Stucco Water Damage Repair or Replacement

Stucco Water Damage Repair or Replacement

Water damaged stucco walls

If your stucco siding has been improperly installed, the risk of water damage becomes a looming concern. Siding plays a crucial role in shielding your home from the elements, and any compromise in its installation can lead to significant issues down the line. 


You might suspect this issue if you had repair work done on an outside facing wall or if an inside wall feels moist. As you may know, maintenance is key, and detecting leaks or water damage is a full time job. If you like, read our page on leak detection services to help discover a leak before it becomes a larger problem. 

"Stucco tears" are a sign you will eventually need stucco water damage repair or replacement.

“Stucco tears” are a sign you will eventually need stucco water damage repair or replacement.

Identifying Stucco Water Damage Repair needs:

Water damage in stucco walls often stems from inadequate sealing around windows, flashing, and joints. The telltale signs include the appearance of “stucco tears” – dark runny mascara like streaks that seem to drip from window corners. 

Common Cause of Stucco Damage:

  • Poorly Installed Windows: Often happens in neighborhoods where a single worker did not properly install several windows, for example new track homes.

  • Flashing Problems: Leading to water diversion problems that eat away at the stucco.

  • Mix Material: If your home has been made with transitional siding materials such as stucco to stone or brick. You might have issues at the binding site of the stucco that leads to stucco water damage repair needs again and again.

  • Deck Installation: Improperly installing a deck without a water barrier membrane can rapidly impact stucco.

  • Broken Seals on Vents: Broken seals often cause leaks that cannot be seen easily> Hiring an inspector to see beyond the surface to check for broken seals may be what is needed.

Similar stucco damage in a neighborhood can be common, as this happens a lot with track homes or nearby homes that had the same one worker could have done lots of work improperly or without expert supervision. This issue arises when workers improperly seal windows or hastily install roofs, neglecting the crucial step of incorporating flashings to divert water during rain. Such oversights can result in water damage and needs for stucco water damage repairs.

This can also happen with time as stucco can break down, especially in older structures. These tears signal a deeper problem, and simply wiping or power-washing won’t suffice. Stucco water damage repair is not an on the surface problem, so addressing the root cause is crucial for a lasting repair solution.


Determining Moisture Damage:

While stucco tears are an obvious indicator of water damage, sometimes the issues lie beneath the surface, hidden from plain sight. Mold, mildew, and wood rot can silently thrive beneath seemingly intact stucco. To identify moisture damage, a visual inspection may not be enough. If there is mold presence, you will most likely need stucco water damage repair and mold remediation services also.

In the case you can not visually detect where moisture is coming from, you may want to call out a professional for leak detection and moisture testing. A professional moisture test is essential for some stucco damage scenarios. 

This moisture test on the stucco will help by providing accurate insights into the extent of the problem. Be sure to speak to the professional for guidance whether stucco water damage repair or full stucco replacement are necessary.


Orange Restoration’s Expertise:

When it comes to stucco water damage repair, Orange Restoration stands out as your reliable partner. Beyond visible inspections, we offer comprehensive moisture tests conducted by professionals. 

Often, this stucco water damage repair will require a plumber for leak detection, but we have the best partner. If we need, we have access to Pro Plumber San Diego, a group of master plumbers who handle the largest plumbing jobs and floods in San Diego County. 

Based on our findings, we provide tailored recommendations on whether repairs are sufficient or if complete stucco replacement is the more practical option. If there is any mold or water damage, you can trust Orange Restoration to handle the work as we are San Diego’s most trusted water damage restoration companies in San Diego County


Considerations for Stucco Replacement:

In instances where moisture damage is extensive, opting for stucco replacement might be the most cost-effective and long-term solution. Fiber cement emerges as a top choice, offering durability in various weather conditions and resisting impacts such as hail. 

When considering stucco water damage repair, consider the source of the problem and if it might happen again. If the need for repairs arises repeatedly, opting for a complete stucco replacement allows technicians to address stucco water damage repair needs comprehensively by rebuilding it properly.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding:

Fiber cement siding stands out for its resilience against rot and warping, addressing issues often associated with traditional stucco. With proper maintenance, its finish can endure up to 15 years. Cost-effective and versatile, fiber cement replicates the appearance of stucco while providing enhanced protection against future moisture damage.

Orange Restoration Wrap-Up

Choosing the right approach for stucco water damage repair is crucial for the longevity and aesthetics of your home. Whether opting for repairs or considering stucco replacement with fiber cement siding, Orange Restoration ensures a comprehensive solution tailored to your property’s needs. 

For the best in home restoration in San Diego, contact us today, and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter. Our skilled technicians specialize in repairing stucco water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation, ensuring your home stays safe and resilient.