car crash in flood10 deaths were reported in Kansas and Texas because of flooding and wintry precipitation. In Kansas there were few single vehicle accidents leading to the death of 5 people. Lt Adam Winters who is with the Highway Patrol of Kansas, said that all the accidents were because of black ice and hazardous conditions.

In Dallas area, 3 people died because of flooding.  The victims included Benjamin Floyd in Garland, Dallas. He was 29. The victim was going to work when his car was swept of the road by raging floodwaters. According the city official the victim could not get out of the car and his car got submerged under water.

According to the emergency management officials of Johnson County, there were two deaths because of flooding.

Ice storms were reported by National Weather Service in Texas Panhandle. On interstate 40, three people died because of a road accident. The accident was reported approximately 45 miles west of Amarillo.

There was a situation in Tarrant County in which at least one person was presumed to be dead after he was missing. But there was a dramatic rescue and the person was saved. The sheriff’s deputy who was caught up by the floodwaters was rescued.

There was another incident in which a vehicle with 70 years old woman got swept away by the high waters according to Terry Grisham spokesman of the sheriff’s department. There was an attempt to rescue the woman in which the Krystal Salazar, the sheriff’s deputy got caught in surging waters. Salazar held on to a tree for about two hours before getting rescued.

A large are of United States has been coping with the weather system that brought freezing temperatures and rain. In Oklahoma about 83,000 people were without power according to OG&E, a utility company. There were also many reports of trees down in Oklahoma. 400 utility crews were deployed and the power to about 50,000 people was restored according to OG&E.

There a warning of ice storm and winter weather advisory for many parts of Oklahoma according to National Weather Service. It is expected that the temperatures will remain below freezing. There is also the possibility of accumulations of ice in some areas. Driving conditions can be very tough and they can deteriorate even further because of freezing fog.

There is a warning by National Weather Service that part of northeast Texas and southeast Oklahoma could experience some flooding. However some advisories of flood were expired.

The flood warnings are still in place in Texas along different parts of Trinity River and also for some sections of Rio Grande. It is expected that the water levels will continue rising along west fork of river.

Difficult weather conditions can continue in Kansas. There can be snow accumulation of about 5 inches in some areas. There is also a possibility of intense snowfall and gusty winds in northwest Kansas.

Drivers are warned to exercise caution.

10 dead as a result of wintry storm in Kansas and Texas:
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