Forced evacuation and closure were the consequences of some extreme flooding in Yakima recently, as businesses were faced with no choice but to close up thanks to the water damage.
The water started slowly, according to most business owners, but by 5:30 pm yesterday it started to come in fast, leaving some business owners no choice but to close up shop due to safety concerns. In many cases, however, the flood water did not actually make it into the businesses themselves, leaving many of their owners relieved. “We were fortunate that water didn’t come into the building,” said Kye Kim, the owner of New York Teriyaki. “It filled up our crawl space and just barely came in the front door, but we were able to sand bag and keep water form coming in.”

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Other people were not so lucky. The flood waters that came in can do a huge amount of damage in a very short about of time, and many people have already started to discuss the length of time and cost that it will take in order to repair the flood damage and get their businesses open once more. Kye Kim, thankfully, has the support of his family and of his church. Many of its members have been helping him out with the clean up operation, but Kye Kim has already assessed potential damage to his freezer and even potentially his cooler.

Although some believe that it would have been more beneficial for officials to have responded more quickly, many of the business are now already open, and it is hoped that it will not take Kye Kim to do the same – especially as the closure and water damage combined is estimated by experts to have cost him around $3000.

Yakima businesses suffer from water damage from flooding
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