It’s 8:45pm Friday evening in the Orange office, and we are all hard at work –
Monday is the deadline for a big contact we are submitting a proposal  for water damage restoration – it included approximately 40 pages of instructions with open ended questions, and essays of several pages on different topics. Of course the fact we only found out about this opportunity to bid on this contract 3 days before the deadline – it didn’t help me prove that we would serve their every need in the best way possible. The contract is for a large non profit, very prominent in the San Diego community, and I found it very interesting that majority of their questions – beyond those that ask to prove that Orange Restoration would be able to respond to their emergency needs in a timely and professional manner as we always do – they asked primarily about what policies our company has in place to promote an environmentally sustainable way of doing business. I gave this question some thought – and would like to share with you our conclusions about the way we promote sustainability within the business of restoration.

Orange Restoration is committed to ensuring a maximally sustainable environmentally conscious operation, encouraging our team members to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible, as well looking for new ways to reverse indoor air pollution. From the in office operation through our field personnel, we constantly strive to improve our procedures and become a more green company.

Our carpet cleaners and emergency crews show up in routinely checked up utility vans, leaving large trucks behind as much as possible, while it may mean more manual labor of loading and unloading, it does save the environment from the larger carbon footprint of our big trucks.

We make sure that the maximum possible of chemicals used are environmentally friendly, VOC free substances that will effectively perform yet be least harmful to the environment. We make a point to use newer chemicals that put less stress on the environment and carry the approval stamp of certifying agencies in the field.

We place stringent standards on energy efficiency and lowered noise, which translates into less inconvenience for our clients, by maximizing effectiveness of machines (by routine service, cleanliness, and careful use), while minimizing the amount of time our machines operate on the job site. Save energy, time and the money of the client, and get the property back to normal as quickly as safely possible.
We strive to reduce the amount of waste we create, by maximizing the lifespan of our supplies and reusing whenever possible.

Our office strives to become completely paperless by performing all reporting and documentation via the Internet. All faxes received in our office arrive digitally, and customers are encouraged to accept emailed estimates and invoices.
Our team is invested in educating for sustainability and teaching the practices we adopted to colleagues in the industry.

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