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Flooded street

In the United States, floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters. And many States, such as California, Texas and Mississippi, are at high-risk, whether Illinois and Ohio are some of the poorest states that are prepared of an inland flooding.Across the country, the extreme weather conditions pose a significant risk to the economy of the US, as well as the lives of many people and infrastructure and the cost of recovery. But how well is every state ready, in order to be able to deal with these kind of possible disasters?

The American Report Card gives some answers for the States that are at risk. The report card of preparedness focuses on the changing nature of key threads and the crucial levels of how prepare are the 50 states within America. States were scored on an A through F grading on five distinct climate related threads: drought, wildfires, extreme heat and coastal flooding. The main goal of the American Report Card is to help these State to be improved, in case they will face a possible thread in the future, by recognizing certain risks they face. In fact, they focus on building an action plan and at the same time find the ways to be implemented.

More specifically the States actions were evaluated in five crucial sectors, suchs as: Energy, Water, Health, Transportation and Communities and there were also given grades, from A to F in each State, in order to evaluate each state. For example, California is evaluated with A, which means that took the highest preparedness scores in all threat categories. On the other hand, the lowest grades were given to Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada, where little to no action has been taken in case of climate change conditions.

In addition, the report also focuses on major issues that states must address on a policy level as it relates to citizen vulnerability. Improvised populations (the majority of who are under the age of 5 or the elderly) are the very vulnerable ones, in case of any change in the climate, which usually exacerbates hunger and access to water during the times of extreme heat.

Florida and Louisiana face risks of coastal flooding, which is far greater than any of the other 22 coastal states. Only Florida has 4.6 million people, which are projected at risk, whether Louisiana has 1.2 million. According to the climate report, states are better prepared for floods in coastal areas, but also Texas, compared to other coastal areas, faces an average flooding too.

This study was conducted by research group Climate Central in collaboration with consulting firm ICF International. The Climate Central is a non-profit organization, which is consisted of scientists and journalists, that are making researches over climate changes and report their results to the American public. Moreover, the data that are reported by this report give all the necessary information, as well as it’s a good starting point, in order state leaders to begin taking some actions, as to protect their people and economies from the very real threat of climate change.

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