burnt-out room in encinitasLittle in life is as devastating as watching your life go up in smoke. Fires are always unpredictable, spread quickly, and can destroy many of your possessions in just a few minutes. Almost nothing is immune, walls, flooring, furniture, your home’s foundation, clothes, electronics, the list of items that may be destroyed in a fire is nearly endless. Homeowners are often amazed at the extent of the destruction a fire can cause. Many of them are left wondering if their lives will ever get back to normal.

Orange Restoration Encinitas offers fire damage restoration that exceeds all industry standards, using cutting edge equipment and methods to clean up the destruction caused by fire and restore damaged property to like new condition.

There are many ways a fire can get started. A burning candle, grease on the stove, electrical short, and gas leaks are just a few ways a fire can get started. While water damage occurs over an extended period of time, a fire can devour anything in its path and even travel through the HVAC system to other parts of the building, causing smoke damage and odors well beyond the area affected by the fire and requiring specific techniques to clean up.

Fire also has an emotional impact unlike that of other types of damage and destruction. Homeowners are understandably shaken at the sudden loss of valuables and the possibility of injury or death to loved ones, sometimes even suffering injury themselves. Let Orange Restoration in Encinitas, CA handle restoring your home and valuables while you work on recovering from the ordeal you’ve been through. Rest and care for yourself and your family with the knowledge that your property is in the best hands.

When it comes to repairing the damage done by a fire, there’s no time to waste, or damage can be compounded. Broken windows and holes in roofs and walls leave your property exposed to damage from weather. Fire can also weaken the structure of your building, causing a very real and dangerous possibility of collapse. Many items can give off toxic fumes that can be hazardous.

Orange Restoration Encinitas is a professional and efficient restoration company that handles any type of fire damage. We use state of the art tools and techniques to start cleaning up right away, restoring your property and giving you your life back. We’ll thoroughly document your loss and communicate with your insurance company to ensure that everything is covered, minimizing both your expense and the impact on your life.

After a fire, it’s not only your house that is destroyed, you will probably have personal items damaged. We will inventory these items to determine what will need to be replaced and what can be restored. Restoring items requires very specialized treatments in order to avoid further damage. Our technicians will handle all of your valuables with utmost care.

Proper fire damage restoration involves following a very strict protocol, consisting of specific steps to be performed in a specific order, in order to restore your property efficiently and effectively:

  1. Remove damaged structural components. Fire damage can cause structural components to be compromised in ways that cannot be seen, and can be made worse by trying to patch or repair the components.
  2. Complete inspection and evaluation of framing and subfloor to identify areas of damage that may not be immediately visible.
  3. In some instances certain components may not be actually damaged in a way that would weaken them, but may have absorbed smoke and fumes. These components will need to be treated with counteractants to remove odors.
  4. All electrical and HVAC systems will need to be restored. All electrical and HVAC work will need to be inspected by a licensed or certified professional. Restoring HVAC systems will significantly reduce airborne particles that can cause lung scarring. Restoring the electrical system will ensure that damage to the electrical system will not lead to a future short and another fire.

It is crucial that every step in this process be done properly and thoroughly. Failure to follow these steps, and complete each step thoroughly, is likely to lead to future problems. Fire damage restoration is a highly specialized procedure with a number of dangers that should always be left to professionals. After any fire, call the pros at Orange Restoration Encinitas. Our technicians are Clean Trust certified and ready to help you with all of your restorations, whether the damage is from fire, water, or mold. Call for a free assessment. We’ll have a technician at our door within an hour to evaluate your damage and begin cleaning up and restoring your property.


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