Easy to Spot Signs of Mold Damage San Diego

Most of the time, indoor mold growth can be clearly visible or smelly. Usually if there is no visible mold then there is no reason to take a sample for testing. In addition, there are zero health standards for mold exposure that you could use to evaluate the sample. The California Department of Health does not recommend that you test for mold or take samples yourself. You should always call a San Diego mold removal professional first. Although calling a professional to test for mold in the air can be expensive, if it is done correctly they can figure out how to completely get rid of the problem.

You should always call a mold damage San Diego professional first.

mold damage San Diego

  • Check around your home for visible mold growth. It will usually look either cottony or leathery and come in a wide array of colors like white, yellow, or green. On building materials or furniture mold with often appear as a fuzzy growth or staining. Water damage frequently leads to mold so always keep your eye out for signs of water damage including water stains, standing water, and leaky pipes.
  • If you smell mold anywhere, focus on that area. If it smells earthy or musty you probably have a mold problem.
  • Many people are allergic to mold so if you have friends and family having allergic reactions when in your home there is a good chance you have a mold problem.

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