The process in which we treat pet odor is that we use an enzyme that digests the smell causing bacteria and the protein that the bacteria digest. If you have pet urine on your carpet you should call a carpet cleaning service immediately.

When it’s hot and humid the odor is stronger than in cooler weather. The reason there is an odor is due to bacteria that is in the urine/feces; the bacteria needs moisture and heat to “work” most efficiently, subsequently when it’s a warmer season there tends to be more of an odor. This bacteria feed’s on protein and releases an odor as it’s by product. For this reason pet odor is even stronger after people spill something on the carpet, or in situations when one gets the carpet’s steam cleaned without proper treatment for the pet odor. The moisture feeds the bacteria, which leads to a stronger odor in the area.

For the most part, urine is harder to clean than feces or vomit because urine is absorbed better in the carpet pad and subfloor. The smaller the animal the higher alkalinity of the urine, the harder it is to clean – a cat’s urine much harder to clean than that of a St. Bernard’s. Female cats tend to go along the edges of the room, which makes it much harder to clean because they can affect the wall and baseboards. Dogs and male cats will just go anywhere, mostly in the center of the room.

If the marked area is too severe to clean, the pad and maybe even the carpet will have to be replaced. The process is such that the pad is cut and replaced and the backing of the carpet and the subfloor are sealed so that the urine will not seep into the new pad. Be sure to tell your helpful Orange Carpet technician where you pet has soiled in order to treat the area and get rid of the odor!

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