A fire in your home or place of business is an extremely serious matter. Fire Damage can not only destroy your property, but destroy the environment

Smoke and Fire Damage Effects Can Be Hazzardous

smoke and fire damage effects

Even a fairly small, non-devastating fire can have extensive consequences, some of which may not be immediately apparent to the average person. In order to identify and moderate the negative effects of fire damage and smoke damage, you need to call a professional ASAP.

Structural Damage

In the event of a fire, the structural integrity of your home or business will most likely be damaged. Always use caution when entering a property after a fire. It is impossible to be sure all the floor supports are still intact. It would be best to wait for an inspector to evaluate your property for structural damage before you enter it. If the fire damage is too severe, you may be required to board up the property for safety and liability reasons.

Smoke Damage Odor and Residue

The majority of smoke particles are only about 0.004 microns wide. This means they can work their way into every nook and cranny, from your furniture to the carpet, wallboard, and even the insulation. The difficulty of cleaning up smoke odor and residue increases depending not only on the volume of smoke, but also on the kind of smoke that was present during the fire. Smoke from natural materials like wood and paper leaves a black or gray ashy residue that can be easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner or dry sponge. Smoke from inorganic materials like plastics and synthetic fabrics leaves a smeary residue that is difficult and dangerous to clean up. To remove all odors and residue, experts recommend having your home professionally deodorized and getting any items you wish to keep professionally cleaned.

Food Spoilage

During a fire, heat can cause canned food to expand and contract. Most of the time this will lead to food spoilage. Additionally, smoke particles can penetrate any bagged and boxed foods. Because smoke contains carcinogens, you do not want to eat food that has been exposed to smoke. The fire will also, most likely, because you’re electricity to be shut off. Make sure you throw out frozen or refrigerated foods which have probably spoiled. Remember to take photos of what you throw away so you can get insurance reimbursement.

Water Damage

A fire will also lead to water damage in most cases. When firefighters attempt to extinguish the fire in your home or business, they will douse the building with water, soaking everything that was involved in or near the fire. If you do not immediately take action to dry out your carpet, walls, and furniture after the fire, there is a good chance you could develop mold and mildew problems in addition to fire damage.
Remember, in the aftermath of a fire you need to get professional help ASAP. Be sure to choose Orange Restoration, a damage restoration company, that can help with all the effects of a fire from removing fire-damaged goods to cleaning up smoke residue, deodorizing the property, and cleaning up water damage.

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