Depend On Us For Any Size Water Damage Cleanup In Riverside

Has there been a devastating — or a least damaging — flood at your Riverside home or business? Perhaps water covers the bathroom floor — or the whole floor. Whatever the specifics, you need water damage cleanup services you can depend on. That’s why you need Orange Restoration and our team of licensed, bonded and proven specialists. From the smallest of jobs to the largest, we’ll get the job done for you with speed, accuracy and as few hassles as possible.

Our success depends on you, however. For the greatest chance of saving structure and possessions, we need you to call as soon as possible. We can take action no matter when you call, but moving quickly means saving more and spending less. Water damage gets worse by the minute and mold growth starts within hours, but quick action can mitigate damages, speed the process and make everyone happier.

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Get Started With Water Damage Cleanup Right Away

In fact, in the short time while you’re waiting for us to arrive at your Riverside home or business, you can take some crucial actions yourself, if possible. These include:

Turning off electricity to the location. Flipping the breaker is all it takes, but you should never enter a wet area to do this.

Locating the source of water and stopping it. If the source is from a natural disaster, this won’t be possible. But turning off the water to a home can limit damage from a burst pipe or water heater.

Moving undamaged things away from the water. This can mean taking furniture outside or off-site and moving important papers to a secure location, if available.

Stopping water from getting fabrics wet. Tacking drapes up high and blocking off furniture with plastic blocks or even aluminum foil can make a real difference.

Avoiding walking on wet carpets. While this can spread water and further damage the carpet and padding, it may make sense to walk on wet carpet to rescue items that are more valuable than the floor covering.

Please don’t put down newspaper. It won’t help much with containing the water, and the ink can transfer to the floor, creating a new cleanup nightmare at your Riverside business or home.

Depend On Us And Our Equipment For Complete Riverside Water Damage Cleanup

Just as with our mold remediation and fire damage restoration services, we have a complete stable of equipment for water damage cleanup. This includes hygrometers, moisture detectors, IR cameras, commercial wet vacs, pumps, air movers and more.

But there’s more to water damage restoration at your Riverside home or business than just water removal. Depend on us for full cleaning, sanitation, repair, remodeling and more. Working with your insurance company, we’ll make sure you get everything to which you’re entitled. We can even make a business useable or a home livable after black water infiltration.

Please don’t delay. The sooner you call us at Orange Restoration, the sooner we can put things right at your Riverside home or office. So call (619) 376-6838 now. How may we be of service to you?


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