Excessive ozone shock treatment has generated a lot of controversy in the fields of indoor air quality and mold remediation. This treatment entails the generation of ozone so that you can create extremely high degrees of ozone in an area contaminated with strong odors and/or mould growth. Although ‘ozone blasting’ is inexpensive when compared to more traditional mold cleanup techniques, and can be carried out expeditiously, supporters of this cheap and quick alternative treatment need to be cautious.

While you will find studies that do support the effective use of ozone as some sort of supplementary mold remediation strategy (i. e. when used effectively, ozone continues to be shown to get rid of mold when joined with other remediation practices), there are also studies that indicate just the opposite. It is also necessary to indicate here that to ensure that ozone to have a significant impact on mold along with biological contaminants the organisms need to be exposed to ozone levels between five and ten times higher than public health specifications permit. Furthermore, a widely referenced 1997 examine revealed that even high degrees of ozone were definitely not effectively influencing biological contaminants within porous materials.

For anyone who is still considering the employment of ozone to eradicate microbial growth, proceed at the own risk. Ozone just isn’t the miracle cure that could one day establish established mold removal practices along with the scrutinizing work connected with mold remediation useless. For more home elevators this topic investigate EPA’s website at www. epa. gov/iaq/pubs/ozonegen. html and read the article entitled: “Ozone Generators which can be Sold as Fresh air Cleaners: An Assessment of Effectiveness and Health Consequences”.

So what’s the lower line? Do your own homework! When considering new fads or alternative treatments always do research on the application while simultaneously thinking about the sources and biases connected with articles online (dig deeper than a Wikipedia article). Traditional and marketplace standard mold remediation techniques are referred to as such for grounds, they work and still have been proven as time passes to effectively remove moldy materials.

Even more food for believed: Consider the objective behind any contractor’s treatment procedures. When a corporation or contractor uses fast and inexpensive procedures for their clients, fortunately they are saving themselves funds. In addition, even though effective mold remediation gets rid of microbial growth, any good mold remediation contractor are invariably concerned with approaching the causation from the microbial growth.

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O3 Shock Treatment and Mold Remediation
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