commercial1Have you ever noticed that most offices have carpeting? Hardly ever will you find wood or tile, and only occasionally will you find laminate flooring other than in the bathroom or kitchen.

There are many reasons why carpeting is a great option for business offices. If you’re looking to rent an office building, build your own, or redesign your current space, take a look at the top benefits of choosing carpet.

  1. More Options

Face it: nothing can beat the variety of carpeting. From styles to texture to colors and patterns, there’s a carpet out there for every type of business, company culture, and employee style. For a retro interior design business, you can go Mad Men-style and choose a bold shag carpet in a bright color. For a therapist’s office, choose a soothing color, like light blue.

  1. Better Safety

It’s bound to happen at just about every business: someone will fall or slip. Carpet provides the cushioning to protect someone during a fall and the person will likely not end up injured.

  1. Less Maintenance

Other than vacuuming, carpeting requires little maintenance as opposed to wood or tile, which can be easily scuffed by shoes and heels. Additionally, it’s easier to hide stains with carpeting and, if there is a spill, there’s no risk of someone slipping if there’s carpet.

  1. Less Noise

Whether your office is usually noisy and active or silent and still, no one wants to hear every single person’s every single footstep. Carpeting cushions a lot of noise, including the shuffling of feet and pitter-patter of heels.

  1. More Green-Friendly

While you would think flooring like bamboo would be considered the only green flooring option, there are actually many eco-friendly carpeting options. This is a big plus for businesses that want a LEED rating.

  1. Less Expensive

A huge consideration for every business is cost. With carpeting, you can save a lot of money in the long run, as carpeting is less likely to require professional cleaning or treatment and can last much longer than other flooring options.

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The Six Benefits of Carpeting Your Business and Office
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