresh coat of paint, won’t address the underlying problem of mold infestation. Please do NOT paint over mold, call a professional first!

What is a Mold Takeover?

A mold takeover is a serious matter that can wreak havoc on your entire home or business. It typically starts with the presence of moisture, providing the ideal conditions for mold growth and spore to spread. At first, you may notice small patches or discoloration on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or floors. These patches can be green, black, or even white in color. As the mold colonies expand, they can spread rapidly, covering larger areas. A musty odor may permeate the affected space, indicating the presence of mold. You may also observe signs of water damage, such as peeling paint, warped materials, or visible mold spores in the air. In severe cases, mold can even infiltrate hidden spaces like wall cavities, attics, or HVAC systems. A mold takeover not only poses health risks but also causes structural damage and diminishes the overall quality of your living or working environment. It is crucial to address a mold takeover promptly by seeking professional mold remediation and cleaning services to ensure a safe and mold-free space.

Water Damage May Cause Mold Takeover

Water damage effects can be invisible, necessitating the expertise of professionals like Orange Restoration to ensure your home or business is safe from mold invasion. Prompt action is crucial when mold is a looming threat. Given enough time, moisture can seep into walls, flooring, and furniture, leading to rot, decay, and the release of potentially harmful airborne mold spores. Undetected water damage can also result in severe structural issues, which, if left unaddressed, can lead to even costlier damage in the future, impacting your profits if you have a business. Covering this up with paint is just making the problem seek a new surface to regroup for a full home mold takeover!

Hiring reliable mold remediation specialists is key to avoiding further expenses. Here’s where hiring the right mold remediation specialists will save you further expenses. The professionals know where to locate mold takeover by using the right equipment and having the expertise to use that equipment properly. These professionals possess the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to locate areas affected by mold takeover accurately. While waiting for their arrival, there are steps you can take to minimize damage, such as using fans to dry affected areas (ensuring outlets are away from water levels) and removing water-logged furniture and items to a safe location.

Mold Takeover Management & Mold Remediation

Damage restoration specialists utilize a range of specialized equipment and technology to handle water damage effectively. Industrial fans, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, wood floor drying units, wall cavity drying units, HEPA air cleaners, and TES drying systems are employed to mitigate the damage. Read more about mold remediation equipment in our blog. Some technology can be used to early detect mold or moisture hidden signs of water damage can also lead to severe structural damage, which if not dealt with quickly, can lead to more costly damage in the long run.

What if Your Business has a Mold Takeover?

If you have a business, this can also impact your profits. They also employ expert techniques to dry and restore your property and furnishings, significantly reducing overall damage. Furthermore, restoration specialists possess the expertise to handle sewage spills, control and sanitize the affected areas, and effectively remove all of the mold takeover. In some cases, damaged items that can be restored may need to be taken off site for further cleaning and sanitation.

Experienced Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Orange Restoration can also provide assistance with insurance claims. They can provide the necessary reports and guide you through the paperwork submission process, streamlining your claim for a smoother recovery.

When faced with water damage, don’t delay repairs or settle for the cheapest restoration company. Act swiftly to mitigate the threat of mold takeover and enlist the help of professionals who can ensure thorough mold remediation and efficient restoration. Contact Orange Restoration today to safeguard your property and restore it to its pre-damage condition.

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