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2508, 2015

Mold In Your Home Or Office Has Serious Health Effects But Can Be Eliminated

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black mold on wallIf you have visible mold in your home or office, you have a serious problem. But you can call on professionals who can take action to solve the problem and improve your indoor air quality for months and even years to come.

Actually, most air has some mold spores in it. Those spores seem to be everywhere. But when they’re around in large quantities, they can be harmful to humans and pets, causing respiratory problems, allergic reactions and more.

Symptoms of mold exposure start mild and get worse, in many cases. They include:

– sinus problems like a runny nose as well as nasal congestion
– irritation of the eyes, including itchiness and redness
– breathing problems like wheezing or chest tightness
– coughing
– burning, tingling or itching of the throat
– rashes or other kinds of irritation of the skin
– pain in the head
– uncontrollable sneezing
– asthma
– and more.

Mold can be especially dangerous for infants, the elderly and people who have existing immune system problems. In general, the symptoms of mold exposure can vary from person to person and can grow rapidly worse. People with heart and lung problems may be susceptible to mold-related health problems even when others exposed to the same environment don’t develop problems.

Fortunately, mold remediation is possible to clean up mold infestation and improve indoor air quality. This process starts with removal of the source of the moisture that is allowing the mold to grow. Then, prevention of future mold growth is undertaken. Finally, existing mold must be cleaned up. You’ll find mold remediators that focus on all aspects of mold cleanup, including fabric restoration and restoration of the building’s structure.

Mold remediation is a process that can release more mold into the air if done incorrectly, so it makes sense to leave this process to professionals. The chemicals that cause human reactions to mold exist even after the mold has died, so cleaning it away is essential.

Mold remediation often involves the following things:

– evaluation to see what needs to be done and how cleanup can be accomplished safely
– HVAC cleaning to remove mold from ducts as well as heating and air equipment
– use of protective clothing, including respirators, to protect workers
– dry brushing or agitation to get mold off porous surfaces
– dry-ice blasting to get rid of mold on wood and cement
– wet vacuuming
– damp wiping
– HEPA-filtered vacuuming
– and more.

At Orange Restoration, we use proven techniques and our team’s experienced judgment to decide what San Diego mold remediation processes are best for you. You can be sure that when we handle your mold removal, your home or business will be safer, cleaner and ready for full use as quickly as possible.

Nothing means more to us at Orange Restoration than doing your mold removal job right. Why not contact us right away at (619) 376-6838 so we can get started for you? Working with us is a smart decision for your home or business — and your health — that you’ll never regret.

2408, 2015

Considering DIY Fire Damage Cleanup Instead Of Hiring A Professional?

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fire damage in house interiorThe top priority after a fire is to get things back like they should be as soon as possible. But this can be as stressful as the fire was in the first place. You may want to get started on cleaning immediately, but DIY fire damage cleanup can do a lot of harm. These are some solid reasons to hire a professional when you’re facing a complex fire damage cleanup:

  1. Smoke damage is just as bad a fire damage. Fires leave soot and smoke behind to keep doing more damage. Smoke gets embedded in walls, carpets and flooring, furniture and nearly everything else, and it remains there for years if it isn’t dealt with. There are professional procedure for removing smoke and soot. Do you know what they are?
  1. You can’t wash off smoke damage. It may look like soot and smoke will just wipe away, but that’s not true. DIY fire damage cleanup instructions may tell you just to wash everything, but that doesn’t really help. Special equipment is needed to get rid of soot and smoke and avoid rubbing it in deeper. Plus, washing smoky clothing in your washer will further damage the material and leave a smell in your machine. That just makes everything worse.
  1. You could accidentally throw away good stuff. Professionals can save many items that seem like lost causes. People with experience in smoke damage restoration can do a better job of deciding what can be saved and what can’t than you can. And they can save a lot more items than you ever thought possible.
  1. You’ll never get it all done in time. Smoke damage restoration takes a lot of manpower. Smoke and soot damage gets worse the longer it remains, so you need a team to do the job quickly — before more damage is done. A team of pros has a defined process for getting things done quickly and restoring things to pre-loss condition, plus they can handle complications with relative ease.

Insurance usually covers the cost of professional restoration, so why not forget about doing the work yourself? Our team at Orange Restoration is ready to help you right now, and we’re only a phone call away: (619) 376-6838.

2108, 2015

The Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

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San Diego fire damage sliderThere are few things in this world that are more destructive than fire. It is the element that most of us fear above all others, and time after time we can turn on the news and see that another home, another town, another county has been overtaken by fire. Fire is something that we humans still find very difficult to control and tame, which means that in most cases, a fire is not put out quickly enough to prevent damage from occurring. Restoring your home after a fire can be a very traumatic for all those involved – especially when you see the financial burden that it will put on your shoulders.

The reason that the cost of fire damage restoration is so high in the majority of cases is because that for most items, as soon as they are touched by fire, become completely useless. Unlike water damage, which can sometimes be dried out, there is no way to repair fire damage to most items. Electrical items in particular have been built in order to short circuit if there is a fire, in order to prevent them from exacerbating the problem, but that means that if they are situated in a fire then they almost break themselves in an effort not to become part of the problem. This means that they will definitely need replacing, and at a high cost.

Many people fear fire more than anything else when it comes to their home and their possessions, which is why so many people are deciding to invest in things such as fire proof safes. They believe that if they have a fire proof safe, then even if the very worst happens, they will at least be able to save some important pieces of paperwork, and some soft toys from children, along with some sentimental jewellery. However, that is not always the case. Fire proof safes cannot protect items from extreme heat, even if they can remove them from flames. Most safes have a lining of special plastic wax that delays the effects of the heat to your items for as long as possible, but over time that plastic seal will melt and the full force of the flames will be upon your beloved items.

Just like there is no true defence from burglary, there is no true defence from fire. Fires will inevitably happen, and even if you do everything that you possibly can to prevent a fire from happening in your home, you cannot possibly prepare for the stupidity of other people, and completely innocent accidents. That is why many people have to consider the cost of fire damage reparation all over the world.

Having to deal with the emotional fall out of fire damage can be incredibly demoralising for any person, and when you have a family to protect and care for as well the whole experience can end up being totally overwhelming. That is why it is a good thing that the cost of fire damage restoration can almost always be covered by your insurance company. There shouldn’t be any complications, and it means that all of the stress and worry can be lifted from your shoulders, and taken on by the experts who know exactly what they are doing. If you believe that you will soon have to call on someone else because you are struggling to cope with the cost of fire damage restoration – and all the emotional trauma that fire damage brings with it – then we recommend contacting Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838. We are a professional company that are tried and tested in the area of fire damage restoration, and will be able to help you.

2008, 2015

Will El Niño Year Force Flood Cleanup In Your Home?

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The 2015 El Niño could be the worst ever, and the downpours expected might overwhelm Southern California’s vulnerable flood control system. That could mean flood cleanup at your home — and lots of others. Not since the El Niño weather event in 1997-98 that resulted in 17 deaths has there been an El Niño this large. Some are calling it a Godzilla-sized event.

The Los Angeles area is supposedly ready for the event thanks to dam improvements made in 2004 and 2005. But Pasadena’s Devil’s Gate Dam has a lot of debris from the Station fire, creating the possibility of flooding downstream from it.

And that isn’t the only problem. Cities all along the coast of California are vulnerable to flooding. In some cases, widespread flooding is possible. In others, flooding might be localized. But if it’s your home hit by a flood, the flood cleanup isn’t made any easier by knowing how many of your neighbors are also impacted.

A Record-Breaking El Niño Event

Ocean temperatures are now higher than they were in the summer before the huge 1997-1998 El Niño weather event that led to storms severely impacting much of California that winter. The event is called an El Niño because the temperatures in question exist in a Pacific Ocean region called Niño 3.4.

Sediment removal projects are planned for dams at Pacoima, Tujunga and at three locations in the San Gabriel Mountains. All have significant sediment buildup, and removing it would allow more room for runoff and reduce the chance of flooding.

Work on The Devil’s Gate is stalled because critics claim the operation will negatively impact wildlife habitats in the basin, mess up recreational opportunities and create too much truck traffic for local residents. These opponents want a small sediment removal operation.

Officials across the state are looking into other things that can be done to prevent flooding and the expensive disaster response for homeowners and businesses that may be an inevitable consequence of the El Niño event. In some areas, officials are asking for a complete investigation into the preparedness of flood control facilities like Devil’s Gate and others.

Vulnerabilities Are Proven

Previous storms have already shown that flood control in California is vulnerable. The dam at Devil’s Gate was built in 1920 following massive flooding and a huge flood cleanup effort earlier in the century, including the 1914 flood that sent a dozen or more homes and two markets down the river.

More recently, a 2010 heavy rainfall came a year after the Station fire and sent a mudslide into a staggering 40 or more homes. Debris from the mountain wedged a boulder weighing more than 10 tons into an important catch basin causing additional flooding.

As ocean temperatures in the critical region west of Peru rise to the highest levels of the year, benchmark location temperatures are up 3.4 degrees over last year. That’s higher than in 1997 when the massive El Niño resulted. Trade winds that cool waters west of Peru are also weakening. Experts say those trade winds would have to remain weak for a huge El Niño rivaling the previous record storm to result.

While a massive El Niño event could wash away several years of drought, many homeowners and business owners are left wondering if its worth it because of the risk of flooding and the hassles and expense of flood cleanup.

If you need flood cleanup in your home because of El Niño event or for any other reason, contact us at Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838 for results that will ensure everything is put back to normal quickly and accurately.

1908, 2015

Water Damage Prevention Course Offered Free To Property Managers

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water damage in apartmentOrange Restoration San Diego not only looks to promote its’ own services, but to also work in symbiosis with the community. To that effect, we are offering a course free of charge to San Diego property managers on January 4th, 2016 from 9am-11am, so they might prevent costly water damage to their properties.

The course will not necessarily explain all the different processes that anyone who suffers water damage will have to go through in order to repair their property to bring it back to the standard that it was before. Instead, we would aid your efforts in making sure that water damage never happens in the first place. They say that forewarned is forearmed, and that is never more true when it comes to small disasters that can occur to a property. Water damage in particular can be very costly, as not only do the inhabitants often have to move out of the property whilst the damage is assessed and mended, but property / possessions are usually destroyed as well.

That is why we wish to encourage as many local San Diego property managers as possible to attend our free water damage prevention course… The better equipped you are to prevent water damage, the safer the property that you manage will be – and the more you will save yourself and/or your employer in the long run.

We will also be supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, who do outstanding work across the world for those who have lost their homes due to water damage and other related disasters. The course is completely free of charge to attend, and is being promoted for the benefit of the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund. This excellent charity spends all of its time and resources supporting those that, despite every best plan in the world, simply can no longer cope with the devastating effects of, amongst other things, water damage. We will be accepting donations on their behalf  the day of (or donate here now), and we ask that our attendees to the free water damage prevention course give generously.



January 4th 2015, 9:00am-11:00am



Orange Restoration San Diego

8250 Vickers St Suite C, San Diego, CA 92111

1808, 2015

Proper Mold Remediation Involves Specific Equipment And Procedures

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mold removal siteSo how does mold remediation work? It’s a complicated process that involves many steps. Those steps are customized to every job, so there’s no firm answer to exactly how mold removal is done. But here is some general information about how the process can be accomplished.

First, it is imperative to remove the source of moisture that is allowing the mold to grow. New mold can begin to grow on a moist and porous surface within as little as a day or two. But it can be prevented by stopping the source of water or moisture. Once this is accomplished, additional actions can be taken.

The safest and most effective way to clean up mold is to physically remove it with a detergent solution. There are commercially available products for this purpose. To be effective, the product used by you or your professional mold remediators needs to contain an antifungal agent approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

When mold growth is widespread and in significant quantity, the best bet is to have experts do the job for you. When you try to tackle it yourself, you may not get it all and may end up spreading spores into the air. In extreme cases where mold grows throughout a building, the most cost-effective way to get rid of the problem may be to condemn the building and start all over.

But that probably won’t be necessary at your home or office. Instead, professional mold removal specialists can take actions that involves some or all of the following:

Throwing away items that can’t be saved. When an item is thoroughly contaminated, the best idea may be throw it away. There’s simple no better way to get this mold source out of the way.

Cleaning items that can be saved. There’s a process for cleaning almost any kind of material. For example, some mold remediators specialize in fabric renewal.

HVAC system cleaning. Mold spores in heating and air conditioning ductwork can spread the infestation throughout a building. While mold occurs in low concentration in most air, it’s important to remove as much as possible from your home or building’s ducts for the best possible indoor air quality.

Dry agitation. Simply brushing or sanding, dry agitation is used to get rid of microbial growth on solid surfaces that are porous, like wood.

Dry-ice blasting. Used primarily for concrete and wood, dry-ice blasting can release mold into the surrounding air so it is most often used outside and not always the best choice when mold containment is required.

Wet vacuuming. Approved by the EPA, this is simply a way of sucking up wet material and containing it before disposing of it properly.

Of course, dry vacuuming and simply wiping a surface down is also among the tools of mold remeditators.

If it’s time to tackle the mold problem at your home or office, call Orange Restoration. With a team of professionals and the very latest equipment, we can put and end to your mold problems and also handle water damage restoration and many other things for you. What can we do for you? Call (619) 376-6838

1508, 2015

Take Quick And Specific Action For The Most Effective Smoke Damage Cleanup

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fire damage in house interiorAfter the firefighting is done, the first step in reaching complete and total restoration is ventilating the property to get the smoke out and limit smoke damage. Smoke damage can really do a number on a home and its furnishings. And many different things can cause smoke damage, including large flare-ups in the kitchen, fireplaces that are lit with the flue closed and electrical fires, among other things.

Any one of these things can do a real job of stinking up the place. The resulting odor can be anything from a minor nuisance to such a significant smell that the home is essentially unlivable.

And the longer you allow smoke and other odors to linger inside, the more these terrible smells sink into the structure of your home, including carpets, furniture and even the walls. When smoke damage occurs, you need to go to work right away — or have someone go to work for you.

Please remember that if you choose to do any portion of the work yourself, you must remember to wear a facemask, eye protection, gloves and perhaps even a respirator as needed to keep damaging smoke particles from getting onto your skin and into your lungs.

If you choose to do the work yourself, remember the importance of ventilating and vacuuming for great results. In fact, the first steps you should take after smoke damage are:

– Opening up all doors and windows so fresh air can replace the smoke.
– Turning off any HVAC system that could spread the smoke to other areas of your home that may not already be impacted.
– Renting one or more industrial fans — something that may not cost very much to rent — and angling them so that they suck air out of your home rather than pulling it in to help rid your house of those smoky odors that won’t go away on their own.
– Vacuuming up soot and ash, if present, with a sturdy shop vac, remembering that the nozzle should be held above any soot, not pressed down into it allowing it to cause additional staining.
– Cleaning deeply to make sure that all furnishings and home surfaces are completely clean and free of any settled particles, dust or other contaminants.

If certain items are particularly damaged, simply throw them away. Professional smoke damage restoration experts may be able to restore certain items, especially if they are meaningful or precious to you.

For getting rid of the toughest odors, the best idea may well be to have professionals come in and use an ozone generator. Especially good with smoky odors, these units can be rented but are expensive to rent and do little good if they aren’t operated according to standardized procedures by experienced professionals.

If the HVAC system was allowed to run at all while the home was smoky, professional air duct cleaning may also be essential to get rid of all smoke damage odors. Carpet cleaning may be essential as well.

At Orange Restoration, we’re the professionals who can serve you best in San Diego and beyond. Because we employee a diverse team of professionals, we have people who can handle every aspect of smoke damage, fire damage repair and water damage restoration and put your home in the same condition as before — or perhaps even better.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us at (619) 376-6838 to get things back like they should be in your home or business. We’re always ready to come at a moment’s notice and do whatever it takes. And it all starts with a professional assessment.

1208, 2015

The Process Of Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire damaged home in San Diego homeOnce the fire trucks are gone, your journey is just beginning. That’s because your home almost certainly suffered smoke and fire damage as well as possible water damage. But the professionals at Orange Restoration have the skills and equipment necessary to restore your house to the way it was before the fire.

Each fire is different and every home requires its own specific approach, but the following is the general process we follow in a typical fire damage restoration situation:

  1. Emergency response. When you make your call to us, the restoration process begins. Our customer service representative will ask the right questions so that we can respond quickly and bring along the right resources and equipment.
  1. Inspection and assessment. We inspect the impacted area and adjoining rooms to find out the extent of the soot, smoke and other fire damage, then we can develop our plan of action.
  1. Securing the structure. Preventing further damage is essential, so we take immediate action to board up broken windows, shore up damaged walls and put tarps over damaged sections of the roof.
  1. Water removal. When water damage is present, we immediately start water removal. Dehumidifiers and air movers are used to get all the water from your home and complete the drying process.
  1. Surface soot and smoke removal. Using special equipment and time-tested techniques, we get rid of soot and smoke from the ceiling, all walls and other hard surfaces.
  1. Cleaning and disinfecting. Restorable items require cleaning and sanitizing. A variety of cleaning products and techniques are used to accomplish this as appropriate. This process includes odor removal using foggers and industrial-strength air scrubbers.
  1. Restoration. Getting things back to normal is the final step in the process. This can involve small repairs, drywall replacement, new carpet installation, painting and more. Major construction may sometimes also be required.

For an easy and hassle-free experience, trust Orange Restoration to help manage everything for you, including the insurance claims process. Call (619) 376-6838 for a quick response.

orange restoration san diego team

1108, 2015

Remove Small Mold Patches With Simple Solutions

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mold damage areaIf mold is present in only one small location in your home and doesn’t involve any porous materials, you may be able to remove it yourself using one of several home remedies and natural solutions. But use caution: you can subject yourself to additional mold exposure and cause mold to go airborne in your home if you do the mold remediation incorrectly.

Plus, you need to be absolutely certain that the small patch of mold you know about is actually the only one present. Otherwise, you could be killing and removing an obvious bit of mold while allowing a larger and unseen growth of mold go unchecked.

If you’re sure you want to tackle your project yourself, consider one of these cleaners:

Bleach. While mold remediators will often tell you that bleach only decolorizes mold rather than killing it, it may be all you need for small areas of mold. It works great on non-porous materials like bathtubs, tile, countertops and glass but does not penetrate well. It isn’t a good choice for drywall or wood. Since bleach produces harsh fumes, make sure the area in which it will be used is ventilated well. Wear gloves too. A cup of bleach per gallon of water should be more than enough, then spray or sponge on and wipe away. There’s no need to rinse since bleach inhibits future growth. Remember, it will decolor fabric and some other materials too.

Borax. A natural product that isn’t even toxic if swallowed, there’s no toxic smell or fumes when you get rid of mold with borax. This simple white powder — actually a naturally occurring mineral — is similar in many ways to baking soda but cleans better. Create a solution using a cup of borax in a gallon of water. Vacuum away lose mold first with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter and then scrub the mold away. Wipe away any powdery liquid that remains and vacuum again if necessary. There’s no need to rinse unless a white residue is left behind.

Vinegar. Also generally non-toxic, vinegar kills most — but not all — kinds of mold. But it’s safe, non-toxic and the smell isn’t harmful like the bleach smell is. Plus, vinegar is cheap and available in all supermarkets. Spray it on full strength, let it sit an hour and then clean the area. The remaining vinegar smell will go away within a few hours.

There are other cleaners that can be used for small patches of mold remediation too. These include:

  • ammonia, a harsh chemical with toxic fumes that works on non-porous surfaces
  • hydrogen peroxide, a safe compound that kills bacteria, fungus and more
  • baking soda
  • tea tree oil
  • grapefruit seed oil

You can even remove small amounts of mold with mild detergent and water. But how can you be sure you’re getting it all with any of these methods? For the very best results, contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838 for professional mold remediation by experts who make sure they complete the job.

708, 2015

The Cost of Water Damage Repair

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water damage in homeSo, you have got water damage in your home. A fact that surprises many people is that almost every single family and home will suffer water damage at some point – it is much more common than fire in the home and burglary of the home combined! However, just because it is common does not mean that it is an enjoyable experience, far from it. Water damage can occur slowly, so that you do not realise that it is happening for months, or very suddenly so that you wake up and your entire world has changed.

When water damage has been occurring for a long time, that often means that it is being sourced from a slow leak, or an area of the home that is not properly insulated and occasionally lets water in. Slow water damage has several characteristics that sudden water damage does not share. Firstly, it encourages mold to grow because the water damage is not spotted for a very long time. As the mold spreads, it takes the water damage with it, and mold that is left untreated for a long period of time can start to cause breathing problems for those that live in the home. Secondly, it can cause your home to slowly rot, and the longer that it goes on the more irreparable the damage – and the more of the walls, or ceiling, you will have to replace.

Very sudden water damage, on the other hand, can be more obviously destructive much quicker. This sometimes happens when a water pipe in your home completely bursts or shatters, so instead of a gentle drip, you get a large torrent! There are other occasions when you could have sudden water damage, but they are often circumstances that you cannot plan for, such as a tree falling onto your roof and letting water in, or a river bank nearby bursting and flooding your home. There is little that you can do to prevent these, but that does not mean that you do not have to deal with the consequences.

One of the most upsetting aspects of water damage is that it can completely destroy so much of your home. You would not think that water could be such a damaging force, but when you think about it, water will totally end the life of any electricals that get soaked in water. It is very rare to be able to resurrect them, and that means that you could have a huge cost to replace them. Even more upsetting than that, water damage can ruin beloved clothes and papers forever, including bank statements, love letters, and children’s paintings. Water does not discern between different items, and so you could find that the cost of water damage repair goes further than just monetary value.

It would certainly be a frightening proposition, dealing with all of this yourself; the removal of the water, the drying of your home, the reparation to the parts of your home that have been damaged, and the massive overall cost that all of this creates. On the other hand, you may find that your insurance company will automatically cover the cost of water damage repair. Many insurance companies will do this now, and that means that you will not have any of this hassle to go through – they will deal with it all for you. If you want more information on this, and a clearer idea of how the cost of water damage repair can be taken away from you, then just simply contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838, as they have a huge amount of experience in this area.