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Water damage is surely among the most devastating things that can happen at your Murrieta home or business. The damage can be overwhelming. The carpeting and padding are the first things to be damaged, then rising water can take out more of the building’s structure and many of your prized possessions. Even if the amount of water is minimal, it can wick its way up and into the walls, fabrics and other materials that make up your home or business.

And the damage doesn’t stop there. Once water gets into your Murrieta home or business, it can damage important papers, photos, books — and just about everything actually. But taking quick action can help. When you call us at Orange Restoration, we can come quickly and help mitigate the damages, then we can work to dry things out and get your home or building back to normal. For emergency flood damage cleanup and restoration, we’re your top choice.

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Restoring Your Important Possessions

Looking around your water damaged location, you may think any sort of restoration will be impossible. But our Murrieta water damage restoration experts can deliver stunning results for you in a matter of days. We have a solid reputation and a strong track record of success in restoring structure and saving possessions.

Our methodical process means we have a procedure in place for every kind or building material and possession. We have successful restored a wide range of items to their original conditions, including:

  • Large appliances
  • Computers
  • Precious photographs
  • Crucial business documents
  • Heirloom furniture
  • And more.

The sooner we’re notified of your flood damage or water damage, the sooner we can get to work — and the more likely we’ll be able to make a real difference. Quick action means we can save more possessions and more of the structure of your home or business.

Mitigate Damages Yourself, Then Let Us Take Over

When you realize you’ve had a water damage or flood damage event at your Murrieta home or business, the first step is to stop the water if you can. If the flood is from a burst pipe or water main, turn off the water if possible. But turn off the electricity first if safe to do so. Then call Orange Restoration and your insurance company.

We’ll come quickly, but if you’re sure it’s safe, you can start removing undamaged possessions to a safe and dry location. Items that are slightly damp or wet should be left in place or moved to a nearby dry spot for assessment and possible restoration.

Once we’ve made a complete assessment of the situation, we’ll take over and work to put things right in days if possible, not weeks or months. We can provide complete remodeling and complete water damage restoration so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

At Orange Restoration, we deal with water damage cleanup and flood damage restoration every day. Plus, we handle fire damage and mold remediation. Our job is to put things that seem desperately damaged and impossible to restore back to the way they should be.

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