green_cleaning_productsThere are countless benefits to using green cleaning products. Over the years, eco-friendly cleaning supplies have significantly evolved and grown so much so that for every chemical product, there’s a green counterpart available. Some people assume that the only benefit of using a green cleaning product is that it uses fewer ingredients or less artificial ingredients. However, that’s not the case. Take a look at just a few of the benefits of going green with your cleaning supplies:

Baby and Child-Friendly

Babies and children have a habit of licking surfaces and putting things in their mouth. When you have a small child, you’re likely cleaning your house much more often. However, if you use toxic products, your child is ingesting those chemicals. By using a green product, your child or baby won’t ingest any toxins or artificial ingredients.

Healthy Bodies

Did you know that frequently using cleaning spray increases the risk of developing asthma? Or that your skin can absorb chemicals from cleaning sprays? Cleaning sprays are known to linger in the air long after they’ve been sprayed. By using green cleaning supplies, you can avoid chemicals from sitting on your skin and finding their way into your lungs.

Cleaner Environment

When you use cleaning supplies—even non-spray products—chemicals and toxins are released into the air. This hurts both the environment and your home’s air. By using green products, you can reduce pollution, diminish your impact on ozone depletion, and minimize your impact on global climate change. Additionally, since many green products use recyclable packing, you can minimize waste.


Standard cleaning products pose several risks and aren’t safe to use. It’s common for someone to accidentally get product into the skin or eyes, which can cause chemical burns. Eco-friendly supplies, on the other hand, are required by law to meet specific standards regarding toxicity levels.


Wait; don’t you want to use antibacterials? Don’t they get rid of bacteria that cause illnesses? Recent studies have shown that antibacterial ingredients aren’t necessary in soap, as soap itself cleans. Additionally, using antibacterial products too often can actually cause your body to build a bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Triclosan, a commonly used antibacterial agent, can even hurt your thyroid and hormonal system. Antibacterial ingredients are often found in standard cleaning supplies, but aren’t present in green products.

The Health Benefits of Using Green Cleaning Supplies
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