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quick tips to sell your house

You’ve put your home on the market and are ready to show your home to potential buyers. Your task to make your home as attractive as possible in order to entice someone to place a bid. We’ve outlined some simple tips below to enhance the promotion of your home. Follow these tips and those looky loos may turn into actual buyers.

1. Paint! Paint! Paint! Do you love vivid colors that pop? Does your house have an array of paint colors fit your every mood? When putting your house on the market, it’s important that potential buyers can picture themselves actually living in the house. Your taste in color may not fit your potential buyer’s taste in color. It may seem like a minor issue, but too many eclectic paint colors can turn off most buyers. They will have a difficult time looking past the colors of the walls. Prior to putting your house on the market, repaint your walls to white or beige. Choose colors that are unassuming and quiet.

2. Hide your photographs. Once again, you want people who are looking at your home to envision themselves living in the same space. Personal photographs, photos of your family are all warming additions to your home that personalize the space. You can even think of it as a privacy issue; remember, you may have many people performing “walk-throughs.” Be sure to hide all photographs of a personal nature in order to continue the theme of neutrality throughout the home. Paintings and photographs of nature and scenics are not personal and can be left on display.

3. Clean your house. This one is probably obvious but be sure to keep your home clean. You want your house to sparkle and dazzle your potential buyers. The base boards should be dust free and the floors should gleam. If your home is carpeted, have it professionally cleaned. Clean the outside of the kitchen cabinets and wipe away any stains on the walls. All clutter must disappear – even if it means throwing all of your knick-knacks and keepsakes into a few boxes and hiding them in the garage. Clutter distracts people and it tends to make a space feel smaller. You want to present your property as roomy, airy and enticing. A dirty and cluttered house will be difficult for people to overlook and will likely be a deal-breaker. Nobody wants to live in a dirty house and most people will have a difficult time ignoring the mess in order to appreciate the house.

These are just some ideas to help you sell your house for the best price. A home that is warm and enticing will attract buyers. Walk throughout your house pretending to be a potential buyer. See how you feel when you’re in a room. If you do your best to perfect your home’s appearance, you’ll have an easier time attracting a potential buyer.

If your home needs some sprucing up, call Orange Restoration right away. We can handle any type of repair, remodeling and construction. Simply need those walls re-painted? We can take of that if it’s all you need. Our specialists can inspect your property and offer cost-effective ideas to enhance your home, making it attractive to potential buyers, allowing you to get the full market value for your property.

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