san diego home with mold damageWhen you have mold in your home, you have a problem with moisture. This could be the result of too much humidity, but it’s more likely that the problem is a leaky pipe, flood damage or another source of infiltrating water that must be eliminated.

The first step to eliminating mold is to locate the source of the moisture, promptly fix the problem and then immediately dry out the area. Mold can start within just a day or two, so quickly drying the area is crucial. And thorough drying can actually take several days to complete.

Mold isn’t just black and can be white or many other colors. So don’t assume that a patch in your home that isn’t black isn’t mold.

Outdoors, mold usually isn’t a problem because it’s a natural part of the environment. It plays an important part in decaying organic matter like fallen trees and dead leaves. While mold spores are often in the air inside, mold has no place in a home, and efforts should be made to eliminate any patch of it that starts growing. Mold spores are invisible without a microscope, so you wouldn’t necessarily know its in your home until it starts to grow.

But is there any harm from mold inside a home?

There can be. Mold can have a number of potential health impacts. Mold produces substances than can cause allergic reactions as well as irritants and mycotoxins. In people with sensitivity to mold, inhaling or touching it is enough to set off a reaction. The reaction can be a runny nose or skin irritation or perhaps a sore throat. But it can also be serious respiratory problems and other more serious complications.

Plus, mold gradually and continually destroys the things it grows on. This includes home furnishings like paneling, furniture and even your clothing. And this includes the home’s structure itself. Eliminating mold as soon as it is discovered allows you to save the money it would cost to replace items on which mold grows.

So how can I get rid of mold?

That depends on how much there is. In some cases when you have very little mold, you may be able to scrub it away yourself using borax, vinegar or baking soda. Bleach can be used as well, but the fumes from bleach are toxic.

But you can’t be sure you’ve gotten all the mold when you scrub it away yourself. For the best possible job of getting rid of mold from your home, you need to call a professional mold remediation company. Mold removal companies have special tools and time-tested techniques for mold removal.

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