We Cover Your Water Extraction And Flood Damage Cleanup Needs In Temecula

The discovery of mold growth behind the walls when remodeling is one way to determine you have water damage. Another is to experience a devastating flood that wrecks your whole Temecula home or business. Whatever the cause of your water damage and no matter how you learned about it, we can help. At Orange Restoration, we’ve been serving Southern Californians for more than decade — and we’re ready to meet your needs too.

Contact us now, and we can guarantee this: you won’t find a more dedicated and professional team of water damage restoration experts. Our flexible, comprehensive services are available to you whenever and wherever you need us.

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Why Choose Orange Restoration For Temecula Water Damage Restoration?

The following reasons make it easy to see that we’re really the right choice for your Temecula restoration needs:

  • The OR team is backed by an amazing array of equipment and a big fleet of vehicles. That means no job is too large and we can work on several jobs at the same time if necessary.
  • Every technician we have is trained, licensed, bonded and certified for all the work types they handle.
  • We have project managers on site at every job to make sure the water damage restoration process is quick, painless and always done right.
  • We come prepared to do the work from the moment we arrive. After an initial assessment, we get to work without delay.

Time Is Of The Essence With Water Damage And Flood Damage Cleanup

Where water damage is concerned, time is the enemy. Contacting our remediation experts right away gives you the best chance of a quick recovery. No call is more important than your calls to us and your insurance company. You may be surprised that quick action means most personal items will be salvageable in many cases. But delaying even a couple of hours can allow water to soak in, mold to set in and make things much worse.

In fact, you can start on some actions at your Temecula home or business while waiting on us. Removing items that are not yet damaged but may soon be is a good idea. You can tack up drapes and get important papers and pictures out of the area of water damage too. Just be sure the electricity is off before you enter a flooded area.

And don’t enter contaminated water! If there’s a chance your flood damage includes black or gray water that may be contaminated with sewage or other contaminants, stay away. We have specific procedures for dealing with this problem.

We also have special procedures for dealing with mold damage remediation. And you can call on us confidently when you have fire damage that needs to be addressed. We’re your complete restoration experts.

So why not contact us at Orange Restoration now? We’re here for you in Temecula and the surrounding areas of Southern California with great service, no matter the disaster. But you must call (619) 376-6838 now if you want to save as many things as possible from the ravages of the water.


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