It’s still just as surprising today as it was many years ago when we got started in the San Diego mold inspection and removal business. The fact that so few rental property owners enlisted the services of professionally qualified mold specialists was and still is baffling.

Naturally after discovering an out of control, full-fledged mold infestation, we’ve gotten calls from various property owners. In those situations, we’ve been more than willing to come in and take care of the problems. However by then, it was almost inevitable that the only solution was a costly mold remediation project. Needless to say, dealing with irate tenants whose lifestyles got disrupted in the process was even worse for the owners.

As a rental property owner, you might think it’s better to save a buck or two by having your unqualified, maintenance guy to perform mold inspection. However, it’s not. And using your landscaper to do the task doesn’t fare any better.

Leaving proper mold testing and inspection of your rental property to amateurs is one of the worst mistakes that you can make as an owner. This is a job that should be given to professionals like Orange Restoration. Cutting corners only costs you more in the end, both in money and dealing with unhappy renters.

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