Mold Remediation Equipment

Mold Remediation Equipment

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Mold Remediation Equipment Use

Mold remediation requires expert knowledge and specific procedures to remove and repair house mold and the health risks associated with this sometimes unseen danger. It’s a complicated process that involves many steps, dependent upon how much mold requires removal. Mold Remediation equipment must also be handled and properly managed.

Obviously, these steps are customized to each individual job, so there’s no blanket answer to exactly how mold removal is performed. One key point to the jobs is to make sure to use proper mold remediation equipment for the job. Below, you will find some general information about how the process can be accomplished and what mold remediation equipment is necessary.

So how does the Process of Mold Remediation Work?

The first and foremost step is to remove the source of moisture aiding the mold’s growth throughout your home. New patches of mold can begin to grow on a moist and porous surface within a day or two – yes, that fast! Despite this rapid growth, simply stopping the source of water or moisture can in turn halt the progression of the mold. Once this task is accomplished, additional actions must be taken.

What is the Right Mold Remediation Equipment?

The safest and most effective way to clean up mold is to physically remove it with a detergent solution. There are commercially available products for this purpose. To be effective, the product used by you or your professional mold remediators must contain an antifungal agent approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Simple Mold Remediation Steps to Take When Dealing With Mold Growth in Your Home Or Office

When mold growth is widespread and is in significant quantity, your best course of action is to contact the professionals and let them handle it. When you attempt to tackle mold removal yourself, there is a great chance that you may not get it all. The end result is that spores can spread into the air, establishing camp on other surfaces. This can adversely affect your health over time. Proper use of mold remediation equipment may be necessary in some jobs. In extreme cases where mold grows throughout a structure, the most cost-effective way to get rid of the problem may be to condemn the building and start all over. That’s definitely not a solution you want to resort to!

But that most likely won’t be necessary at your home or office. Instead, professional mold removal specialists can take actions that involves some or all of the following:
Throwing away items that can’t be saved. When an item is thoroughly contaminated, the best solution may be to toss it completely. When an item is so thoroughly damaged by mold growth, there’s simply no better way to handle the situation. In some cases, working with professionals using mold remediation equipment might be able to save more of your belongings and home essentials.

Cleaning items and Mold Remediation Equipment

There’s a process for cleaning almost any kind of material. For example, some mold remediators specialize in fabric renewal.
HVAC system cleaning. Mold spores in heating and air conditioning ductwork can spread the infestation throughout a building. While mold occurs in low concentration in most air conditioning, it’s important to remove as much as possible from your home or building’s ducts for the best possible indoor air quality. Along with proper use of mold remediation equipment, you may consider these processes for removing mold.

Dry agitation. Simply brushing or sanding, dry agitation is used to get rid of microbial growth on solid surfaces that are porous, like wood.

Dry-ice blasting. Used primarily for concrete and wood, dry-ice blasting can release mold into the surrounding air so it is most often used outside and not always the best choice when mold containment is required.

Wet vacuuming. Approved by the EPA, this is simply a way of sucking up wet material and containing it before disposing of it properly.

Of course, dry vacuuming and simply wiping a surface down is also among the tools of mold remediators.

Obviously there are many steps to take in handling a mold invasion with mold remediation equipment and different processes. This is not a task you should ever undertake on your own. Mold remediation is never a DIY situation. It’s time to call in the experts. So if the time has come to deal with this serious issue, call Orange Restoration immediately and we will tackle your mold problem head on with all he mold remediation equipment and 20 years of experience.

Mold Damage Problems Repaired by Orange Restoration San Diego

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