When looking at the mold growing inside your San Diego home or business you may have noticed that some areas may look different than others. There are several types of mold that can grow in the basement, attic, and bathroom of your property. One of these is the Alternaria mold which is the most common type of mold found in buildings. If inhaled, Alternaria can cause allergies like asthma, hay fever and other respiratory problems.

Another common type of mold is mucor. It is normally found in organic material like soil and animal droppings. However, it can also be found inside homes and offices and lead to serious health issues like lung cancer. Aspergilius is another mold that can cause respiratory problems, especially for people with weak immune systems.

black-mold“Black mold” or Stachybotrys is one of the most feared types of mold for property owners. It can be commonly found on cellulose materials like wood and is a contaminant that can cause diseases in both humans and animals. It can grow on walls and ceilings and may not be easy to spot through standard air sampling processes. It is known to produce toxins which can prove fatal to the human body.

Penicilium is the mold you see growing on food left in the refrigerator too long. It can be found in other parts of the home as well. This mold grows when the food is going bad and it can cause allergic reactions if you come into direct contact with it. Mold growing on food can only effect you internally, while the mold found growing throughout your property will have negative effects on your respiratory system.

Broken plumbing, leaking water heaters, flooding and other water damage issues will almost always lead to mold growth if not taken care of immediately. If you have found mold growing anywhere inside your home or office you need to give us a call right away. If mold is left in your home for an extended period of time your family, tenants, or employees could be subject to serious health issues.

Contacting the San Diego mold removal specialists at Orange Restoration is the first step at remediation the mold problem and getting your property back to a clean, healthy, livable state. Do not put your household or office at risk by allowing mold to grow inside your property. We are available for emergency services 24/7. Call us today!


Common Types of Household Mold
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