Have you experienced some kind of water damage at your Mira Mesa business or home? Water damage can be the result of a natural disaster like a flood or damaged plumbing like a burst water heater or broken pipe. No matter the cause of your loss, we at Orange Restoration offer professional water damage remediation and flood cleanup services. Our goal is to get things back to normal for you sooner than you imagined possible. If your front room is a swamp or the floor and baseboards in your bathroom are underwater, for example, our restoration team is ready and able to help.

Help us do the best possible job by calling immediately. When dealing with water or flood damage, nothing is more crucial than getting started on the job right away. That’s because the damage doesn’t happen all at once. It keeps worsening hour by hour for days if no action is taken. You don’t want the problem to spread into areas of your Mira Mesa home or business that aren’t impacted. And you don’t want mold growth to get started either.

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You Can Get Started Now On Flood Damage Mitigation

At Orange Restoration, we pride ourselves on a quick response. But since you’re already there at the scene of your Mira Mesa water damage or flood damage, there are things you can do in the few minutes you have while waiting for us. Take the following actions if safe to do so:

  • Power down the electricity to the home or business. It isn’t safe to do this if you must enter the water to reach the breaker, however.
  • Shut off the water source if practical. That means turning off the city water or well if it’s a plumbing problem, but never enter a wet area where there are electrical wires to turn off the water unless you have already turned off the electricity.
  • Move furniture and possessions to safety. When water damage is contained to a small area of your Mira Mesa business or home, move undamaged items well away. Damp items should not be placed near completely undamaged items.
  • Try not to walk on the carpet. This can spread the water, push it deeper into your home’s structure and damage the fragile carpeting. But you may decide it’s worth this damage if you can rescue items valued at more than the carpeting without making too much of a mess.
  • Avoid putting down anything on the floor. Newspaper, for example, won’t help much in a flood. And the print can come off, leading to a bigger mess that will have to be cleaned up.
  • Don’t use a home shop-vac on the water. These machines aren’t rated for large amounts of water and can overload or burn out, creating a fire hazard.

Ready For Action

At Orange Restoration, we’re ready for action on Mira Mesa flood damage and water damage problems. We can help with fire damage, mold remediation and more as well. Why not call us now for a quick response? Working with your insurance company, we’ll get you all you deserve and put things right.

But you need to call (619) 376-6838 immediately for the best results and fewest hassles. Why not pick up the phone now?


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