fire damage in house interiorThe top priority after a fire is to get things back like they should be as soon as possible. But this can be as stressful as the fire was in the first place. You may want to get started on cleaning immediately, but DIY fire damage cleanup can do a lot of harm. These are some solid reasons to hire a professional when you’re facing a complex fire damage cleanup:

  1. Smoke damage is just as bad a fire damage. Fires leave soot and smoke behind to keep doing more damage. Smoke gets embedded in walls, carpets and flooring, furniture and nearly everything else, and it remains there for years if it isn’t dealt with. There are professional procedure for removing smoke and soot. Do you know what they are?
  1. You can’t wash off smoke damage. It may look like soot and smoke will just wipe away, but that’s not true. DIY fire damage cleanup instructions may tell you just to wash everything, but that doesn’t really help. Special equipment is needed to get rid of soot and smoke and avoid rubbing it in deeper. Plus, washing smoky clothing in your washer will further damage the material and leave a smell in your machine. That just makes everything worse.
  1. You could accidentally throw away good stuff. Professionals can save many items that seem like lost causes. People with experience in smoke damage restoration can do a better job of deciding what can be saved and what can’t than you can. And they can save a lot more items than you ever thought possible.
  1. You’ll never get it all done in time. Smoke damage restoration takes a lot of manpower. Smoke and soot damage gets worse the longer it remains, so you need a team to do the job quickly — before more damage is done. A team of pros has a defined process for getting things done quickly and restoring things to pre-loss condition, plus they can handle complications with relative ease.

Insurance usually covers the cost of professional restoration, so why not forget about doing the work yourself? Our team at Orange Restoration is ready to help you right now, and we’re only a phone call away: (619) 376-6838.

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