What You Should Know When Looking for a Restoration Contractor in San Diego

Restoration Contractor San Diego

It’s bad enough when you’ve experienced damage to your property due to flood, fire or any other disaster, but having to choose a company to handle repairs is another issue entirely. While there are many reputable remodeling contractors, most do not do restoration.

Just looking at the damage itself and imagining how you’re going to restore your property is stressful. Where and how do you begin looking for someone to make things right? Below are four very important tips which will guide you in that process and ensure that restoration work will go smoothly and be cost-effective.

Remember that good restoration contractors are certified, meaning that they are required to meet strict standards which are set by insurance companies and industry organizations. These requirements ensure that your property should, and must, be restored to its pre-loss condition. Restoration projects that are not conducted properly can result in mold growth and/or the release of other toxic substances which can cause serious health issues.

1) Never enlist a friend or family member to do the job, even if they have construction experience

It’s tempting to accept the help of a friend or even a family member who’s handy with a hammer and plumbing, but accepting that help comes with a steeper price. Most likely they will not have the skillset to deal with all the accompanying issues that result from fire and water damage. What if mold is lurking behind the drywall they’re replacing? You’ll end up sealing those spores behind your new wall! Restoration specialists always look for mold growth when there’s been flooding or excess moisture, and they also know how to properly remove the odor from smoke damage. Hiring that family friend or relative, and having unsatisfactory work done, will also damage your relationship with them in the process. And that’s no bonus!

2) Don’t hire the contractor who built your home or building

Let’s face it: general contractors and construction companies are great at building new homes from the ground up, but when it comes to restoration work their skillset becomes sadly lacking. Mold growth is not on their mind, nor is smoke damage, when they are building a new structure. They also have no idea on what information they should report to your insurance company when it comes to restoration work. When seeking a restoration contractor in San Diego, see if their focus is on repairs or on remodeling. Often, they won’t have the necessary equipment, training or certification required to deal with water mitigation, restoring furniture and other items, deodorizing and handling hazardous substances/materials. These are issues you’re likely to encounter after any type of disaster.

3) Avoid contractors who have little or no experience dealing with insurance companies

Since you hold the insurance policy for your home or property, you are the one required to report all losses to your insurance company. This means that you will have to provide all of the necessary documentation that your insurance company demands, otherwise your claim will not be processed. The estimate that you must provide must meet strict insurance company guidelines that only an experienced restoration company would understand. These types of estimates are usually created with specific software geared for restoration work estimates. If the format doesn’t meet the insurance company’s standards, your claim has a good chance of being rejected. When searching for a restoration contractor in San Diego, ask if they work with your insurance, as an international brand, we work with most insurance companies.

4) Don’t choose a cleaning service

If you have a heavily-trampled carpet, cleaning services can do a great job on it. But you shouldn’t trust a cleaning service company to properly and thoroughly clean items and materials that have sustained major damage due to flooding, fire, and smoke damage. These companies simply do not have the technical know-how and equipment to handle such large scale damage. They also don’t have the technical skill and knowledge to detect mold and remove it, nor do they know the various methods for removing excess moisture. And if you have walls covered in soot, merely cleaning the surface isn’t enough. If materials are not cleaned and deodorized properly, microscopic toxins and fine particulates can be left behind to threaten the health of occupants. When seeking a restoration contractor in San Diego or beyond, make sure they do the hard work to clean as well!

Keep this list handy should your home or property require restoration work. Remember that companies specializing in restoration and mold remediation work have many years of experience  behind them, as well as extensive training for all their technicians. If you want your home or property restored, you need to call the experts!