Dealing with Mold Under Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Mold Damage

Hardwood floors may look nice and feel durable. However, the one problem with hardwood floors is that they’re susceptible to getting mold underneath them. If you have mold under your hardwood floors, it can become a serious health hazard for anyone who normally walks around in that environment.

Mold forms wherever there are moisture and organic material, such as food. If you drop breadcrumbs on the floor or walk around after you just get out of the shower, then this could potentially increase the chances of mold forming under your hardwood floor. You’ll notice when this mold is there because it will likely be black or dark colored mold. This color will be spread out on the top of the hardwood. Unless you have it professionally removed, the mold will only get worse and can lead to serious health problems.

Below are some tips for dealing with mold under your hardwood floor. These tips can help you prevent future mold growth and eliminate mild to moderate mold.

1) Open the Windows

Moisture build up is caused by lack of ventilation. It is important to keep all your windows open for as long as possible. Get fresh air circulating through your home to dry it out. However, if the air is too humid outside, then use a dehumidifier in the home instead. The idea is to eliminate the moisture in the air so that mold won’t spread.

2) Clean the Floor

To remove the mold, you’ll need a few items first. For your protection, purchase a face mask and rubber gloves. As for the cleaning solution, you need white vinegar, paper towels, water, and a spray bottle. Just mix the water and white vinegar inside the spray bottle and then spray the solution onto the moldy hardwood floor. Use the paper towel to wipe the floor quickly. Make sure you’re wearing the mask and gloves while you’re doing all this. Once the mold is wiped away, take another piece of paper towel and remove more of the vinegar remnants and moisture from the floor. You’ll want the floor to be as dry as possible. Just to be sure the area is clean and mold-free, vacuum this area of the floor to remove all the particles from it.

3) Professional Service

The first 2 steps should take care of basic mold problems. But if the mold has grown too much or penetrated through the wood, then it will require a professional mold removal specialist to get rid of it. Of course, you should still practice these preventive measures to stop the mold from getting worse.

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