North Park’s Water Damage, Flood, and Fire Damage Restoration

The North Park area got the name due to the location being just North of the famous Balboa Park. This area covers a lot of San Diego micro communities such as University Heights and Adams Avenue business district; Morley Field area just north of Balboa park; and the residential areas off the 15 near Boundary St. These areas all surround the North and East sides of Balboa Park.

San Diego’s North Park Area Includes a Few Communities!

Also, we serve the areas that are often incorrectly referred to as “North Park” along the West and North-West sides of the Balboa Park such as Hillcrest, Bankers Hill, and areas extending from Marston Hills to El Cajon Blvd. or the University Heights area. The North Park area is diverse, but tied together well even with the large Balboa Park separating the East and West portions of this community.

Fire hydrant in north park gushes in front of museum at Balboa park.

Fire hydrant gushes at the North Park gem of Balboa Park’s Air and Space Museum “The crew placed them in front of the loading dock, creating a roughly 4-inch high barrier which helped divert water away from the basement and out back into other parts of the parking lot. Thirdly, the City of San Diego instantly hired a local renovation remediation company, which deployed professional level flood recovery equipment, including wet vacuums, powerful fans, drying compounds and more.” -San Diego Air and Space Museum

North Park’s Museum Decontamination Projects

Locally, we have undertaken numerous projects, for example, the Natural History Museum has called on us previously to do 2 projects where care and attention to detail were essential.

“Major remediation efforts were called for due to a condenser failure in order to decontaminate

thousands of specimen containers within an Ark-Gard/Explosion proof bunker in the basement of the Balboa Park Natural History Museum. Orange Restoration was the primary contractor, we brought on board multiple advisors, such as engineers, fabricators, and others, which coordinated this decontamination project for 8 months.” -Natural History Museum

On another project with the Natural History Museum we were tasked with hydraulic decontamination.

“The project incorporated major hydraulic decontamination efforts, involving hygienists, engineers and other consultants, as in this project the police and park authorities were involved.” -Natural History Museum

North Park Residential Projects with 5 Star Reviews

We completed these projects with the highest quality care, and these projects will remain in our professional portfolio for reference. If you believe you have a problem in your home, you can trust our team will be as professional as we were in the case of the Natural History Museum.

Read 5 star reviews of our work on Yelp or Google from local residential past clients. On this page, we have put together only reviews from your neighbors of North park area.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dean and the Orange Restoration crew (John and Hector), and the work they did to rebuild my kitchen after some water damage caused by my upstairs neighbor at my condo. From the warm introduction, patience throughout the frustrating insurance process, design and fabrication of the materials, timely delivery, and execution of the quality (with care) work, my place looks better than ever. Dean and his team provided professionalism, transparency, care, and quality throughout the entire process. These are the people you want to come in and save the day when it comes to home repairs and remodeling” –5 Star Google Review

Remodel project from local North Park area homeowner.

If You Need Remediation, Chances Are You Will Also Need Restoration

Often we get calls from customers who hired a remediation company that does not do full restoration. These customers often tell horror stories of all the problems they have had with other operators who do part of the scope of work, but not the rebuilding or reconstruction. We can come in and take over to complete the work. If you like something done custom, we can work with you and your insurance company to try to fit it into the rebuild.

What is Water Damage Remediation?

Water damage can rapidly turn into mold, wood rot, and eat away at the value of your home. This is the reason so many remediation companies exist. Remediation is stopping more damage from occurring from the flood water or the developed mold spores. While the front portions of the water damage remediation process require some skills, the rebuilding requires permits, licenses, experience, creativity, and unique skill sets not easily understood by most outside of the trade.

Why Work With A Complete Restoration Company?

Our team is not only doing the remediation, but we are rebuilding your home back to normal. When you call remediation companies, they are quick to jump on your flood or water damage, but they often will not mention that they do not rebuild. This is short-sighted, most homeowners are surprised that the remediation company they hired cannot rebuild. A restoration company is different. We are problem resolvers from the flood to the restoring to normal. Restoration companies tend to offer many trade services, many experienced workers, and more administrative resources.

Benefits of working with Water Damage Professionals

One example of our tradesmen’s skills is our ability to work with all insurance adjusters to close claims fast. We don’t just perform the restoration work, we also understand how to do the paperwork! Our various teams are all trained to take the photos needed by insurance companies.

You can read about an example of services we did for a homeowner in Carlsbad where the previous seller of the home was hiding a lot of poor work and the inspectors did not report the issues before the sale. We do not neglect our responsibilities to you as the homeowner. Our administrative team makes it so we are available 24/7, working on scheduling, insurance adjusting, logistics of materials, and training our team.

Another benefit of working with Orange Restoration is our team’s extensive experience, which makes our team more predictable for project completion. Our team is not going to risk our 20 years of service to do something unprofessional. Other operators who have not gotten full credentials have more room for new employees who do not have experience in the field or with the company’s scope of work.

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