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San Diego, CA: Orange Restoration, announced today that they are offering Humanitarian Assistance on the ground to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas on behalf of smartAID. Two Orange Restoration executives, Yaron Lief and Eyal Rubin, are flying to the Bahamas and delivering aid to the affected areas.

Communication is crucial during the initial stages of any humanitarian crisis and tends to break down quickly due to power and connectivity issues. Orange Restoration has engineered some unique technology to facilitate communication amongst first responders which will improve recovery efforts. They have created special charging stations, powered by solar panels, that will be used to charge the equipment of first responders. They will also be providing mobile Walkie Talkies, Wifi Hotspots and Cellular Hotspots in order to facilitate communication between aid organizations on the ground and their headquarters.

In addition, Orange Restoration will distribute thousands of individual water purification systems, solar flashlights and solar lightening systems. And due to the urgent need, reported by first responders, they will be distributing feminine hygiene products.


Orange Restoration is opening a donation center for feminine hygiene products at their corporate headquarters in Miramar. The donation center is located at:
7554 Trade Street, Unit C, San Diego, CA 92121.

All donations need to be received by Saturday, September 14th as the aid will be shipped to the Bahamas the following Monday. In lieu of giving feminine hygiene products, you can donate to:

Dorian is the strongest hurricane to ever strike The Bahamas. It made landfall on the northern Bahamian island of Abaco midday on September 1 as a Category 5 storm, and made landfall on Grand Bahama the following day. It carried maximum sustained winds of 185 mph and a possible storm surge of 23 feet above normal tide levels. The extent of loss of life and the damage to Bahamian infrastructure continues to be assessed.


Orange Restoration is a leading emergency services company providing water damagefire damage and mold remediation services throughout San Diego. This company has managed numerous international emergency flood mitigation and fire damage disaster relief efforts. Orange is known mostly for hurricane relief efforts and flood mitigation. Our team often will do demolition efforts to mitigate further damages and mold spreading that can and will make the problems worse. Orange Restoration team has over 20 years of experience, many 5 star service ratings, and high integral standards that make our team number one for insurance companies to work with for flood damage or flood mitigation. Insurance companies love Orange restoration because we document everything, we have experience in multiple trades so we catch important details others do not, and we work with claims adjusters to rapidly finalize and settle damage claims.


SmartAID is an international non-profit aid agency that strives to harness the power of innovation and technology to save lives, alleviate suffering and empower communities.

Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding our donation center. We are available 24/7! (619) 376-6838

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