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1310, 2015

The Four Steps To Complete Fire Damage Restoration

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fire damaged buildingThere are actually many steps involved in fire damage restoration, but they can be divided into four general categories. Within each restoration category is a nearly limitless array of services.

For example, fire damage restoration may include ozone treatments to destroy odors, area rug cleaning, furniture refinishing, dry cleaning and many more specific services, each a job that should go into the hands of professionals. But the exact details of what you need done will depend on the extent of the smoke and fire damage, the quality and importance of the furnishings and finishes in the room and many more factors. It’s best to let the professionals provide specific advice on the exact methods and measures to help you get things back to normal at your home or business.

When the tragedy of a fire happens, choosing certified, licensed, insured and proven fire damage restorers is crucial. You need a company you can call anytime of the day or night — especially since the first 48 hours are the most vital. If you wait too long, additional permanent damage can start to happen. Soot and water that linger can create secondary damage that amounts to hundreds or thousands of dollars more in repair work.

So what are the four general steps involved in fire damage restoration? They include:

  1. Inspection and evaluation. The process starts by assessing just how bad the damage is. Once the extent of the damage has been determine, it’s easier to make a cost estimate and to understand what services will be required and how long the restoration process will take. A complete assessment and inspection also includes a list of items that need to be restored.
  1. Packing out. Belongings like clothing and shoes as well as linens and home décor items are in the way of structural restoration and need to be restored in separate and special ways. All loose contents are usually documented, packed up, removed and taken to a facility where they can be cleaned. Important items like business suits can be rushed through the cleaning process if necessary. In cases where damage to belongings is minimal, this cleaning may be accomplished on-site, saving time and money.
  1. Structural fire and smoke damage restoration. The heart of the matter, fire damage restoration involves vacuuming, dry brushing and then wet cleaning of floors, carpets or walls and also deep cleaning for smoke damage. Special equipment and solutions are used for neutralizing smoke odors, getting ride of chemical and biological pollutants and more. Thermal foggers, hydroxyl generators and thermal generators are among the industrial-grade equipment that may be used for restoring the structure of a home or business. Plus, water damage often comes with fire damage and must also be restored.
  1. Contents restoration. Once the walls, floor and other structures of the home or commercial building are restores, content restoration services are necessary to deodorize, clean and preserve the furnishings. Ozone deodorization is among the methods available for getting rid of that smoky fire smell. Plus, documents, electronics and other equipment subjected to the fire and smoke may need restoration services too.

Nothing is more important after a fire than taking the right actions that can lead you to complete fire damage restoration. Taking smart action can be a lot less money out of pocket and a reduced burden on your insurance company too.

In the San Diego area, the right choice for fire and smoke damage restoration is Orange Restoration. .Contact us at (619) 376-6838 to learn how we can help you — and do it quick. Every passing hour means additional damage is being done.

810, 2015

Leave Fire Damage Restoration To The Pros For Best Results

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fireThere’s a lot involved in fire damage restoration. Both homeowners and business owners can be totally devastated in many ways when they see the damage that a fire and related smoke and water damage can cause. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to experienced fire damage, you can take comfort in knowing that there are professionals who can help you put things right. When you choose a longstanding and respected company, you can be sure the work to restore your precious home or business will be done right.

Choose the wrong company or try to do the work yourself and you can’t be sure of anything.

It’s easy to understand that those impacted by fire damage are often in shock about all the devastation. Still, it’s necessary to follow all the right steps for complete fire restoration and normalization of life and business. Service providers that can serve you well have up-to-date training, health and safety certifications, deep and wide experience and all the licenses and insurance necessary to operate in the best interest of all involved. They should be able to provide excellent references and provide complete price quotes in advance too.

The restoration process begins with cleanup. When an area isn’t cleaned as much as possible immediately, permanent damage and soot residue that can’t be removed can result. If you insist on doing this initial cleaning yourself, you must use dust masks and arrange for proper ventilation. And must clean thoroughly from floor to ceiling. Upholstered items need to be cleaned and fabrics like curtains must be washed or dry cleaning. A pressure washer can help with outside areas.

Failing to do this first cleanup right can have devastating consequences. Within just a few minutes of smoke and fire damage happening, appliances, for example, can discolor. After a few hours have passed, acid in the residue can stain delicate bathroom fittings and more. And after weeks have passed, the cost of cleanup will skyrocket as rust, acid residue and other factors do costly damage to many aspects of the building.

And damage is not just confined to the heavily damaged or directly impacted areas. Soot residue finds its way throughout the structure. Do you know all the places to look for it? This hidden or difficult-to-spot damage is why turning to a professional San Diego fire damage restoration company is so important. Experienced professionals know where to look for debris and damage and what to do about it.

It cannot be overstressed that residue needs to be clean up immediately. This will limit the smoky odor and the other consequences associated with delayed or insufficient cleaning. A professional smoke damage restoration company will use proven techniques to provide the best possible results. This includes techniques to eliminate odors at their source, clean up items that can be salvaged, treat to eliminate odors that linger and usage of odor counteractants and special deodorizing fogs to clear up any smells that remains. Then, sealers can be applied to salvageable items that will contain any remaining odor so it doesn’t re-contaminate the surroundings.

When homeowners and business owners are properly and thoroughly educated about the complex and multifaceted fire restoration process, the cost of repair can be dramatically minimized. That means it’s essential to contact professionals immediately upon becoming aware of fire damage for the very best possible results. When you take the right actions, you can go from helpless victim back to your usual role as satisfied homeowner or business owner sooner and easier than you ever imagined.

In San Diego, your best choice is for quick, affordable fire damage restoration is Orange Restoration. Why not contact us at (619) 376-6838 right away?

310, 2015

The Cost of Mold Removal

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san diego mold removal servicesLet’s be totally honest here; no one likes mold. No one hopes that their bathroom starts to become covered in the stuff, no one sees mold and thinks that it is perfectly fine to leave it growing there, and absolutely no one goes out of their way to make their home a happy place for mold to live. The trouble is that many people are unwittingly doing all of these things, and the longer that these bad habits go on for, the larger the cost of mold removal becomes.

Many of us do not realize that for mold to be happy enough to grow, all it needs is the slightest bit of moisture, and the smallest amount of heat. That is literally it – and that means that there are very few places in your home that mold will not feel happy in! The vast majority of people assume that bathrooms and kitchens are the most likely places that mold will start growing, and although those are often the first places, they are definitely not the last. Bedrooms, lounges, and even your attic could right now be places where mold has set up shop.

The reason that the cost of mold removal can often end up being so high is because the mold that you can see is probably only half of the story. That is because mold can dig itself into walls, and so the damage may go much further back than you can imagine. You will also need to add on the cost of drying out your home, in order to prevent mold from being able to quickly grow back again before you know it. These processes can take an awful long time, and will almost definitely necessitate a professional – which of course just increases the price that you will have to pay for letting mold grow in your home.

Few people consider the damage that mold can do to your furnishings, but that cost must be added to the final number as well. Your curtains, blinds, carpets, and rugs could all be damaged beyond repair if mold really gets out of hand, and so too could your soft furnishings like sofas and cushions. Many people do not realise that mold has got into their wardrobes until it is too late, and many of their clothes have been completely destroyed and have to be thrown away. Sometimes the mold takes sentimental items that you just simply cannot replace, like the soft toys of your children, or the love letters that your partner sent you years ago.

Getting rid of mold has to be a completely forceful event, to make sure that no mold is left – even a small amount that survives can continue to breed and survive, causing exactly the same problems a few months down the line. But the cost of mold removal is not small, and it may increase the longer you do nothing about the mold that is in your home. That is why if you are going to act against mold, you should act now.

Thankfully, the cost of mold removal is one that you probably do not have to bear on your own. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of mold removal, leaving you free to enjoy your mold free home without the burden of a huge financial commitment. If you realize that mold is starting to grow in your home, and you are concerned that your insurance may not be prepared for the cost of mold removal, then you should contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838, who can work directly with insurance companies, minimizing the hassle for you entirely.

110, 2015

Smart Tips On How To Clean Smoke Damage From Your Home

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Smoke Damaged Home in San DiegoWe’re sorry for your loss. Not enough people say that. And we hope you choose to leave most smoke damage restoration to professionals. That saves you a world of hassles, and many cost are covered by insurance. But if there’s some part of the smoke damage restoration process you’d like to handle yourself, we have some advice for you.

If you insist on handling your own smoke and fire damage, take quick action and use the right things to counteract and clean away what remains after a fire.

One common issue after a fire is smoke damage from soot. Soot is very simply the residue that smoke in a confined space leaves behind. It can be on walls, ceilings and just about anywhere, and ordinary household cleaners won’t clean it away. To tackle the problem yourself, you’ll need several things, including:

  • a special cleaner called TSP, which stands for trisodium phosphate
  • an oversized sponge like you might use for washing a car
  • two different buckets
  • lots of warm to hot water
  • heavy-duty gloves
  • plenty of rags
  • safety glasses or goggles

Never use TSP without gloves. Use only about a tablespoon of the cleaner per gallon of water. Wipe it on the area impacted, then wash it away soon after using your sponge dipped in clean water from the other bucket. Wash and rinse the entire area and see how the results look. Remember that saturating walls with this solution can cause additional damage, so apply liberally but don’t over-apply.

How long the cleaning process takes depends on the extent of the soot and smoke damage and how large an area is covered. Keep in mind that if an area is charred, the paint or other material has actually been burned away and cannot be restored by cleaning.

You may notice bubbling and blistering caused by the excessive heat on the paint and ceiling tiles. This kind of damage also can’t be undone and must be repaired.

To repair bubbling or blistering, you will need:

  • a good putty knife
  • a trusted brand of spackle
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • primer paint
  • paint that matches the damaged area

The process is simple: scrape away the blistering or bubbling with the knife, then sand the area until it is as flat as possible. If there’s an indentation, imperfection or any missing drywall, use spackle to repair it. When the spackle has dried, resand the area until the spackle has blended smooth with the drywall.

Then, prime the area and paint it. Using primer will ensure the smoothest finish and one that matches the original professional paint job in your home or office.

You can get rid of smoke odors by washing walls and all surfaces with a solution of vinegar or baking soda or perhaps with the commercial product Febreeze. But truthfully, the smell is what is likely to linger longest after fire and smoke damage if you don’t use a professional restoration service. Professional fire and smoke damage restorers can use ozonation and many other processes to actually break up smoke particles and make smells go away.

There’s a lot to do after a fire, and dealing with your own restoration doesn’t have to be on that list. Instead, you can leave the restoration to experts so you can get on with something else.

For fire damage and smoke damage restoration in the San Diego area, you can’t do better than our team at Orange Restoration. Please call us in early so we can save as much of your home or office building as possible — and save your possessions from the rapid and continuing ravages of smoke, ash and soot – (619) 376-6838.

2809, 2015

Sensible Tips For Preventing And Controlling Water Damage And Reducing Mold Growth

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Mold Damaged wallThere are situations like natural disasters and water main breaks when water damage is inevitable. But mold growth may not be. And there are time when you can prevent water damage altogether.

Here are some useful pieces of advice for preventing and controlling water damage and mold growth:

Clean up leaks and spills quickly. Even a small amount of water can do damage if it gets into the right place or causes mold to grow.

Check and repair gutters regularly. Damaged or clogged gutters can be worse for your home or business than having none at all. Keep water moving away from your home by making sure gutters work as they should.

Keep the ground sloping away from the foundation. Don’t let the addition of an outbuilding or landscaping changes cause water to flow toward your building. This can damage the foundation and lead to water damage, mold growth and more.

Check those AC units. A common cause of mold growth and sometimes water damage to the ceiling or floor is air conditioner drip pans and drain lines that aren’t clean and well-maintained.

Check humidity and keep it low. Indoor humidity should remain below 60 percent to prevent mold growth and damage to some kinds of building materials. Check with a simple and inexpensive humidity meter, then use the HVAC system or a portable dehumidifier to take action.

Take note of condensation. Condensation or moisture that collects on pipes, walls or windows can be evidence of high humidity. And high humidity can lead to mold growth and other serious consequences. Work to reduce humidity as quickly as you can. In some cases, opening a window for ventilation in the evening may help — if the humidity is lower outside at that time.

Vent heat-producing and moisture-producing appliances. This includes things like clothes dryers and stoves as well as kerosene heaters and other similar devices. Venting to the outside decreases moisture inside the home or commercial structure and improves the safe operation of the unit.

Use those exhaust fans. When exhaust fans are present in bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms, use them. They help vent smells as well as humidity.

Take care when showering. You can dramatically increase the humidity in a bathroom from a single shower, and the effect over time can cause mold growth. Open a window or use the most powerful exhaust fan you can find for better ventilation.

If you find mold growing in your home or office or believe you have water damage — even if you aren’t sure of the source — contact Orange Restoration for a quick response. Some water damage remediation and mold removal requires a great deal of time and effort to resolve, so it makes sense to get started. And the quicker the remediation process is started, the more likely you are to prevent complicated-to-repair and expensive damage.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Orange Restoration at (619) 376-6838 for water damage remediation and mold removal services you can trust at prices you and your insurance company can afford.

2709, 2015

6 Tips For Safe And Effective Mold Remediation In Your Home

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mold damageIf you have mold in your home, you need to take quick action. This fungus loves to grow in warm, moist environments, and you must take action to make it go away. In most cases, mold won’t go away on its own — and the longer it remains in your home, the more likely you and your family are to experience health problems.

Mold also destroys materials on which it grows, so leaving mold unchecked is nearly as bad as allowing termites or other pest infestations to go without treatment.

In most cases, it makes the most sense to choose a professional mold remediation company to deal with mold because it can grow back quickly if it isn’t properly eliminated.

Here are six tips and techniques than can help you deal with mold infestation in your home:

1. Stop the source of moisture. Whether it’s a leaky roof, a plumbing leak or water damage from a flood, you must stop the source of moisture or you’ll never be free of mold. Then make sure you dry everything that has been impacted. Drying doesn’t eliminate all mold and can’t save all kinds of items, but it’s always the next step after stopping the moisture.

2. Take care of hard surfaces. Mold on hard surfaces can best be eliminated by physically scrubbing it away with water and a special fungicidal detergent. Remember, all attempts at mold remediation release mold into the air unless special precautions are taken. If you are especially sensitive to mold, you don’t want to be around while this is being done.

3. Throw away things that can’t be cleaned. Porous and absorbent materials can’t always be properly cleaned and may need to be thrown away. This includes carpet, ceiling tiles and drywall. Mold can grow in voids and crevices in porous materials, so throwing the stuff away is the best way to ensure it doesn’t give you any problems in the future.

4. Use protective clothing. If you’re doing mold remediation yourself, use protective coverings over your clothes, wear gloves and use something to keep you from breathing in the airborne mold. A respirator is the best choice, but a mold-proof facemask may be good enough for smaller jobs.

5. Don’t paint over mold. And don’t caulk over it either. Clean and thoroughly dry moldy surfaces before you consider repainting. Paint doesn’t necessarily block all the harmful health effects of mold and it tends to peel off anyway. Painting over mold is a waste of time because it will need to be redone soon.

6. Get pro help. For cleaning sentimental or expensive items, turn to professionals. And get professional help with large mold remediation jobs too. It just makes sense since pros can do the job quicker and with fewer health risks for you and those around you.

In damp climates, it’s impossible to remove all mold from a home permanently. But at Orange Restoration, we can perform mold removal to make your home safe and completely livable again. See what can we do for you – (619) 376-6838.

2609, 2015

What’s The Cost For Smoke Damage And Fire Damage Repair?

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fire damaged homeSo how much does smoke and fire damage cost to repair? You can benefit from understanding some basic numbers related to restoration costs and some information about the many steps involved in complete restoration. But keep this fact in mind: smoke and fire damage are usually covered by insurance, so your out-of-pocket cost for repairs and restoration may actually be very low. And there are professionals who can do all the work for you.

Still, let’s take a look at the numbers:

Nationwide, the average repair cost for a home damaged by fire and smoke is more than $4,000. That’s a staggering number, even when you take into account the cost of a home. And keep in mind that this cost is often higher in California, where home prices and service costs are usually higher.

Homeowners who participated in a recent survey spent between $2,200 and just over $6,000 on smoke and fire restoration after a fire. Of course, the amount spent depends on a number of factors, including how severe the damage to the home was.

Rarely is the cost less than $800, and occasionally the cost can rise to $12,000 or more. But remember: there are many services involved in complete fire damage restoration, and most of these services are covered by insurance.

Some of the meticulous restoration tasks involve:

Water damage. This inevitable result of firefighting efforts leave a whole class of damage to property and the home’s structure. And cleaning it up involves special water damage restoration in addition to the special techniques used for fire damage restoration. All wet items need to be dried before the real impact of water damage can be assessed.

Soot removal. Soot is acidic and oily at the same time, so it stains carpets, curtains and more. That means soot removal is one of the first things that must be done for complete fire damage restoration, and it need to be done quickly. Items that aren’t cleaned of soot very quickly can be permanently damaged within hours or days.

Textile and furniture deodorizing. Odors will remain in clothes, soft furnishings and drapes unless deodorization is handled before cleaning. There are chemical counteractants and other compounds that eliminate that smoky smell by breaking up the molecules and allowing them to be washed or vacuumed away. Ozone treatments also help. But most commonly available household disinfectants and sprays provide no benefit at all or only temporarily cover up the odor.

Wall, surface and duct cleaning. Soot, ash and that smoky smell get everywhere, so all walls and surfaces as well as HVAC ductwork must be cleaned carefully. Special chemical sponges can do some of the work, but professionals have other tools available that work even better. Then, air duct cleaning is a science of its own.

And these are only a few of the tasks that must be done.

When cleaning and deodorizing isn’t properly handled, damage and odors will continue to appear and worsen over time. That’s why it pays to spend the money necessary for professional fire and smoke damage restoration.

At Orange Restoration, we’re experts at repairing fire and smoke damage so your home can get back to the way it once was — or even better. All you have to do contact us to get the ball rolling toward complete professional restoration.

When you need Orange Restoration, we’ll be here. And if now is your hour of need, please don’t delay in contacting us. Working with us is the smartest money you’ll spend after your home is damaged by fire, smoke and water damage. Call (619) 376-6838.

2509, 2015

5 Expert Tips For Dealing With Smoke And Soot After A Fire

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fire damaged houseIf your home or business has been damaged by fire, smoke and water, you may be anxious to get to work and get the cleaning process started. And that’s good. Your building needs quick and complete restoration if your efforts are to be successful.

As soon as firefighters are gone, contact the insurance company, then contact professional fire damage restorers. Then, you or your fire damage restoration company will need to take the following actions:

1. Prevent more damage. Once the fire marshal says its safe to go inside, get the air flowing. Ventilate by opening windows. If there’s a lot of water damage and the weather is warm and sticky, you may do better with windows closed and a portable dehumidifier. Use fans and other professional restoration procedures to dry each water damaged item. Remove moveable items and dry them outside or at off-site storage if possible for the very best results. Just be careful not to spread soot and ash around.

2. Deal with the smoke damage. Smoke will smell up carpets, soft furnishings, curtains and other home contents for months or even years if you don’t take quick action. Smoke can also damage copper and brass items because of the acid in ash residue in as little as a day. Items that have been subjected to smoke damage must be thoroughly cleaned, sealed for odors if possible and returned to their locations only after the area is thoroughly dry and clean.

3. Get soot out of household textiles. Soot contains oil and acid, so it badly stains all kinds of drapes, carpets and other textiles. Before washing a sooty item, remove as much of the soot as possible. In most cases, a professional fire damage restorer can do the best job of soft-surface soot removal with a heavy-duty vacuum. Don’t try to vacuum items yourself because vacuum cleaner attachment brushes can push soot further down into textiles, irreparably damaging them.

4. Get soot of the walls. Chemical sponges are available at cleaning supply houses that you can use to clean soot off wall, but this is also part of professional fire restoration service. There are other kinds of cleaners that will clean soot, and these are usually alcohol-based or chemical-based rather than water-based. Rubbing alcohol and even pain thinner can be used for cleaning in some cases, but the fumes are toxic and highly flammable, so ventilation is essential.

5. Take even more deodorizing actions. The first and best efforts of amateurs may not get out all the odors from fire-damaged and smoke-damaged home furnishings. Plus, smells can remain in the structure of the home or commercial building. But there are actions you can take. Professional restoration experts have a variety of deodorizing options, including deodorizing bombs that penetrate deep into a home or building’s structure. Sealers are also available that seal away smells that can’t be removed so they’re no longer a problem.

Quick and decisive action can go a long way toward fire damage restoration. While it may be possible to handle some restoration efforts yourself, you may think better of this. You have other things to deal with when there’s fire damage, including temporarily relocating your family or workers and meeting your daily needs as well as your usual work schedule. So why not leave fire damage restoration to experts?

At Orange Restoration, we’re the only name you need when you have to deal with fire damage restoration. Why not contact us now at (619) 376-6838 to see what we can do for you? You’ll be glad you did.

2209, 2015

Jewish Camp Spared By Fire Required Extensive Restoration

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cleaning fire damaged roofA team of more than 30 fire damage restoration experts moved into Camp Mountain Chai near San Diego this summer to clean up smoke damage and other ravages left behind by the Lake Fire. While the camp was spared from destruction, an exceptional effort was required to save the season and put things in order at the popular Jewish camp.

The camp’s staff was preparing for the first summer session when the wildfire threatened their safety. Staffers were evacuated so quickly that most left personal items behind to escape as rapidly as possible. With the location in the San Bernardino Mountains unusable and under threat, the first summer session was moved to Camp Scherman in Idylwild, owned by Girl Scouts of America.

As the fire swept past Camp Mountain Chai, smoke and soot damage left a stench in the air. Trees were down or damaged, and the soot’s acid nature threatened the camp’s facilities. A lot of work would have to be done before the camp could reopen. The smoky smell and soot-covered surfaces are both unpleasant and potentially dangerous for campers and staff.

Orange Restoration owner Yaron Lief, who grew up going to camp at the facility, stepped forward. He volunteered to have a look at the damage and see what could be done. Damage was extensive enough that an insurance claim was filed to cover most restoration costs.

Since quick action was needed, Lief move more 30 employees into the camp to live like campers and work in three shifts to efficiently and thoroughly decontaminate cabins and facilities before the second summer session was scheduled to begin.

yaron owner orange restoration“We immediately mobilized all available equipment, supplies and personnel to save camp Mountain Chai after the fire. It became like a Jewish mission to ensure the reopening of the camp in time for the next session so that we could make sure that the kids enjoyed the summer that was planned for them,” Lief said.

“For me it was a very special experience. Belonging to the community and going to this camp numerous times in my past made this an important Jewish mitzvah and mission that needed to be accomplished for Jewish kids and for the community as a whole,” he said.

The goal was to restore these isolated and remote buildings in a burned forest to pre-loss condition, meaning that there could be no smoke odor inside any buildings. That process started with removing all contents from the buildings. Then, the buildings were sealed with containment barriers. Gas machines were used to eliminate much of the odor, plus a great deal of hand work was required to decontaminate the kitchen, the dining hall, the infirmary and all the outdoor structures.

Working with camp director Zim Zimmerman, the team set priorities and worked through them, some concurrently, until both crucial and less crucial priorities were met.

In the end, the smoke damage restoration work was completed early — two days before the second session of campers were due to arrive.

Lief said he and his team were fortunate to be able to experience the magic of camp. Sleeping in bunk beds and eating in the camp kitchen helped strengthen and bond the already close-knit Orange Restoration team.

mt chai fire restoration plans

Once the work was done at this Jewish camp, Orange Restoration went on to handle restoration work at other nearby camps. The company handles all types of fire damage, water damage, mold remediation and similar restoration services around the San Diego area and beyond.

“Giving back to an organization that means so much to me was very meaningful,” Lief said. “And I don’t think anyone on my team will ever forget this unique experience either.”

1609, 2015

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