Is this your cat?

Is your cat guilty of peeing on your carpet? First of all, our condolences. Cleaning the smell of cat urine out of your carpet will be a challenge.

Let’s learn a little bit about cat urine first. Your cat’s urine smells because of the protein it contains. The urine, when dry, forms crystals that create an intense odor that may drive you nuts. Many typical carpet cleaners will do a great job of masking the smell of the urine for a while until new moist conditions reactivate the smell. Please note that cat urine is ammonia based so avoid all cleaners that have ammonia in them – it will only result in your cats peeing in the same area again.

Many of the cat cleaning solutions on the market have a reputation with not working. We suggest the following steps to clean up cat urine:

General guidelines for cat urine removal:

  • Grab a handful of towels and press firmly to the spot. Avoid the urge to rub the stain, you will only increase the size of the urine stain.
  • Try to soak up as much urine as you can by firmly pressing into the spot with your towel.
  • This tip is probably obvious, dry the spot immediately. Do not let it soak.
  • Removing urine from your carpet/rug is imperative to prevent your cat from peeing in the same location. If you are unsuccessful with removing the smell, your cat will pee in the same spot.
If all else fails, get a professional to deal with the problem. Trust me, you don’t want to spend the next several weeks trying to fight this beast.

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