Broken Pipe Water Damage Repair [VIDEO]

by Oct 12, 2017

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Broken Pipe Water Damage Repair Video Transcription:

So, you had a broken pipe or burst pipe in your home, and it’s creating water damage. First thing that you want to do is get the water to your house shut down. Usually, there’s a main valve up by the street or in the front yard or even in the garage sometimes. It’s a valve, you just shut it off. That’s going to kill any of the water flow going into your home, and it’s going to limit the amount of water that goes into your home and damages everything.

So, once you get that shut off, you want to make sure that if your carpets are saturated, pull the carpets back, remove the wet pad out of there, and you can lay the carpets back down. Most of the water is going to be retained in that pad. So if you can get that, bag it up, and take it out of your home, you are doing yourself a huge favor.

Next, if this leak happened to happen upstairs, usually you are going to have some affected ceilings downstairs. So, if you see that the ceilings are bowed, what that means is that the insulation that is in your ceiling is completely saturated. It has become extremely heavy. You want to be careful around these areas because sometimes this insulation can be so heavy and sit on that dry wall that it actually makes the ceiling collapse. So, if you see the ceilings starting to bow, you want to move things out of the way. Definitely do not stand underneath it. Maybe get a long broomstick and poke a hole in that, and it will drain the water out and kind of alleviate the dangers of the ceiling collapsing.

Importance of Swift Action for Broken Pipe Repairs

Understanding the immediate steps to take when faced with a broken or burst pipe is crucial to minimizing water damage in your home. As highlighted in our informative video, the first critical action is to locate and shut off the main water valve supplying your house. Whether it’s situated near the street, in the front yard, or even in the garage, turning off this valve swiftly is essential to curbing the water flow and preventing further damage.

Once you’ve successfully halted the water supply, our expert recommends a systematic approach to dealing with the aftermath, such as carefully handling saturated carpets. Learn the step-by-step process to pull back soaked carpets, remove the wet padding, and mitigate potential long-term damage. Quick and informed actions in these critical moments can make a significant difference in the extent of the water damage your home sustains.

Broken Pipe Temporary Solutions (While waiting for Experts to Arrive)

Imagine water leaking from a burst pipe on an upper floor, causing damage to the ceilings below. Our video provides valuable insights into addressing this specific scenario. Discover how to identify signs of a compromised ceiling, like bowing, and take immediate precautions to prevent further risks from water damage.

Our expert advises against standing beneath affected areas and offers a practical solution – using a long broomstick to create a drainage hole in the ceiling. This small yet effective measure can help alleviate the weight of saturated insulation and reduce the potential danger of a ceiling collapse.

Additionally, our video emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help promptly. If you find yourself facing pipe leaks and water damage, don’t hesitate to contact Orange Restoration. Our certified technicians are available 24/7, ready to respond quickly and restore your property to its original state with expertise and efficiency.

Call Orange Restoration for Broken Pipe or Pipe Leak Water Damage

Having a problem with pipe leaks and water damage? Don’t delay – you’ll need an expert to handle the situation. Don’t wait while the problem becomes worse! We at Orange Restoration are fully capable of dealing with any type of broken pipe emergency. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained in all facets of damage restoration. We will respond quickly and get your property back to its original state in no time at all. We are available for 24/7 emergency services. Give us a call today!

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