Water Mitigation vs Water Restoration

water mitigation san diego leaky ceiling damage

Home Water Damage Prevention Techniques

If you suspect a mold problem, you need to find the water damage source, it could be water from above. Home water damage on the ceiling.

How to Deal with Burst Pipe Flooding

Burst Pipe Flooding a basement is the last problem your home wants to experience.

Does Your Home Have Wet Drywall?

Does your Wet Drywall look like this? Bubbling paint is an early sign of water damage within a wall or ceiling.

Toilet Flooding Caused Water Damage?

Toilet Flooding Tips and tricks to stop the flooding.

Need Stucco Water Damage Repair? Call Orange Restoration

Stucco Water Damage Repair

How can you tell if there is water damage happening under the stucco? Well, a visual inspection isn’t enough—you’ll need a moisture test to determine if your property has this problem. This isn’t a DIY opportunity—you’ll need to hire a professional to perform the moisture test.