fire damage restoration mt chaiIn mid-June, the devastating Lake Fire consumed more than 10,000 acres of land along Route 38. Among the many consequences of this massive fire was the evacuation of Camp Mountain Chai, a Jewish camp that was spared destruction but nonetheless suffered damage. With unsafe air in the area, debris everywhere and a lot of cleaning up to be done, professional fire damage restoration services were essential to getting the camp back in shape for campers.

As you can see in this article, Orange Restoration’s Yaron Leif was happy to volunteer to do the restoration work at this worthy Jewish camp, but it quickly became clear that the camp’s insurance could be relied upon to pay for complete fire damage restoration.

Over the course of more than two and a half weeks, Orange Restoration’s team lived in Camp Mountain Chai’s cabins and cooked in its kitchen. The 30 employees were essentially playing camp when they weren’t using their cranes, forklifts and power washers to restore the facilities to camper-ready conditions. Unique gases were also used to remove odors from all cabins and buildings.

Despite Fire Threat, Camp Mountain Chai Opens On Time

Work progressed in three shifts, as the article mentions, to complete the restoration effort in time. The camp’s director took on the effort of getting the pool ready for use and controlling erosion of the fire-damage land while Orange Restoration did the rest. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the camp was ready for new campers a couple days early.

Camp Mountain Chai was able to open in second summer session on time, and the director is looking forward to hosting a Women’s Retreat in mid-October. See the article for additional details.

Orange Restoration’s team of fire damage restoration professionals are experts in working in whatever conditions and within whatever timeline the situation dictates — and the goal is always to get things back to normal so clients can get back to doing what they do best.

The Aforementioned Article in The Jewish Journal

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San Diego Jewish Journal September 2015

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