san-diego-carpetAhh, carpeting. People either love it or hate it. Carpeting is a great flooring option for homes, especially those with children, as they are supportive, soft, and can handle wear and tear.

Most people underestimate just how complicated carpeting can be. Not only are there hundreds of colors, but there are also numerous fibers and styles from which to choose. Many of these decisions shouldn’t just be based on your personal aesthetic preferences; you also need to consider durability, maintenance, and more.

Before you choose a carpet, make sure you know these critical details:

#1: Know What Questions to Ask Yourself
Before you can make any decisions, you have to first ask (and answer!) the crucial questions:
– How will each carpeted room be used?
– Is there heavy or light foot traffic?
– Will pets and/or children be on the carpet?
– Does anyone in the house have allergies?
– Is my house style and design formal or casual?

Understanding these questions can best help you determine the type of carpet to choose.

#2: Know Your Carpet Fibers
The first thing you want to decide is the type of carpet fiber you want. Each type has its pluses and minuses and some will be more expensive than others. While some carpets are made of blends, most are one of six fibers—nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, wool, or cotton.

Each of these fibers has their own pluses and minuses. Some are more resilient while others easily absorb oils. Speak with a carpet professional or research each different fiber to determine which is best for your home.

#3: Know Your Carpet Styles
There are multiple different types of styles, but there are five predominant styles you’ll encounter—patterns, berber, plush, textured plush, and frieze (shag). Patterned carpets come in various, well, patterns, from texture-on-texture design to various color combinations. Berber is a common choice, as it’s low profile and casual looking. Textured plush carpeting is possibly the most versatile, as it complements any type of room or home style. Frieze is more commonly known as shag carpeting. Shag is for a very specific individual, as it is a more retro style. However, it’s very soft and bouncy making it great to walk on barefoot. Plush is the softest option. It’s thickness provides a lot of comfort.

#4: Know the Power of Padding
You may never see it, but padding is critical in providing the right foundation for your carpet. Padding not only provides additional comfort and support, but it also helps a carpet’s durability and strength. The primary purpose of padding is to absorb impact to help the carpet remain in good shape. One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing padding that is either too soft or too dense. The goal is to find the middle ground.

#5: Know the Carpet Installation Process
There are actually several ways to install carpet, depending on where you live, what kind of carpet you choose, the structure of your home, and what carpet provider you purchase from. Most commonly, an installer will either utilize a stretch-in installation or glue-down installation. In determining a method, an installer will consider several factors, like humidity, the presence of rolling traffic or ramps, area size, intricate borders, etc.

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5 Crucial Things to Know Before Choosing Carpet For Your Home
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