Treating Mold Requires More Than a New Paint Job

How to Treat Mold Damage

Your home or business has sustained severe water damage via burst plumbing or the aftermath of a bad storm. You know that some materials will need to be replaced, but that’s not the ultimate solution to alleviating water damage. There is usually an encroachment of mold and mildew to worry about, often unseen, eventually causing long-term health issues and further structural damage, as well as smelling bad. A mere replacement of some wall and floor panels, along with a new paint job, is not going to solve the issue of mold infestation.

The effects of water damage are sometimes invisible and require the attention of professionals to ensure that your home or business is safe from mold invasions. When water damage occurs, you shouldn’t delay repairs or spend time trying to find the cheapest water damage restoration company. When the threat of mold is looming, time is of the essence. If given enough time, toxic moisture can further permeate walls, flooring and furniture. This can eventually lead to rot, decay, mold and potentially deadly airborne elements like mold spores. Such hidden signs of water damage can also lead to severe structural damage, which if not dealt with quickly, can lead to more costly damage in the long run. If you have a business, this can also impact your profits.

Here’s where hiring the right mold remediation specialists will save you further expenses. The professionals know where to locate mold invasions by using the right equipment and having the expertise to use that equipment properly. There are steps you can take to minimize damage while waiting for the professionals to arrive: using fans to dry the affected areas (be sure to use outlets away from water levels, even simple moisture), remove water-logged furniture and other items to a safe area.

Damage restoration specialists will use an array of equipment and technology to handle the water damage: industrial fans, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, wood floor drying units, wall cavity drying units, HEPA air cleaners and TES drying systems. They will also take care of your property and furnishings by using expert methods to dry out those items, greatly minimizing the overall damage. Restoration specialists will also employ techniques to control and sanitize any sewage spills, and of course, remove mold. Sometimes damaged items which can be restored may have to be taken offsite for further cleaning and sanitation.

Another reason to hire experienced water damage restoration specialists. They can help with insurance claims, not only providing the reports you will need, but also guide you in submitting the appropriate paperwork.

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