How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Home Water Damage

The structure of your home is very sensitive to water. A little bit of water is enough to cause extensive damage to your basement, roof, walls, flooring, and practically any other location of your home. If the water damage is too severe, you could have mold growth spawn from it too. This is definitely not a good situation to be in.

You might assume that water can only damage a home if it’s caused by rainwater or flooding. Things like leaky roofs are certainly one possible cause of water damage. You can protect your home in this case by regularly inspecting your roof to ensure there is no damage there.

Sometimes flying debris and old age can cause roofs to deteriorate. That is when rainwater can leak through your roof and permanently damage the structure of your home. Conduct yearly roof inspections and patch up any holes that you see. If the roof damage is too severe, then you’ll need to hire professional roofers to replace portions of your roof.

However, the most common causes of water damage are washing machine hoses and leaky plumbing. The hose to your washing machine transfers a considerable amount of water each time you wash your clothes. If this hose were to break or suffer the slightest bit of damage, then lots of water would make its way through and flood the area within hours. Even if the washing machine is not on, the hose is still under pressure constantly. It can burst even when the machine is off.

You can prevent this problem by turning off the hose valves after each time you’re done washing your clothes. Then you’ll need to turn the valves on again to wash your clothes the next time. Also, if your hoses are over 5 years old, then you should replace them as a safety precaution. As for your plumbing, turn off any appliance when it has a leaky pipe attached to it. Fix or replace the pipe and then turn the appliance back on.

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