It is common for our company to get calls for mold removal in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Leucadia, and neighboring areas in the San Diego north county coastal area. The reason mold occurrences are especially common that area is the geography of the ocean facing high cliffs, which allow ocean breeze currents to saturate the houses with humidity. One such project Orange Restoration worked on in the last months is a client located in Encinitas whose lower level family room was affected with mold. The area was carpeted, and the mold was found once the homeowner tried lifting the carpet to replace it with hardwood floors. Once the corner of the carpet was lifted and some of the baseboard removed, there was clear evidence of black stains on the back of the building materials.

Naturally this is something that just a regular flooring contractor cannot handle. She called up Orange Restoration to provide her with an estimate for the cost of repairs, and we ended up performing her mold remediation project. She told us throughout our work that she noticed many of her neighbors that had similar age homes were experiencing the same issues of mold in their downstairs ocean facing rooms.

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