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Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in the Carolina’s and Ohio

It has been a busy few days for floods this past week across the United States. Flooding in Greenville County South Carolina killed two and Toledo, OH experienced 6 inches of rain in less than two hours on Sunday. Dealing with flooding can be extremely stressful. If you ever experience water damage caused by […]

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Tips & Tricks: Getting Rid of Mold Damage

Getting rid of mold damage in your home or business can be extremely difficult, especially if you fail to recognize the mold invasion right away. If you wait too long to take action you will probably find yourself with a bigger, and more costly problem than what you originally started out with. Mold is […]

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Flash Floods Strike San Diego County

Heavy rains in San Diego caused several flash floods across the northeastern portion of the county this past weekend. The National Weather Service put out a flash flood warning for the Borrego Springs area Sunday evening that lasted until 6:30pm. There was a separate flash flood warning for Ramona that only lasted until 4pm. […]

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Orange is the new social!

You have asked for it, and we listened.  Not only have we just updated out website to make it MORE relevant, cleaner, responsive (to your mobile needs), we have also gone social! We have put together a blog calendar and will be writing about things that matter.  We have a series on current events, […]

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Preventing Water Damage in Your San Diego Home

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Hiring Orange Restoration for your San Diego Damage Restoration Services

Call Orange Restoration for rapid San Diego water damage repair since 2004 by a respected locally owned and operated business that has a BBB A+ score. Check out our many customer testimonials that will objectively reveal the final results of our outstanding San Diego damage restoration professionals. Our San Diego water damage restoration experts […]

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O3 Shock Treatment and Mold Remediation

Excessive ozone shock treatment has generated a lot of controversy in the fields of indoor air quality and mold remediation. This treatment entails the generation of ozone so that you can create extremely high degrees of ozone in an area contaminated with strong odors and/or mould growth. Although ‘ozone blasting’ is inexpensive when compared […]

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Flooding in the Workplace

A pipe bursts. Your roof leaks. A storm unleashes its power on your business. Or a fire causes your sprinkler system to go off, and – BOOM! – you have water damage at your place of work.


There are very few things that can put the brakes on a thriving business like the aftermath of […]

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Common Water Damage and Flood Cleanup Myths

#1: I have to first contact my insurance company

Definitely not necessary nor advised. “But I thought I’d need a claim number so I could begin the procedure? ” you say? Nope, you need water out and as quickly as possible and have the problem contained. The insurance claim process may be dealt with later. […]

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Orange County Mold Damage Restoration Tips

Doing away with Orange County mold damage can be quite painful, especially if you fail to take proper care to accomplish it the correct way. You will inevitably be with an even larger problem than what you originally started out with. The greatest reason for Orange County mold damage is caused by water damage […]

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