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509, 2013

Common Water Damage and Flood Cleanup Myths

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#1: I have to first contact my insurance company

Definitely not necessary nor advised. “But I thought I’d need a claim number so I could begin the procedure? ” you say? Nope, you need water out and as quickly as possible and have the problem contained. The insurance claim process may be dealt with later. You don’t have time to wait around to hear back from your insurer with a claim number. It just suggests greater damage along with more costs in their eyes, so they want you to have the work done as fast as possible!

#2: My insurance company will cover mold damage

Not very likely at all. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover the price of mold remediation products and services. What does this mean for you?

1) If you already have mold, you’re going to pay out of pocket for that loss.

2) In the event that you’ve suffered surging damage, get this fixed now before the mold starts spreading to other areas of your property.

#3: I’m worried my claim will cost too much and won’t fix everything

Our industry is unlike a great many others you used to conducting business with. Where most agencies decide what they charge for their services, and those costs may vary wildly between businesses, our industry’s charges for service are usually baked. What this means is that we follow the pricing guidelines established by insurance companies who generally cover the cost of individual water damage repair services. In different words, our prices are established by them, not you.

Water damage companies work with a system called Xactimate. It’s an authorized software that is usually used by adjusters, and it calculates the correct rates (agreed upon by insurers) to charge for each service rendered.

#4: I don’t need a professional to clean my carpets after a sewage spill

The rule of thumb is that if sewage comes in contact with it, it has to be removed and replaced.  This absolutely applies to carpet.  We will remove the carpet and decontaminate the floor underneath before replacing it with a new carpet.

#5: I can rent the equipment and repair the damage myself

We all witness this on a regular basis. Someone tries to save lots a few dollars on the deductible vs. out-of-pocket and they try and carry out the cleanup in and dry-out job themselves. A few quick Google searches, and some Youtube videos, and presto, you’re a professional. Fast forward a little to when we get the call:

“I think there’s some water damage and mold in my residence. It smells very musty. ”

flood cleanup company

Don’t be that individual. Remember the myth about insurance protecting mold? Well, try to save some bucks on the flood cleanup procedure and you will often end up having to pay of pocket using a service that will cost you much more.

2908, 2013

Orange County Mold Damage Restoration Tips

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Doing away with Orange County mold damage can be quite painful, especially if you fail to take proper care to accomplish it the correct way. You will inevitably be with an even larger problem than what you originally started out with. The greatest reason for Orange County mold damage is caused by water damage in your home. Water damage could cause a severe mold infestation if you do not properly extract the water quickly enough. While you are overwhelmed you might choose to call an Orange County mold damage removal professional. Mold can be quite dangerous to your well being if not addressed properly.

Orange County mold damage

Mold contains a lot of harmful bacteria along with fungus that might make you sick if you inhale it so it is vital that you take the correct steps to protect yourself and your family with regards to removing mold in your residence or place of business. The very first thing you will want to do is identify the many areas that the mold affects within your house.

Next, come up with a plan for the order in which you are going to treat the affected areas to ensure that you’re not going into “blind”. If you’re unsure about the place to start, it’s usually a good idea to spend time about the area that’s affected the most, first. Make sure that you wear old clothes that you don’t care with regards to because once they have confronted the mold you’re not going to want to keep them and improvements are you’re going to get dirty so be prepared for that as nicely.

Orange County mold damage can easily be spread from one source to another

Besides some old clothes you do not care about, make sure that you wear a respirator as well as some decent protective gloves and boots. You are less likely to get sick if you are well protected while performing the clean up. Orange County mold damage can easily be spread from one source to another, so you have to be very careful when removing mold from your residence. Make sure the room you are working in is well ventilated. Open up all the windows and try setting up a few fans. This will help aid you in the process of Orange County mold removal as well as help you stay healthy while you try to remove the mold. Because mold can travel easily through the air, it’s important that at the first sign of a mold infestation that you turn off your air conditioning so that it can’t spread throughout your home. Orange County mold infestations go hand in hand with moisture damage so turning your air conditioning off at the first sign of any water damage is also a good rule for you to follow.

For more information about Orange County mold removal and finding a reliable restoration company visit us online today.

2307, 2013

The Dangers of Mold

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Mold is a part of nature. Molds are important in breaking down dead organic matter in the outdoors however mold occurring indoors is a problem. Studies have shown that the indoor air quality in homes can be worse than the air outside. Mold growth indoors can occur when mold is reproducing. The invisible spores can float on air from outside to inside and begins growing if it lands on a wet surface. Mold spores can also be introduced to the indoors by attaching itself to pets, clothing, or shoes to be carried indoors.  Mold spores can live on oxygen, a place to grow, and a food source however without moisture, the mold cannot grow. Mold spores grow well on certain materials found indoors such as wallpaper, drywall, insulation, carpet, upholstery, fabrics, and even in your air conditioning system. The most concerning part is that most people are unaware that mold is even growing in their home!

Over 1,000 types of mold and mildew can live indoors. Mold growth often looks like spots, can be a variety of colors, and has a musty smell to it. Signs of San Diego mold damage include warping or discoloration of ceilings, floors, and walls. Cracked or peeling paint, musty odors, and drywall tape coming loose are also signs of mold growth. However mold growth can be controlled. Taking precautions such as ventilating areas such as the bathroom, or laundry room, controlling humidity levels, and promptly fixing any leaks in the home. If a flood occurs in the property it is extremely important that it is thoroughly cleaned and dried afterwards to prevent mold growth.

San Diego mold remediation

Mold indoors can be toxic. It is dangerous and can cause numerous health issues. These health issues can range from minor to serious conditions, even death in some cases. Problems range from itchy eyes, throat irritation, skin irritation, headaches, fatigue, coughing, and sneezing. More serious reactions can range from asthma attacks, fungal infections, to serious respiratory issues. People with mold allergies will have more severe reactions such as lung infections, lung tissue damage, and bronchitis. Mold is a common cause of death among individuals with compromised immune systems. Surprisingly, a study even found a correlation between a high mold presence indoors and depression!

If you suspect a mold issue in your San Diego home the best step to take is to call a San Diego mold remediation professional to perform an inspection. Any type of indoor mold can be dangerous and a great health risk if it is not addressed. There are two types of inspections that can be done to determine mold growth indoors. The first is a visual inspection. The technician will inspect the suspected areas and also take moisture readings to determine if the area has moisture. The second is an air spore test. With the air test two samples are taken- one outside and one inside the home in the suspected affected area. The outdoor reading acts as the control, giving a baseline to measure the indoor sample against. The samples are brought to a lab for results. The report given by the lab will show what types of mold and how much is present in each area. If the mold spore count inside is higher than outside, it can be determined that there is a mold problem indoors. If the inspection results are positive, no matter what type of mold is present, San Diego mold remediation needs to begin immediately.

907, 2013

Are You Prepared for a Flood?

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Man-made fixtures are one of the most common culprits of in-home floods and water damage. Fixtures such as toilets, faucets, and even the copper piping can malfunction and leak water into your property. However man-made fixtures are not the only cause of property flooding. Floods are one of the most common and costly natural disasters in the US. They can happen anywhere. Steady rain can slowly build up causing water back up in areas prone to flooding. If the rain is excessive a flash flood could be possible, creating excessively flooded areas and rising rivers. However, it can happen that a flooding situation can just be a freak occurrence.

Flood cleanup services

Recently Calgary, Alberta experienced a devastating flood due to what is being called a “unique” situation. Heavy rains combined with an already saturated ground- due to the area still being frozen- created flowing waters that ran down valleys. Couple those conditions with strong winds and the “unique” situation becomes a massive flood.
More people than not were displaced from this flood, many losing their homes as well. Once we heard about this devastating tragedy Orange Restoration stepped in to lend a hand. Our team of water damage professionals, many with damage at their own property, set out to High River to help alleviate some of the stress from the victims. Once areas were open our team began assisting homeowners in removing affected building materials and debris on their property. Our water damage professionals set to work placing dehumidifiers and air mover fans in attempts to dry out the building material and stop the growth of mold.
Our staff has been grateful to be a part of helping restore Calgary. We take great pride in what we do and appreciate Calgary for giving us the chance to show it.

Tips from the Redcross for flooding:
-Be prepared!
Always have a plan with your household in case of a flood.
-Have supplies ready
– 3 day supply of water; or one gallon per person per day
– 3 day supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare food
– Flashlight
– Medications and Medical Items
– Battery-powered radio

Safety Tips:
-Stay away from floodwaters. Flowing water above 6 inches can sweep you off your feet.
-Do not try to drive through flooded areas, turn around and find another way. Cars can be swept away in less than two feet of moving water.
-Keep children and pets out of all water. Water can be contaminated or if it is moving fast enough, they can be swept away.
-Be even more cautious at night, it may be harder to notice flood danger.

Do you want to find out more tips on how to prepare for a flood and finding a reliable Calgary water damage, San Diego water damage, or Orange County water damage company visit us online!

107, 2013

Water Damage Restoration Requires a Trained Professional

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San Diego Water Damage Restoration Requires a Trained Professional

Orange Restoration uses the newest equipment and techniques for our Orange County, San Francisco, Calgary and San Diego water damage restoration services. It is impossible to know exactly when your home or business is going to flood, but you can rest easier knowing that there is a team of specialists that are on call 24 / 7 when you encounter water damage will be able to resolve the problem quickly and without costing a pretty penny. From broken pipes in the bathroom, to busted sewer lines, we handle it all. In addition to our San Diego water damage restoration services, Orange Restoration also offers premier water mitigation services in Orange County, San Francisco, Calgary and San Diego to ensure we minimize damage and potential water damage. We are fully licensed and insured and here to help our neighbors whenever a problem comes up.

San Diego water damage service


Orange Restoration will help you work with Insurance – then we will direct bill them for water damage! Leave all the hassle up to us!
We offer 24 hour emergency San Diego water damage restoration services 365 days a year for water damage in San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco and Calgary!
Emergency Response to all forms of water damage from pipes bursting
Water Extraction
Water Mitigation
Leak Detection with our advanced equipment – including thermal imaging
Drying and Dehumidification of all water damage areas
Deodorizing and odor control of water damage area
Complete Mold Remediation and Bacteria inspection and destruction of all three
We move all furniture and personal items, pack them up, and clean, then place them back
Comprehensive Property Restoration from your San Francisco, Calgary, Orange County and San Diego Water Damage

1306, 2013

Taking Care of Your Grout :: San Diego Restoration

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Taking Care of Your Grout :: San Diego Restoration

Grout in your house typically is used to seal the gaps between the floor tiles.  Grout is a combination of sand, water, cement and color tint.  It can easily accumulate dirt and needs to be cleaned correctly by a San Diego restoration professional.  It also needs to be resealed every now and then; otherwise the dirt will become permanent.  The ideal regularity is between one and two years.

San Diego Restoration Experts

There are many ways of taking care of your grout, mostly featuring chemicals and unnatural products.  Our San Diego restoration specialists make sure the solutions we take are natural and healthy – Green is important to us. Before buying a commercial grout cleaner, try using natural products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.  Those products are cheap, easy to deal with, and can be found in any household.

Vinegar can either be applied alone or diluted with water. You should let it do its job for 10 minutes, then brush the grout in a circular motion.

Baking soda needs to be made into a paste using either a little vinegar or water. If the dirt is slight, brush the paste with a firm bristled brush for.  If it’s serious, though, leave the paste for a few minutes for a better cleaning.

Amazingly lemon juice can remove many grout discolorations and stains! Rub some lemon juice on the affected area, leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp sponge.

If you are having trouble with your grout or any other restoration needs, be sure to contact a restoration San Diego company immediately.

406, 2013

When it Comes to Preventing Water Damage San Diego, Speed is Key

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When it Comes to Preventing Water Damage San Diego, Speed is Key

No one ever plans on experiencing a home flood. It doesn’t matter whether the flood is caused by Mother Nature or a plumbing problem, the damage is always unanticipated.  However, being able to respond quickly to the water damage San Diego will help cut back on the financial costs of repairs and remediation.

Wait a minute before you jump ahead of yourself try to repair the damage without using a professional. Cleaning up after a flood can be very dangerous. You will want to avoid using any electrical devices near damp areas. We recommend always calling a water extraction expert immediately. It only takes mold 48 hours to begin growing in wet areas. The sooner our water damage San Diego experts can get to your location, the higher chance we will only be visiting for mold prevention instead of mold damage remediation.

water damage San Diego

First you will want to remove all dry items you can from the wet area of your home. If you leave these items in the flooded area there is a much higher chance they will develop mold damage. If any of the rugs or carpets are wet they will probably need to be removed. A wet rug or carpet is the prime location for unwanted mold growth so it’s best just to discard them instead of trying to repair them.

Any rooms that experienced water damage will have mold growth along and inside the walls. If any mold is found in these areas, the drywall will most likely have to be completely removed and replaced.

The sooner you call Orange Restoration after you experience the initial flooding, the higher chance there is that we can get rid of the mold without significant repairs. Unfortunately if any mold has already started growing, our mold damage San Diego experts will have to remove all the contaminated materials. The final step is making sure the entire home is dry. If you try and put your belongings back into a damp building you will soon see unwanted mold growth.

Would you like to learn more information about water damage San Diego and finding a reliable damage restoration company? Visit Orange Restoration for more information.

2805, 2013

Easy to Spot Signs of Mold Damage San Diego

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Easy to Spot Signs of Mold Damage San Diego

Most of the time, indoor mold growth can be clearly visible or smelly. Usually if there is no visible mold then there is no reason to take a sample for testing. In addition, there are zero health standards for mold exposure that you could use to evaluate the sample. The California Department of Health does not recommend that you test for mold or take samples yourself. You should always call a San Diego mold removal professional first. Although calling a professional to test for mold in the air can be expensive, if it is done correctly they can figure out how to completely get rid of the problem.

You should always call a mold damage San Diego professional first.

mold damage San Diego

  • Check around your home for visible mold growth. It will usually look either cottony or leathery and come in a wide array of colors like white, yellow, or green. On building materials or furniture mold with often appear as a fuzzy growth or staining. Water damage frequently leads to mold so always keep your eye out for signs of water damage including water stains, standing water, and leaky pipes.
  • If you smell mold anywhere, focus on that area. If it smells earthy or musty you probably have a mold problem.
  • Many people are allergic to mold so if you have friends and family having allergic reactions when in your home there is a good chance you have a mold problem.

Would you like to read more information about mold damage San Diego and finding a reliable damage restoration company? Visit Orange Restoration for more information.

2205, 2013

How to Spot Signs of Water Damage San Diego

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How to Spot Signs of Water Damage San Diego

It only takes a small amount of water to cause sizeable damage to your home. A leaky pipe, a clogged pipe, or even a sink that isn’t shut off completely can lead to water damage. If the build up of water is left without treatment it can slowly ruin carpets, doors, walls and even floors. It is very useful to know all the indications of water damage San Diego in order to prevent your home from experiencing significant damage. Here at Orange Restoration, we are the water remediation and water damage San Diego specialists. Our technicians are available 24/7 for any emergency restoration services. If you notice any signs of water damage do not hesitate to give us a call.

If you start to see signs of water damage San Diego anywhere in your house, you need to address the problem immediately.

Waiting even a few hours can allow the damage to spread to other areas of your home.

Signs of Water Damage

1.) Standing Water: Standing water is easily one of the more obvious signs of San Diego water damage. Even if the carpet is a little damp, this could lead to more serious problems if not taken care of correctly. . If you have standing water from a busted pipe, natural flood or any other water resource, contact Orange Restoration immediately. Every second the water is sitting increases the possibility of mold damage which can lead to serious health risks.

2.) Water Spots: Water stains can be easily spotted and are indicators of possible water damage. Water spots normally occur in the bathrooms or kitchen, around where the supply of water is located. Even if it is only a small amount of water dripping from these places, it will build up and spread to other areas, causing a more server problem. If you notice some discoloration of carpets or floors warping, it is very likely you are experiencing water damage down below the infected areas.


If you would like to learn more about water damage San Diego or finding a reliable restoration company visit Orange Restoration for more information.

1505, 2013

The Negative Effects of Smoke and Fire Damage

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A fire in your home or place of business is an extremely serious matter. Even a fairly small, non-devastating fire can have extensive consequences, some of which may not be immediately apparent to the average person. In order to identify and moderate the negative effects of fire damage, you need to call a professional ASAP.

Structural Damage

In the event of a fire, the structural integrity of your home or business will most likely be damaged. Always use caution when entering a property after a fire.  It is impossible to be sure all the floor supports are still intact. It would be best to wait for an inspector to evaluate your property for structural damage before you enter it. If the fire damage is too severe, you may be required to board up the property for safety and liability reasons.

Fire Damage San Diego

Smoke Odor and Residue

The majority of smoke particles are only about 0.004 microns wide. This means they can work their way into every nook and cranny, from your furniture to the carpet, wallboard, and even the insulation. The difficulty of cleaning up smoke odor and residue increases depending not only on the volume of smoke, but also on the kind of smoke that was present during the fire. Smoke from natural materials like wood and paper leaves a black or gray ashy residue that can be easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner or dry sponge. Smoke from inorganic materials like plastics and synthetic fabrics leaves a smeary residue that is difficult and dangerous to clean up. To remove all odors and residue, experts recommend having your home professionally deodorized and getting any items you wish to keep professionally cleaned.

Food Spoilage

During a fire, heat can cause canned food to expand and contract. Most of the time this will lead to food spoilage. Additionally, smoke particles can penetrate any bagged and boxed foods. Because smoke contains carcinogens, you do not want to eat food that has been exposed to smoke. The fire will also, most likely, because you’re electricity to be shut off. Make sure you throw out frozen or refrigerated foods which have probably spoiled. Remember to take photos of what you throw away so you can get insurance reimbursement.

Water Damage

A fire will also lead to water damage in most cases. When firefighters attempt to extinguish the fire in your home or business, they will douse the building with water, soaking everything that was involved in or near the fire. If you do not immediately take action to dry out your carpet, walls, and furniture after the fire, there is a good chance you could develop mold and mildew problems in addition to fire damage.

Remember, in the aftermath of a fire you need to get professional help ASAP. Be sure to choose a damage restoration company that can help with all the effects of a fire, from removing fire-damaged goods to cleaning up smoke residue, deodorizing the property, and cleaning up water damage.