Fire damage in San Diego homeOnce the firefighters are gone, you may think the dangers and hazards are over. Finally, your home is safe again, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Once the fire’s out and the firemen are gone, you need the help of fire damage professionals to clean up the smoke and water damage or your home will never be back to normal again.

Sure, the ideas behind fire damage restoration are pretty simple, but these pros need a lot of experience — and a lot of elbow grease, actually — to do the work right. These are among the reasons why a homeowner shouldn’t really attempt to do fire restoration yourself.

Once the immediate danger of fire is over, what remains are other important dangers that can further impact your home. Things like smoke and ash can cause corrosion, discoloration and etching if not stopped, cleaned up and counteracted. And that doesn’t even consider the foul odor that can remain for months or even years if something isn’t done.

Fire restoration professionals can clean smoke and fire damage and stop it from being a major and lingering problem for you — but you must contact them right away for their services to be effective. While many companies may claim to be able to restore fire-damaged structures, not all of them have the training, licensing, credentials and insurance to do the job right. Look for fire restoration experts with as much training and education as experience if you want your home restored to its former glory.

When you need these professionals, make sure to bring them in on the job very quickly. Ash residue, in particular, can be terribly damaging if not dealt with right away. Plastic that was near a fire may start to discolor in a matter of minutes. Fiberglass and appliance finishes show discoloration in just a few hours. Metals are likely to quickly tarnish. After several days, walls discolor permanently from ash residue, and upholstery as well as clothing can show damage if not quickly cleaned as well. After some time has passed, vinyl and wood will need to replaced or refinished. And metal will corrode in time also.

When professionals aren’t brought in right away, the costs associated with fire damage restoration quickly rise exponentially. After a few weeks of inaction or work by people who aren’t pros at the job, metals will need to be replaced, carpets will discolor permanently and glass with show signs of irreversible etching. Odors will remain strong and distracting as well. And since ash contains acid, destruction continues at an alarming rate until professionals are brought in to deal with it.

Usually, professionals brought onto the scene of your fire damage will start with identifying which materials are impacted by the fire and water damage and where unpleasant odors may be coming from. It’s necessary to be very thorough to completely rid a home of all evidence of fire damage. When action isn’t taken quickly, ash residue can be disturbed by workers or the usage of the home and can be spread all over a building, meaning that everything in the home will eventually need restoration instead of just the originally damaged area.

Experts how to determine what can be salvaged and what can’t. Items that don’t need to be replaced can be cleaned with special detergents that neutralize acids and odors and can be sealed to prevent any remaining odor from impacting the enjoyment of the home.

Simply put, fire damage restoration is a lot of very precise and detailed work for which certain professionals train a lifetime. Trying to do the work yourself is foolish when pros are inexpensive and more effective than you can ever be.

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