Why Inspect for Mold?

Finding mold in your home is one of the worst thing property owners can discover. Once the mold begins to grow, it can spread to your furniture, walls, carpets, and other interior surfaces. Mold in your property can ruin paint, cause stains on your walls, and can completely damage the structural integrity of your home or business if not taken care of immediately.

Excess moisture, caused by a variety of different factors, can lead to mold growth. If it is not checked out by an experienced San Diego mold inspector it can cause serious health problems. Some common factors that can lead to mold growth include:

  • Showers and bathtubs
  • HVAC systems
  • Unsanitary cooking conditions
  • Over occupied living and working conditions
  • Plumbing leaks and other problems
  • Ground/atmospheric moisture
  • Roof, wall and window failures
  • Fire sprinklers

If your property is not properly protected from the elements, heavy rains and other weather related elements can cause moisture to invade your home and cause mold to grow. Plumbing leaks under sinks, behind refrigerators, and around water heaters are common problems and can go unnoticed for long periods of time. The excess moisture can cause mold growth around the troubles areas. Not all molds are toxic but they can lead to foul odors and can cause people with allergies to be extra irritated.

When should you call a San Diego mold inspector?

The moment you see any visible mold growth or notice any water leaks, you should call a San Diego mold inspection company. Our certified inspectors have the skills and testing equipment to identify any problem areas and take mold samples. These mold samples with be sent to our lab and analyzed so a full report can be constructed. This report will include a recommendation for mold remediation if any troubled areas are discovered. Our basic mold inspection includes Indoor Air Quality testing in addition to surface sampling.

A mold inspection may include the following:san diego mold inspection

  • Visual inspection of all troubled areas
  • Air and surface sampling for lab analysis
  • Additional sampling (only if needed and approved)
  • Moisture testing
  • Leak detection
  • Thermal imaging (infrared)

Do not let mold invade your home or business. If you see mold or have any type of plumbing problem you need to call a San Diego mold testing and inspection company right away. Orange Restoration has performed thousands of mold inspections over the years and there is no job that is too big or too small for our technicians. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate! (619) 376-6838