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What Does It Mean to Be a Green Cleaner?

We often hear the term “green cleaning” but it’s difficult to know what that exactly entails. Being a green cleaner means you use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. There are multiple benefits to using green cleaning supplies, the biggest being that they keep our environment healthy.

The great thing about being a green cleaner is that there […]

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Working Your Insurance Company After Residential Water Damage

Filing an insurance claim after your home experiences water damage can be confusing and frustrating. But, if you know what initial steps to take, the process can run much more smoothly.

First, you need to read your policy and then re-read it. Insurance policies aren’t always written in the most reader-friendly language and you may […]

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5 Most Common Causes of Residential Water Damage

Whether you’ve recently experienced water damage in your home or just want to prevent it from happening, it’s important to know what common causes residential water damage.


Bursting or Leaking Pipes

Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, old or blocked pipes can burst or leak. Make sure your garbage disposal is properly working and that […]

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Residential Water Damage

The First Things to Do When You Experience Residential Water Damage

A water pipe burst, your toilet overflowed, or some other disaster happened causing your home severe water damage. Residential water damage is a nightmare but you can wake up from it and get your house back to its dry self. If you’ve just experienced […]

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The Six Classes of Fire Damage

The Six Classes of Fire Damage

While no one expects to experience a fire in their home or office, nothing is guaranteed and there is always a small chance it could happen. Whether the result of old electrical wiring or a brush fire, your San Diego property could suffer serious fire and smoke damage. If […]

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How to Spot Water Damage in an Old Home

If you own an older home, chances are it suffered water damage at some point since its original construction. A home that is over 30 years old is three times more likely to have a major plumbing problem than newer homes, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Another study performed by […]

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Water Damage Restoration Process

There is absolutely no one who expects a disaster to strike and destroy their home and belongings. Unfortunately the scary truth is that a disaster could strike at any time. Instead of shrugging your shoulders and wondering how you will be able to fix the mess, you will want to immediately start looking for […]

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Parents and Teachers Rally Against School District Over Toxic Levels of PCBs in Classrooms

Class is back in session at California schools in Malibu, but not all students will be there when the bell rings. Parents, including the high-profile supermodel Cindy Crawford, have been rallying over toxic contamination on school campuses for the past few weeks. While the school district and parents battle it out, more than 25 […]

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Half a Million Displaced by Floods in Bangladesh

Over half a million people have been left homeless after rushing floodwaters devastated villages in rural areas of northern Bangladesh over the weekend.

Bangladesh is a low lying country that has densely populated rural areas. Heavy monsoon rains have caused flash floods for over a week now but a new weather front caused unaffected areas […]

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Water Damage Prevention Tips

Finding water damage in your home or business is unexpected and can be extremely stressful. It can disrupt your daily life and result in loss of your valuables. Here are some tips to help prevent water damage on your property and what to do if it occurs.

Check your appliances!


–          After flushing be sure that […]

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