For water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup and mold removal in Calgary, turn to us. We’ve been here for Alberta in the past – and we’re here for you now.

In your time of need, we’re here for you. At Orange Restoration Calgary, we’ve stood beside you and your neighbors in through the years, and we’re ready to stand with you during perhaps one of the most challenging times of your life. We understand the upheaval and heartbreak involved for both homeowners and business owners when flooding, fire or mold impacts you, and we’re here to help.

In fact, we exist to help. Just as we helped restore so many homes after the 2013 Alberta Floods, we can help you too.

Your Calgary Water Damage Restoration Experts

calgary water damage
If your property has experienced the ravages of water damage, please let us be the first to say we’re sorry. But unlike so many others who will try to empathize with you in the days to come, we really understand what you’re going through. And we can do something about it.

When you call Orange Restoration Calgary, we guarantee to have water damage technicians to your property quickly. Every moment the water remains in place means opportunity lost. Once our technicians arrive, these trained and experienced professionals will assess the damage and explain the restoration process to you as work is getting started to clean things up.

You can depend on our Calgary water damage specialists to use proven techniques along with the latest technology to put things at your home or business back in order. Because we have a history here, we take pride in being able to respond quickly and efficiently so that we can prevent additional damage. All it takes to get us to your property for complete water damage restoration services is your call.

Professional Calgary Mold Removal You Can Trust

calgary mold damageWhether as a result of improperly restored water damage or from fresh damage from a leaking pipe, high humidity or other issues, mold infestation is harmful to people and structures and cannot be allowed to remain in your home or business.

Wondering how much mold removal costs? That can depend on many factors, including the number of mold spores we find, how many areas or rooms are impacted and where they are. Let us come out and see for ourselves how bad the problem is. Please don’t try to remove mold yourself because you can spread the spores around, making the problems worse, and you may not get all of it anyway.

At Orange Restoration Calgary, we have mold restoration specialists with the tools and experience necessary to find out where mold is present and formulate a plan to remove it – after the source of water or moisture is eliminated. We follow international guidelines and industry standards as we professionally remove mold from your Calgary home or business.

Fire Damage Cleanup From Recognized Experts

calgary fire damagePerhaps nothing is more devastating at a home or business than fire damage. That’s because all the acidic smoke and soot is accompanied by water damage from the firefighting efforts in most cases. We understand the gut-wrenching pain of fire damage because we stand with those impacted by fire every day. But recovery is possible – and it may not take as long as you think.

Even a relatively minor fire can cause major damage and make you feel insecure about your home, your business and your personal safety. Let our emergency response team of caring and skilled professionals tackle your fire damage restoration with speed and efficiency. You must take quick action to call us because the fire and water damage can eat away at your property, but taking quick action can bring the situation under control.

Contact us now – and our fire damage specialists here in Calgary will come quickly and use scientifically proven techniques and time-tested cleaning processes to get your life or business back in order. Special skills are required for high-quality fire damage restoration, and we have what it takes. Contact us now for the best results.

Here In The Past, Here For You Now

We saw it coming in June 2013, and perhaps you did too. When heavy rainfall led to catastrophic flooding along the Bow, Little Bow, Elbow, Highwood, Red Deer, Sheep and South Saskatchewan rivers that was described as the worst in the province’s history, we ramped up and sprang into action. We don’t like to call it our moment of glory, but it was an important moment when we knew we could make a dramatic difference in people’s lives in this region. And that’s what we did.

By the time the flooding was over, there were more than 32 states of emergency declared, five people were confirmed dead and over 100,000 people were displaced. More than $5 billion in damage was done by the rushing flood waters. The cleanup effort was mammoth and involved many companies, volunteers and governmental agencies. We’re pleased to say that we did our part in cleaning up and restoring water damaged properties across the impacted area.

Just as we were there for those people and businesses in 2013, we’re here for you now – in your hour of greatest need. We know you have a lot to consider after being impacted by water damage, fire damage or hazardous mold infestation, but we can help. We can make things right when it seems like normal will never be possible again.

Contact us right away at Orange Restoration Calgary for emergency response when you need it. Waiting only makes things worse, and you’ll have to take action eventually anyway. Call 403-768-3182 now and let us take a burden off your mind.


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