When water damage strikes from whatever source, you don’t have much time. You need to immediately contact a team of professional National City water damage restoration experts you can trust. The longer you allow the water to sit around, the more damage it will certainly do. Plus, you could end up with harmful mold and mildew as well. Fortunately, Orange Restoration is available 24 hours a day to come to your National City location, assess the damage and get to work immediately.

So call the insurance company, then can us. Water damage restoration is a complex process that needs to be started right away. It begins with an initial inspection and continues through water removal, drying of all materials and possessions impacted by the flooding and includes sanitation of everything that can be salvaged. Then comes the complete restoration of the area impacted back to the way it was before the damage happened — or perhaps better.

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Water Damage Inspection Is The First And Most Crucial Phase

For getting your National City home or business back to normal, the first and most crucial step is the initial inspection of the water or flood damage. During this phase, we make sure all sources of water influx have been identified and stopped, then we determine if is relatively harmless clean water, gray water or extremely hazardous and contaminated black water. The assessment also includes blocking of furniture to prevent further damage and packing out if necessary to get unaffected items to a safe and dry off-site location.

Water Removal Is The Second Step

The second step is water removal, and it needs to start as quickly as possible. We have pro-grade wet-dry vacs, submersible pumps and truck-mounted systems to get rid of the bulk of the water in large water damage disasters. Then we check to see if carpeting and padding can be saved. If the water is contaminated, this will usually need to be replaced. Either way, commercial air movers are put in place and dehumidifiers are used to get the remaining water under control. Moisture detectors help us make sure the job is done.

We Finish With Complete Cleaning And Water Damage Restoration

With the moisture gone from your National City business or home, our water damage restoration service works to complete the job. This includes complete cleaning, spray-and-wipe services and more — and this may cover more than just the area directly impacted by water. Every possession impacted must be either restored or replaced and each piece of building structure removed must be replaced before complete restoration is done. Any damaged paint or tile has to be fixed too.

You see, water damage restoration in National City is no piece of cake. But we never said it was an easy job. What we can guarantee is that you don’t have to worry about a thing. From the moment we arrive on the scene, we take matters into our hands and work to restore your home or business.

The same is true with our expert mold damage remediation and fire damage restoration services too. We’re known as experts because we take our time to do every job right.

Contact us now at (619) 376-6838 for water damage restoration and more. We’ll take your job seriously, no matter the size.


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